Home Office Desk Tour and Productivity Tips with Heather Torres

– Having a place to doyour YouTube videos, you're live streaming, and a place to work on your business is vital when you're working from home.

So today, I'm taking youinside of my home office to give you a tour and to share with you some of the best tools that I love, and make sure you stick around to the end where I'll share my best tips for staying productive andworking from home, let's go.

– [Man] You gotta just press record.

– If we're just meeting, my name if Heather Torres and I'm the COO here at Think Media.

And my role is really unique.

I'm doing everything from live streaming, creating content just like this, as well as doing things like writing copy, making Facebook ads andhelping the creators move the content forwards.

So I'm gonna share withyou some of the things that I use but my role reallyallows me to be versatile.

I like to use my laptop, I like to be here at my home office, but I also love the versatility of being able to go anywhere.

So let me show you whatI have set up in here.

First off, I've got my desk, bought this at Ikea, love Ikea.

And I love having a big, long desk.

It allows me to be able to do my work, but if I need to be taking notes or if I have a creatorcome over and work with me, I've got a space for them as well.

So I like having a reallylong, clean white desk.

Second, I've got my computer.

I love using my Dell laptop.

This is just a gaming laptop.

And I'll link down below all of the things that I'm using here in my home office.

But I love this laptopbecause it allows me to do things like live streaming as well as using my second monitor.

So I've got a secondmonitor set up in my office.

And it comes on an arm, so I've purchased an arm so I can move the monitor up and down, allows me to have a lot of versatility in doing standing, livestreamings and trainings, but also allows me to have two monitors so I can have things like my Slack open and have things like my Facebook ads that I'm working throughopen at the same time.

I've got my webcam, I loveusing the Logitech webcam.

It's a super simple, easy webcamthat makes you look great.

And then I got my softboxes.

I love having the softboxesbecause they just allow for more light to beinside of this dark room.

I like that I can move 'em around so I can change my shot.

So If I'm doing a video like this, I can move it around the room to give me different angles whileI'm producing content.

The microphone that I'm using for creating our inner circle trainings or going live on the Think Marketingpodcast is the Blue Yeti.

And if you wanna check outmore about that microphone, I'll list it in the description box below or you can click thelink in the YouTube card.

Now, I work long hours and I don't think that you should be workingsitting down the whole time.

So let me show you my hack for getting a standingdesk while I'm working.

I got this on Amazon and I love it because it's adjustable.

So I pull this bad boyout, open up the legs, I can put it down here, put my laptop right on top and now I have a standing desk while I'm doing all my work.

On this wall, I've got awhole wall of bookshelves.

And I love books, I'm home schooling mom, and so I've got my kid'sbooks and my books.

I think it's so important to have a nice clean background forthings like Zoom calls with brands or having team meetings, or going live and being able to make sure that you've got a cleanbackdrop that represents you.

You know I'm a creator and I'm also a mom, and I'm a home schooling mom, and so I want things thatare gonna represent me in our YouTube videos, and Ilove having books around me.

So in just a sec, I'm gonna share three of my best productivity tips with you.

But if you're gettingvalue out of this video, go ahead and hit the like button.

And I love to know, do you work from home? Is this new for you orhave you been working from home for a while? Let me know in the comments section below.

All right, so my productivity tip for you.

Number one is to makeyour space intentional.

I really think it's important to not have clutter in your work space.

So that's why I chose a clean white table.

And the only thing to have on it is my laptop and thethings that are essentials.

So think about thingslike a cute coffee mug, or having plants in your space.

Be intentional about making sure that your space is clutter free and allows you to concentrate on the work that you need to get done.

Tip number two for productivity is to work with a calendar.

I use a digital calendarcalled Google Calendar and I highly recommend checking out videos about how to use Google Calendar, but I think it's really important to set your intention, especially with a home office or working from home ofwhen you need to be working.

It's critical to know that your work time is your work time and yourfree time is your free time.

So set yourself up for success by working within your calendar blocks.

And my third tip for youis to actually get up.

Every 90 minutes, getup and move your body, take a breathe, close youreyes, or get out for a walk.

But leave your computer, leave your space.

In order to stay productive, it's important thatyou're shifting your mind.

That you stay focus whenyou need to be focused, but then you also allow yourself to have that time tolet your mind just rest.

So number one, make sure it's clean.

Number two, make sure you know when you're working and have those blocks, and number three, get up, move your body, and let your mind take a rest.

Well, those are my tips for you.

And if you like to seewhat are other creators' office spaces looklike, like Sean and Omar and Nolan from the Think Media team, make sure to check the description below or click the video on the screen to go to the next creator.

Thanks for watching and I'llcatch you next time, bye.

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