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Holofit Review – VR Workout App For Multiple Fitness Machines!!

Hey everyone! Cas here, and today we check out another VRworkout app on the Oculus Quest but it works on PC VR too.

If you have been following us for a whilealready, then you may know that I'm a fan of VR workouts.

At the start of the lockdown in The Netherlands, I started to dive into workout apps and games available in the Matrix, and I've never stopped.

I've honestly never been this active in mylife before, so I'm extra grateful to have VR in my life during these times.

This is why I think its worth it to sharethese kinda things on this channel too.

Today, Holofit gave me a subscription to tryit out, so we’re gonna dive into their app.

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Stick around until the end of the video tohear my conclusion.

And now, join me beyond reality.

[Intro] Let's start with an introduction.

Holofit by Holodia is a subscription-basedVR app that puts you plus various home-gym equipment inside a virtual environment.

So it looks and feels like you're runningin the game when you're on a cross-trainer, for example, or that you're actually rowinga boat if you're on a rowing machine.

On top of that, Holofit gamifies your workoutsto keep things fun and help you stay motivated.

It also keeps statistics to show you how you'redoing.

What makes this one different from the lastsimilar app we checked out is that Holofit works for multiple exercise equipment.

It works with rowing machines, exercise bikes, ellipticals or cross trainers, and steppers.

For 10 euros a month or 108 euros per year, you get access to all Holofit apps, and you can try it in the 7 days trial too.

You do need your own exercise equipment andVR headset.

Holofit is compatible with many headsets, like the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets.

You can use one subscription on multiple headsets.

All indoor fitness machines with the FitnessMachine Service Bluetooth protocol (in short FTMS) work with Holofit.

But even if you don't have FTMS on your machine, then you can get a separate sensor to make it work.

You can get one with your subscription fora one-time fee of 35 euros, or you can buy a compatible one somewhere else.

A list with compatible sensors can be foundon Holodia's website.

You can also use the app without a fitnessmachine, but more on this later.

For this video, I used the Oculus Quest incombination with this cross trainer and since this one doesn't have built-in Bluetooth, I needed a separate add-on to make it work.

This is a cadence sensor, which is a high-sensitivesensor that can track rotations per minute.

This data is sent to the headset to simulatethe movement and speed inside the virtual environment.

This needs to be attached on a spinning partof the fitness machine.

I have it placed on this rotating wheel, becausethe sensor needs to be rotating for it to work, so I used double-sided tape and putit on the wheel.

This can be a different per machine though.

So after this, the last thing to do softwaresetup.

You can get a subscription from the Holofitwebsite, and from there, you can find the needed software and guides.

For the Oculus Quest, the Holofit app is currentlyonly available on SideQuest.

Download and install it from there.

If you don't know how to sideload, you cancheck out my guide on it.

When you launch the app for the first timeon your Quest, you'll get a 5-digit number that you need to register on your accounton the website.

We’re almost done! Now, we got to connect the Quest to the cadencesensor.

This can be done by going to the settingsin the app and looking for it.

Make sure it’s on by moving on the machinefor like 10 seconds.

And once you see that it receives data, you'reready to go! The last thing you might want to check isif the sensor is set on the right type of machine you're on.

This can be selected in the Bluetooth menuup here.

As I'm on a cross-trainer, I chose elliptical.

This changes the device you're on when you'rein a workout, which makes it feel more immersive.

Once done, you're ready to get sweating.

Holofit also comes with an app that you caninstall on your phone, which is optional, but it shows a summary of your workout statistics.

You get a tab with ranks.

A tab with statistics per workout that you'vedone, and you can find people around the world who are using Holofit.

It can be nice.

So let's move on to gameplay.

But before we move on, don't forget to leavea like for support! So, in the app, navigation is done with yourgaze, so no need for controllers.

The app has a single-player and multiplayermode.

In multiplayer mode, you can play locallyor online.

The single-player mode has four game types:Explore, Time Attack, Race, and Cardio Goals.

I'll show and explain each game type in abit but I wanted to show you these choices first because they are the same.

Each game type has five difficulties, fromvery easy to very hard – the harder the difficulty, the more intense the workout willbe.

The game shows a nice little graph to showyou where it will bring your heart rate.

After selecting a difficulty, you can choosethe workout duration, and after that, you get to pick an environment.

The single-player mode has 11 environmentsto choose from, which differs from cities you might recognize like San Francisco orParis, but also fantasy environments like Babylon or Space.

So let's talk about the different game typesnow.

This is Time Attack, which is a mode whereyou try to beat your own or other's score, which is the distance passed over a specifictime after the initial session has been recorded.

If you're looking for a sprint, this is asuitable mode.

Then, there is Race, which lets you improveyour performance by racing AI competitors that are designed to challenge you just enough.

This works pretty motivating if you see AIgoing faster than you.

Then you got Cardio Goals, which is my favoritemode, as it is a guided type of training for different workouts.

You can choose from cardio, fat burn, intervaltraining, or the more recently added high-intensity interval training.

The accompanying graphs will show you whatwill happen during these modes.

This mode is a little different from the others, as you will see goals in your environment that looks like a giant speedometer.

These meters will tell you whether you shouldgo faster or slower.

The last mode is Explore, which is the mostcasual mode, as you can decide your own speed here as you explore the environment.

In this mode, there are collectibles to befound with your gaze.

These collectibles can later be found in theHOLOFIT app on your phone.

Throughout the workouts, you also gain achievements, like total burnt calories or total distance ran.

The multiplayer mode is just like the single-playerracing mode, except it has fewer environments, only five.

This mode can be pretty motivating, though, to get you to go harder.

Holofit organizes multiplayer events too, which helps as well.

You can also use local multiplayer mode, whichyou could use if you have multiple machines or if you plan on using this at your gym.

Last mode to talk about was added just thisweek.

Which is called FreeStyle, this mode doesn'trequire an exercise machine as you can use your controllers.

In this mode, you have all the same game-types, but you can choose between three-movement styles.

The Run-style speaks for itself; it has youstanding and making running movements with your arms and legs if you want to move forward.

According to Holodia, this movement will activateyour arm and shoulder muscles, as well as your calves.

Cycle has you sitting on the floor and cyclingwith your arms, which, according to Holodia, can be good for your shoulders, chest, andtriceps.

Row has you sitting on the floor, doing rowingmovements while doing something like sit-ups.

I'm not a big fan of this mode, but I do likethe Row movement as it feels like I'm doing sit-ups and really working my core and stomachmuscles – which doesn't often happen in other VR apps.

So that covers most of what the app has tooffer, and man, what a workout was that recording this.

But so far, I'm enjoying it.

As with any app, it can't be all good, ofcourse.

Holofit could use a graphical upgrade, andthe animations could use some work to make it all prettier and more immersive.

The app could be more optimized, too, as loadingtimes can be pretty long.

And, using the Quest, I had a few crashes.

I guess that hand tracking caused it whenit automatically enables as I left my controllers somewhere else.

So I turned auto-enable for hand trackingoff, and that seems to have solved it.

But, overall, the app's features do feel likethey have been thought through.

After the initial setup, it's effortless toget started.

Especially the guided workout mode, CardioGoals, is motivating and gets me pushing harder than I usually would without Holofit.

Even though the environments could use somework, it suffices as it can distract me enough from the workout as I find it fun to lookaround to see what's happening.

This is distraction in a good way becausethe goals keep me at the right speed, but I just forget I'm working out for a bit, andtime passes by faster.

As I've said before in previous videos, gamificationelements are what keeps me motivated.

So things like goals and achievements helpwith that for me.

These are things that Holofit has to offer, so if you are like me, then this might be something for you too.

I do think I could get bored after a coupleof months with the environments, especially since you're running the same thing over andover.

So I would love to see something like procedurallygenerated environments to keep things diverse each time.

But the developers have said that they addnew updates every month.

To put things into perspective, they've toldus that since the end of last year, they've released the workout modes Race and Onlinemultiplayer and four new environments, an extra cardio option as well as functionalupdates, and wider compatibility.

So to conclude, I see myself using Holofitfor a while, but in combination with other VR games throughout the week to keep it diverse.

If you're interested, I’ll put a link below.

For those who are on a budget, you can alsofind a lot of VR games that can get you moving too at a more affordable price.

Check out this playlist with some more tips.

Just keep in mind that most of these gamesare not designed with workouts in mind, so to get a better workout, I do think apps likeHolofit are a good option for that.

So, do you have an exercise machine at home, if so which one, and would you get Holofit for it? Let us know your thoughts in the commentsbelow.

For those who want to know how I keep sweatoff my headset.

I recommend checking out VRCover’s new siliconecovers which is this one.

It’s not perfect as this nose gap thingkeeps coming off, but it works very well for workouts.

I'm also a fan of the leather VRCovers thatthey have which is the one I use regularly for workouts.

I will put a link in the description downbelow.

And well, I want to thank you for watchingonce again.

Seriously, we can't do all of this withoutall of you, so much love from us.

And a special thanks goes to our Patrons andRight-Hand Patron BaxornVR, support him supporting us and check out his VR YouTube channel! As always, VR on!.

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