Golf Simulator in our New Home!

– We don't have an RV.

Work hard, and don't be lazy.

Every person that's a golfer, at some point they say, “I hate golf.

” – To be take away to an extent (mumbles) (electronic music) – We made a video a while back saying, that this was going to beour Tesla roaster garage, what is going to be an RV garage, we don't have a RV.

Well, plans change duringthe building process.

So we decided that we need somewhere to practice golfing indoors.

But there're days like this when it's crazy windy outside, (thunder roars) or it's rainy or winter andit gets dark super early.

Today we're gonna show youwhat's inside our golf garage.

Give you the full tourwhile we decided to do.

Let's get inside of it.

(charming music) Welcome to the inside of our golf garage.

This is where we've beenpracticing for months and months.

And Lincoln starts togenius golf like tournament in two weeks from now.

So this has been veryimportant tool over the winter, when it's dark and cold, and the weather isn't great outside.

Or you just wanna come insideand practice a little bit, and you have time to goout with the golf courses.

This has been really awesome.

So we wanna show youeverything that is inside here, what we chose to buy in hereand exactly how it works, this is beautiful andhas logos on both sides we have this screen up here, it's pretty cool, watch this.

You could tough it.

It's just a screen you gota projector that's up here.

And then Lincoln hits the ball.

(bang) – Nop! – And then it goes flying.

– Retake? – Retake, no retakes.

Ohh, must on the green, good shot, decent shot.

We talked to a lot of peoplethat tried to figure out what kind of golf simulatorthat we want to use, there're so many different versions, there're so many types, and in the end we decided togo with one called Trackman, not sponsored video, thisis just the one we chose, and the reason why we chose is because, one, whenever you see the golf pros, and at the golf course, they'll have one ofthese orange trackmans, they are behind the mud, hidden in the golf coaches, or the caddies looking at figuring out what the yardages are.

'Cause super accurate, that's very nice.

The second reason is becauseLincoln is left-handed if you have noticed.

And I'm right-handed, mostof people are right-handed.

But with the lots of golf simulators, if you're lefty– – [Lincoln] Lefty, probably like in this area.

– [Dad] Yeah, you put it in that area, and it would stay there and have wires running into everything, so Lincoln can here just fire on here.

(bang) Let's see this one, Link.

Not bad, but if I want to hit, we would have to go and move, all of the hardware to the other side which is incredibly annoying.

Another option would've been to put one that has like little radars up above, kinda like what Topgolf has, they have their top chasers.

– Don't know what Topgolf is– – It's very cool.

– It's very cool.

– Topgolf, if you have not heard of it, it's like bowling but golf.

But for the Trackman, it's very nice, because you can justtake this orange thing, and just set it right back here, you can move if you need to, it just sat right there, when he hits the ball, it tracks the ball and impact and then it tracks the hardware there.

There're some sorts of sensors like LiDAR, built into this Trackman, and that tracked the ball and gives you incredibly accurate steps.

(bang)It's pretty dang accurate as what you have seen on the golf courses.

So he hit it where did she landed.

– [Lincoln] Not really good.

– [Dad] Not too bad though, not too bad.

We have one small problem with it right before we filmed this video, – Like last shot I hit, I was hitting driver, I waslike I could say, oh, driver.

so I swang, (bang) here is the shot, like that, Dad.

Like here, you see.

(mumbles) Bad shot.

I was like “where is mydriver?”, I was like this.

The trainer there, I hitthe monitor, with my driver.

– [Dad] The monitor.

– [Dad] This is the touchscreen that you can like — – [Lincoln] It still works.

– [Dad] Touch and move things around.

It's still registered asfingers touching it and stuff like that's working, you can touch it.

It's kinda sad rightbefore we filmed the video, we broke it.

Earn your stripes.

When we decided to get the Trackman, there're lots of differentthings you can do like you can just buy this orange thing.

– And you can go like a net or something.

Put it up there, they'llstill track everything.

You might just like a little iPad, you can control the shotand look at where it went.

– We decided to go withTrackman full system while you buy everythingthat's like come together, they actually sent two people out here, and they set this whole up, they built the cave.

We told them we have a right-handed golfer and a left-handed golfer.

We have this bigger spacethat they can map that out and build it.

– Yeah.

– It did a pretty good job, like a really cool logo on here.

Otherwise it would havea Trackman logo on there.

We wanna be able tomake some videos in here and do some social stuffs in here, we don't wanna haveTrackman logo all over it.

So far I love it, I lovethis projector up here.

It shows the front screen, this screen is very adorable, they made a hole or anything.

The ground seems to be doing pretty good, it hasn't really worn out or anything.

We hit thousands andthousands golf balls here, but the one thing I wouldsay is they could do better, I wish they would'vegonna bit wider with it, like there is more room over here.

We have somebody hit right here, I think it's Lincoln little buddy, he hit his club on the side of here and broke it with the first, just like– – Dinged it up.

– Dinged it up.

– Yeah, thanks.

– And then you got this, that thing right there, they're just like rightthere in your back swing.

– Why next to that?- It's a little tight.

But look how close it gets to the side.

– Like that.

(golf club whip cracks) – Oh, that's close.

But overall we love that, a couple of other thingswe did in this room, let's show him around, Lincoln.

– Yeah.

– [Dad] First of all, we've got a big cozy couch that everybody can sit on.

With the TV, a giant TV, thatLG TV that we put in here, that we can just sit and watch, little table that put stuff on.

– We got some golf sheetright here, bottom.

Jordan Five, so many people asked me “could you just putspikes on those shoes?” – [Dad] Lincoln worn thesePuma one for the longest time, Let's see.



A lot of mostly Nike or Peloton.

Because we do have a Peloton in here and as of right now I ride this thing.

– Today, starting today or tomorrow I will start riding it.

– Lincoln's gonna start it, this is gonna be this summer thing, what's cool is that we've had this for about eight months now.

If you like Paleton and youwonna follow my rides and stuff, just what's inside iswhat my name is (mumbles) – You can follow, rides? – Yeah, you can like keep up with people and be a part of their team anddo rides with them and stuff were going to be riding thisthing like crazy this summer when we are home.

And what's cool is that alot of professional golfers ever since the quarantine happened, a lot of them have beenusing the Pelotones and a lot of the goodgolfers here in the state, they use like stationary bikes, and it actually doesn't have to be Peloton but they use stationary bikes because it's really good foryour legs and golf oddly enough even tho everyone thinksyou need strong arms, but really you're swinging with your legs and your thighs and yourbutt and your hips are just moving through it.

And so if you can get thosestronger by riding this then it's going to help you hit the ball a lot further, swing speeds gonna be better.

– The last few years people played the farmers, shrimps of pooam, so this is what my dad did here's in English and– – [Dad] Really cool guy, university of Georgia had like this incredibledrive on that hole seriously I did, it waslike right on the fair way.

– That this here, this is really good.

We played with Jasoncocratte, he was awesome.

– [Dad] He hits strong, Jason cocratte.

– [Lincoln] He shot like sevenhundred by himself that day, he ended up winning, pro win.

(clapping) – Fifty seven, well done boys.

– One, two, three.

– So we got a little trophy.

– [Dad] What golf pro'sdid your team beat? And any of the people would know? – I mean, I don't know– – [Dad] Anybody that anybodythat might know their names of anybody.



Tiger Woods! – Tiger Woods.

– [Dad] You beat Tiger Woods.

– Phil Mikalsin, Roy Maccary.

– If you haven't seen that video, we're gonna link it here.

(upbeat music) Some of the artwork that we got in here we are still, it's a work in progress.

I saw these, you know, those Instagram apps, that people like market to you and they always do artworkcause it's really cheap.

– [Lincoln] And it works? – It's a good business I like motivational sayings this one, bare facts, son, and it looks like aNike shoe box right here like the orange shoe boxes, like the label on the shoe boxes, but instead it changeswhat it says on there.

Like, suggested retail, $999 don't know why it's that much, and then this ones like the “eezys” “If IT WAS EEZY, ” like easy is spelt thatway instead of E-A.

Everyone would do it.

That's actually a good thing about golf, if you wanna be good at it it is a stinking hard sport.

I would say every personthat's a golfer has probably every like third realm, at some point they say “I hate golf”.

– Oh yeah.

– What other sport do you do that when you say you hate sportthat you're paying for, you're playing for and you're practicing while if it's easy everyone would do it.

This one, “Earn your stripes.

” That's kinda the Adidas, they got the stripes right here.

– Adidas.

– The three stripes.

The other one, this one right here.

I'll be honest, I wasn'tthe biggest fan of him, because I was a Utah Jazz's fan and then I was a Phenix Suns' fan, and neither one of themwere the biggest Cobby fans.

Since he passed away, Ihave been looking into like Mamba mentality to see what's — – Why are you blinking eyes?- So weird.

What's wrong with you? (laughs) Like having a seizure behind the camera.

– [Lincoln] (laughs) I can't see anything, just give me a minute.

– Oh gosh, the camera, rub your eyes.

Rub those eyes Lincoln It's pretty cool, he hada really good mindset.

It's good for business, it's good for YouTube.

YouTube takes a lot of hard work, as much as there're some luck involved, there's a lot behind the scenes that maybe you don't see so much and we work hard and don't be lazy.

So I really like that one.

This picture is not super fancy, there's a course in Hawaiiright next to the marry and right next to the airportand this one is beautiful.

– [Lincoln] It's called Poipu Bai.

– This is not Poipu Bai.

– [Lincoln] Oh, It's not? – No, this is right next to the airport just right next to you here.

– Oh yeah, so we actually got when we got to Hawaii, weactually got to play that course and I hit my ball hereand I hit it on this creek and it made a Parr.

– [Dad] Did you? – Yes, I parred that hole, but you, you bombed your drive– – [Dad] I hit my drive so far.

– And than you hit along the green into that bunker and wethought it was inside.

– [Dad] No you hit your ball and it was right onthe edge of that cliff, almost, it almost fell off, but then you hit it up close.

– Yeah.

– Anyway we saw thispicture and we were like, we played there and it was so much fun.

So we had that in Lincolns room for the last like, five years, so we put it in here.

“Hole in one drive” and “Limitless.

” I just thought that was cool.

Before we had a billiongozzilion water bottles, we had art along this walland it looked really cool.

It was like a bunch of oldgolf photos of clubs and stuff, then we got all these water bottles and we got some other merchthat we're working on right now.

Here is another sneak peek atone of the other prototype.

– [Lincoln] No No.

– [Dad] It's a sneak peek, it's right here, there it is.

– [Lincoln] Beautiful golfhole, that island of green.

oh ya.

– Okay it's gone, I hid it, it's just right there.

– We're back.

– Right there.

We're trying to wok on a lotof things with our swing, so we have some stuff like, the tore striker, this is like the trainingtool of the year, last year, helped Lincoln becausehe has quite the slice going on right now.

All kinds of like teaching tools in here and golf balls.

– [Lincoln] Look at all ofthese beautiful golf balls here.

– We have so many golf balls these are tailor-made TP 5 and this video was not sponsored but they did send usall of these golf balls.

– [Lincoln] That says, what's in? – Can you see it? – [Lincoln] No it's not focusing.

– I can just get it to beyond that.

– [Lincoln] Okay, thatsays, “what's inside?” on the actual golf balls.

– I've only used tailor-madeiron my entire life and so it's pretty awesomethat they sent these.

These are Lincolns golf ball right here.

– [Lincoln] It's RickyFallor, he designed them.

– [Dad] Ricky Fallor they're really cool.

– Yeah, I really like that.

– Some TP fives.

– [Lincoln] I kinda call them, like the pizza balls sometimes.

– I call them pizza ball.

– [Lincoln] When you'repartying you can see the little, if you hit the pot good or not.

– That might be distractingfor some people, but for Lincoln he really likes it and then I use the Tp5 when I'm out there.

They just know when I golf, I lose a lot more golf balls.

– [Lincoln] That's whythey send so many more.

(laughing) – That's probably the reason why.

– So we just bought thesereally funny golf bags, because in the simulator it is not ideal to have the golf clubs like a normal one laying down like that.

– Like this.

– Like mine.

– These are Lincoln's golf clubs and he keeps them in here.

And they take up a lot of spaces but opening of this is pretty small, this is a travel bag, this is the bag you use when you're carrying on your back.

We just wanted like a tore series bag, so I went onto Ebay andI bought the Pepsi one and the M&M one.

But I liked the M&M one so much, and I always have my clubs in here but now I've startedtaking them to the course.

– And it looks really funny, like when you're climbing a park, so we always get compliments on your bag.

– Yeah, my bag's awesome.

This is a cool picture thatwe found of Tiger Woods.

– Lots of people get the red pictures but that one's probably best.

– Yeah, Tiger Woods wore red on a Sunday and all of them show red, but we have the “What's inside?” Logo.

This is the picture of him in blue, I thought it looked pretty cool to have a blue Tiger Woods Photo.

This is a garage still, so the floor still hasthis nice and poxy on it that goes up the wall in caseyou ever had water in here, which we shouldn't for this point and then we did put a nice rug in here to keep it nice for your feet.

Up here on the wall we put an air conditionerand heater in here, it's just this one thingcalled a mini split.

And it keeps this room pretty cool, and this Trackman bay, as cool as it looks.

It is not physicallybuilt into the building, not into the side of the garage at all.

– So if, we ever were to move, we could take the Trackman.

– And somebody could turn this into an actual RV garage.

How would you rate this room based off, of one of your favoriterooms in the house.

Where does it rank? – Probably number one.

– This is what we choseto do with our RV garage, it is our golf simulator room, hopefully this leads to manymany good times together, just hanging out in here and also more importantly.

– Much much lower scores.

– Hopefully Lincoln and I will shoot a lot less, lower, a lotless, a lot more lower scores.

That's confusing.

Lincoln, you owe me $200.

Do you have $200 in bag right now? 'Cause I just bought a new one these and it cost me $200.

– Here you go.

– [Dad] That's 200 even? – Sad, that's my golfcourse money right there $235 to $35.

– [Dad] Awww, becauseof one bad golf swing.

– What do you mean a bad golf swing? Sad.

(bang) – So windy out here hopefully you can hear me okay, probably not.

– Don't make it second.

– Second place.

Haha, call me (mumbles) Iknow you've taken second place in a lot of tournaments, a lot of big ones, but Jason Cocrack and Lincoln beat you in the program.

– Yeah but that was real difficult.

– (laughs) It was so fun.

I'm pretty sure it was him, but it could've been somebody else, it could have been one of the workers could have been.

Grab em, there's the Trackmanthat you just backed into it and stepped on.

– I was trying to get in really.

– That thing right there, by the way, is twenty $20, 000 just for that, just for that.

Watch this.

Work hard and don't be lazy.

There it is.

I call them pizza ball.


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