Football Game Of The Week – North Torrance vs Lawndale – October 24 ,2008

[Music] welcome to China 22 sports high school pregame show I'm pepper Duran finding an ear League action coming your way between the North torn Saxons and the Lawndale Cardinal undefeated Saxons one of the best teams in the South Bay quarterback BJ Denker tossed three touchdowns in their 35 14 win over Centennial in week six after racing out to a four know start Lawndale has stumbled in the past couple of weeks falling to Linwood and South Torrance in their pioneer opener against the Spartans lawndale's defense just couldn't stop John white five touchdowns for the South running back coach Mark Gomez of Lawndale high has to find a way to get his offense back on track especially senior running back Carlton Callaway with nine touchdowns on the season if Callaway goes so do the Cardinals in both of their losses Callaway didn't find the endzone rough week for all three local teams Lawndale fell to South off more drop by Beverly Hills and losing her was upset by Peavy Bay League opener at Olympian field just when losing her thought this would be an easy game C teams running back Matt Willis took the handoff and race for a 53-yard touchdown on the opening possession still in the first quarter back max Baez engineered a five play 45 yard drive that ended with this top the tight end james Klein Peavy was rolling and looking for more linked in the second Baez rolls right throws off his back foot finds climb at the 10-yard line he splits to olympians second touchdown per climb 20 zip PV Olympians couldn't get anything going in the first half Jeff before the break QB T Sean Burton found a wide-open semaj Harris who dropped the ball he catches it he has a touchdown it was that kind of night for losing her second half Olympians came out fired up raynard Westbrook with the pressure chased out Baez Westbrook with the sack and he wasn't done this time the running back carries for the short touchdown losing her on the board they're down 27 but that was all the offense for the limp Phoebe added a field goal in the fourth 23:7 is the final seat Kings were on five coming into the game broke a two-year losing streak to losing her also snap the olympians poor game winning streak losing her now for two tonight should be an exciting pioneer game with north and Lawndale tonight let's go to Lawndale high with our crew loose towered Rufus Washington LaShawn hayla gun ring his Friday night game of the week on channel 22 sports along with Rufus Washington Jill Montgomery and rashon Haylock in the terrific channel 22 sports crew I'm Lewis towers gotta get my teeth fixed there a little bit as we are at Cardinal Field at Lawndale high school it's another homecoming night we have our homecoming Prince and princesses here wait a minute should be the prince and princess here right and rashon it's gonna be a terrific game on homecoming night yeah homecoming night once again Cardinals bringing out the black jerseys tonight just third time they warned him since the 1966 championship team big game Homecoming senior night that's all they bring them off for the Cardinals and they should be up for this big game against the North High Saxons Jill Montgomery is well are they up are they down they're undefeated they're definitely up coming into tonight 6 and 0 they're the only team in the Pioneer League that's undefeated in Lou this is not a powderpuff league so you would think that they're a big powerhouse football team or have a secret that no one else knows about not the case I spent some time earlier in the week with this team and head coach Todd Crowe she told me they are basically plain fundamental football actually they've been the smaller team in every single matchup so far this year he said they look more like a tennis team than they do a football team but consistency and hard work has been the key for these guys being undefeated coming into tonight but there's no love in this match no love but there's a couple people you need to look out for quarterback BJ Denker great throwing arm coach Croce said he is the smartest guy on the field amazing awareness and makes really good decisions also their lead running backer Chris McDaniel big numbers so he'll run through a wall and what are the starting back running backs for North High School is not going to play tonight rashon but as the Cardinals fly so does Carlton Callaway yeah Carlton Calloway without a doubt the leader of this trio of a Russian attack that Lawndale possesses you know he's a senior leader two-time All Pioneer League player in the backfield and he's gonna have to get it done today he's been hurt a little bit with the bad knee he actually missed the verm Day game a couple of weeks ago but they're gonna need to get him going they're gonna need to get Jamal Fleming going they're gonna get Crawford Wilkinson going in this Russian attack talking to coach Gomes before the game he said it's a sum of all three guys they all need to get going and hopefully try to pick up a win here tonight and in this two game losing skid that they have going right now I know earlier this season the coaching staff and markoma swear they were tinkering with the spread offense and then went back to the double wing formation what are we gonna see tonight we're gonna see them run the ball but we're also gonna see a little bit of shotgun tonight unlike the spread that we saw when we were here in the fire ballgame they're gonna open it up a little bit they're gonna be in some shotgun but instead look for him to go short not necessarily to try to spread the field out or not necessarily try to stretch the field with the D ball but instead trying to get the ball on some short routes to mark in countries in space maybe have him coming off a couple of end arounds also get him touches but the key the key and getting coach Gomes stresses this is the Russian attack that's talking about the resin attack you're talking about Carlton Callaway you're talking about Jamal Fleming and he's talking about Crawford Wilkerson and Jill we talked about the offense how about the defense how are they gonna stop Callaway actually the defense has been preparing for this team all week they said they're gonna stop their run game they're gonna take care of business everybody has an individual job to do and they just said they're gonna come out and play and on the other side of the ball for the Cardinals how are they gonna stop the passing attack well that's what they want North to do is pass the ball they talk about the talented quarterback BJ Denker on the north side talking to coach Gomez dinkar is such a threat you know with his arm in both his legs perhaps the best dual threat quarterback in the entire Pioneer League they feel like they can take their chances with dinker beating him with his arm as opposed to him throwing and running the ball all over the place so we'll see all right thank you very much Jill Andrew Sean I'm gonna join Rufus up in the booth kickoff is right around the corner and it's a big one coming in Lawndale high school with the Saxons and the Cardinals coming up next on Friday night's game of the week [Music] [Music] back at the Cardinals nest and I'm joined by a Rufus Washington is the football game of the week Friday night game of the week the Saxons and the Cardinals it's homecoming another homecoming Rufus and boy all sorts of pomp and circumstance and you know what we have a special treat tonight as there's gonna be fireworks at halftime Wow well you're right homecoming what more can you ask for some of the alums come back all the kids here they're excited and for the Cardinals this is a big night this is a league game got off to a bit of a bump in the road to start league play with but boy they're going up against the number one team in the pride near league and that's the North Saxons coming in six and OH overall undefeated one and O in league play Aaron Rodriguez ticking the ball off and it goes into the end zone where it's caught by Damon Damien Bell and we're under way here at Cardinals Stadium yes Aaron Belton will lead the Cardinals on in the first attack and they're wearing their home Black's tonight we're in the home black and it's up to right now they're gonna get a chance to show the crowd first what they can do of course coming out with two consecutive losses after opening the season with four straight victories in pre league play four straight before they lost their final pre league game against Linwood and of course they opened the Pioneer League with 849 13 loss to south Carlton Callaway and jamol Fleming behind Belton a man in motion and Callaway gets the ball so their ball fell on the ground and let's see if it was after a whistle or wasn't recovered by North it is recovered by North says Jay Bell Shaw the referee is Callaway coughs it up that's one of those who want to look at on the replayed officials of course on the scene there Jay belch again colleague of mine who also doubles as a see I have basketball official desi Calloway we great camera work inside the crowd to what we're trying to see is was he down and boy the indication is awful hard to see a net scrum but the official indication was that he wasn't down when he turned over the ball and so they get it and about 25-yard line does north and that's at the 1154 mark and the ball was recovered on the play by north of course and this have pass over the middle it's caught anyhow it's fumbled again and now it looks like the Cardinals have it back I'm gonna be amazed if the Cardinals don't have this little and the Cardinals do get it back and the pass was thrown right in there by the quarterback BJ Denker and there you see it on the replay out of the shotgun decoe good-lookin quarterback as he drops it back left hander lets it go his receiver fumbled is that I mean he makes the reception in fact another Michael capo with it dropped the ball and and he just flat-out dropped it the Cardinal defenders in fact had given up on the play I'm not sure why but boy you talk about them catching a break going back the other way just when they needed it they do and the running play by the Cardinals that gets some good yardage trying to get up beyond the 10 yard line that was Jamaal Fleming and Fleming bangs his way up close to the 15 yard line second down and 2 yards to go on the replay again going away from you on the screen you see Fleming number 2 with the carry good-looking carry he'll get a bunch of the work along with Carlton kala way Callaway I should say Callaway on Homecoming said that or his grandfather told him that he was gonna make it to this no matter what but a Callaway's grandfather unfortunately passed away and Carlton says he made it he's here this Calloway carries the ball good enough for a first down beyond the 20-yard line talk about the 21 Calloway one of the leading rushers in the South Bay no matter which league you're talking pioneer ocean or Bay League and will you talk about a bruisin runner that he is coming into the night's contest 32 rushes 535 yards on the season belton hands the ball off to Callaway Callaway has met at the line of scrimmage by a sea of North Saxons and coming up off the bottom of the pile is Ernie Toulouse for the tackle and they're gonna say it's no gain or maybe now they move it up about a yard game for Callaway so in the early going one good turnover desert this earned another one and the Cardinals here earlier after having coughed it up get it back from North and now they've got an opportunity as they are moving in the other direction Fleming gets the ball on second and eight and finds the real estate tough moving but does make a nice move to get up beyond the 25-yard line where it's gonna be third down and about four yards to go puts them in a third and short situation a little which is where they will want to be they're not a good third and long team and when I say they're not a good third long team that is because the pass is not a a major part of their arsenal I mean by design this is a running football team and if you're running team you definitely want to find yourself in third and short situations that's less that's third and less than five so big third down opportunity the ball is handed off the Callaway bust through up across the 40 yard line and that's good enough for a first down no flags first and 10 for the Cardinals and that's why you want to find yourself in third and short because you got to figure a carton Callaway Jamal Flemming or Crawford Wilkerson any of those guys are good for three to five yards on any given carry so another first down the second one of this drive and what a start this is to homecoming night two fumbles and now things have kind of settled down as markeith conscious splits out wide to the right side the far side of the field on channel 22 sports man in motion but the ball is given to Cal where did the Belton keep it Belton kept it on the option play and gets up around the 50 yard line or a 45 yard line excuse me so will be second down and five Cardinals have settled down obviously little after the early turnover and now they've got their game working offensively offensively there no questions about this team they put points on the board the real question about them is on the defensive side where the last couple of years they've struggled with their ability to stop the other team they basically make it a shootout and their goal is to see if they can out score you I mean score more than they give up Rafael Kings split wide to the near side here but the running play goes up the middle and gets a couple of yards before being knocked backwards that was Crawford Wilkerson getting three yards on the play so it'll be through down into Wilkinson part of that three-headed try um furtive wilkinson jamal fleming and of course Carlton Calloway kind of just bringing the ball in and what a game this would be to knock off the Saxons for the first time this year but Cardinals are gonna have to show some mettle not only for forty-eight whole minutes nothing this one before they hold minutes I'm gonna go out on a limb here early on and say I honestly believe that they can do it of course last year's contest was a high-scoring affair as well it was a 38 26 game game won by North but once again what you saw in that contest was no no no weakness with regard to offensively for the Cardinal again the problem coming on the defensive side of the ball and once again they pick up a first down and keep the keep the chains moving and so far they've controlled half of the first quarter here that's right so first down carry by Carlton Callaway he leading the way again that was his fifth carry of the evening so at the 49 yard line of North King split wide to the near side the ball is handed off and looks like we had some illegal motion or something or other Jamal Fleming was the man in motion who got the handoff it is and the call does go against it's a procedure penalty against the Cardinals of course that backs up my five yards remain first down makes it a first and 15 for them now illegal procedure false start whatever you want to call it back to the 45 or 46 yard line depending on what side of the nose of the ball you're on and there you see the Cardinals on O'Connor in their junior quarterback here in Belton so he's not eligible for homecoming king but what he is that Coach Gomez likes he's eligible to come back next year there you go Fleming gets the ball again it gets back to the original line of scrimmage and some good defensive play Rufus down there by the Saxons and that was led by Matt Russell the linebacker well we're getting the Saxons have come in when you look at their preseason scoring what they have played in a bunch of tough close games somehow another managing always to come out on the right end of the score and now second and long second 15 for the Cardinals and we'll see if this line can bust out or will Belton be forced to throw he throws and overthrew Fleming so it'll be third down and 15 so the illegal procedure penalty really hit the Cardinals hard third and 15 and of course I think if they get anywhere near the first down there they'll likely go for it but that was a good-looking throw by the quarterback Belton and I'm not sure how much effort his receiver gave them in support of that throat boy that looked pretty close to being on the money from our angle you have conscious and King split to either side right and left respectively Belton under center he's back to pass looks to the right side throws cot who look out and that was CJ Harrington with the helicopter Jamal Fleming is okay getting back to about the original line of scrimmage inside of Saxon territory and it appears that Mark Gomez is going to punt the ball back to the Saxons fourth down in nine yards to go at the 48 yard line let's watch the replay again may have been Wilkerson on that play is that number yeah that's number three that was Crawford Wilkerson on the play with the reception boy talk about getting turned to head over heels that's way over the head of the punter but there's a good job Alex Oliver Otto just to get the ball away and it rolls to a stop inside the 45 yard line of North so they have some pretty decent field position to work with with 410 left to go in the first quarter no score and that penalty really ground the attack to halt for the Cardinals took the life out of the drive loo they weren't able to recover nearly had another turnover on the high snap for the punt attempt their punter does get it away and judging from the field markings looks like it's at about the 33 yard line alright so a better kick than we originally thought now the running game for the Saxons gets underway Chris McDaniel jitterbugging his way up to close to the 40 yard line open field tackle missed by one of the Cardinals I mean what are you talking about just flat-out missed it could have had him for loss right on the numbering and how he didn't make that tackle not quite sure and so North able to turn what should have been a sure loss on the plate on the carry by Chris McDaniel as I mentioned they're able to turn into a gain and this time the Cardinal defense does recover and in fact drops him for what would appear to be at least a 1 yard loss on the play from where to down marker was spotted at McDaniel try to do it again as a good play by Joe via to hold him up so back to the that's right at the line of scrimmage so a third and three danker what once it passes he's being chased down throws the ball down field it could be intercepted and it's a caught no no wow wow it was a good defensive play by Derek Clark yes he was covering Bren yamaguchi covering Bryn yamaguchi boy good plays by everybody all and that's what you want to see just good football here's a quarterback dinkar may we talked about what a good looking fort now he's down right there he got away with Devon when the ball touches the ground you're down that's right Tarek Lewis was really chasing him down is now I believe Aaron Rodriguez is gonna kick the ball away as this one is short so good defense by the Cardinals to get north to go for and outs with three minutes left to go in the first quarter and no score here on Homecoming at Lawndale field not a phrase that you hear often is missing we have good defense by the Cardinals but in fact it was and not to make light light at light of the car and the football effort on the defensive side but just to give you some perspective fans the Cardinals their four teams with winning records in the Pioneer League coming into tonight's action and of those four teams the Cardinals have given up twice as many points on defense at 159 than any of the other four teams who on average have only given up about 80 82 points a game so that gives you some perspective giving up 159 the other three winning team with winning records in the league have only given up 82 apiece Callaway gets five yards on the carry so it's second down and five for the Cardinals as Oscar Castile the center for the Cardinals leads him out always Sprint's out of that huddle first guy out there and makes his way good blocking by Castillo the center going right up the middle is Callaway and it looks like it could be close enough for a first down as the ball is marked at the 40 yard line and it is the first down says Jay Bell Shaw so six yards on the carry and a first down for Callaway so once again the car was showing their ability to pick up first downs and basically moving the ball between the 30s not even between us and of course what they wanted to doing what they've got to do in order to win this game is get into the end zone so they're trying to ram this ball right down the saxons throat this game Rufus the ball is kept by or hand it off to Fleming and Fleming goes way back the Saxons will really came on that one they came on that one of course with this Lawndale deep offense rather you can basically as a defense you can sit down on it and play it for the run that's what they're gonna do 90 95 percent of the time and right now this Pat Croce team has gout at them very well and of course you know I mean I mean all these teams know each other and I say Pat Croce of course we hug his name is Todd Croce Pat Croce of course a Philadelphia 76ers and my grandmother told me about him now we have flags thrown all over the place as the pass was intended for Jamal Flemming and Chris McDaniel along with Matt Russell covering and McDaniel says I didn't do a coach and say we'll take it I gotta tell you I was kind of looking for well ok to call is holding as opposed to we thought it might have been pass interference and let's go down to Jill thanks Lou well stayin undefeated all year so far for the North's actions has not just been a physical challenge inspiration has been a key factor in them being six and Oh coming into tonight team dinners are held Thursday nights and all of the players bring in visions that they have written down for that week's game visions that they see for the team and visions that they see for themselves it's those visions along with any other press clippings that other schools and players have talked about them that they are using for inspiration and so far it's working back up to you all right thank you very much Jill Carlton Cal Calloway is working right now for the Cardinals as he bangs his way across the 50-yard line back to the 49 where it's first down for the Cardinals and he's just been a workhorse his fourth a third down Rufus his fourth and you know I had a chance to talk to coach Mark Gomez in the preseason and again this game as has all the games this season have been true to the for me indicated they do one thing and they do and they try to do it very well and that's the run the football and Callaway is just warming up Rufus as he runs over a couple of Saxons on his way to a an eight-yard gain what's gonna be second down and two right at the saxon 41 yard line 35 seconds the left here in the first quarter probably to be the final play of the quarter again a quarter if it were a boxing match and you were scoring it on on on on things other than putting touchdowns and and field goals on the board the Cardinals would be winning Callaway gets the handoff straight ahead over right tackle pulls his way across the 40 yard line and across the 35 yard line for another Cardinal first down Callaway up the middle Callaway right Callaway left we'll call up the 36 how about that 36 yard line and as you sit another first down and looks like that it'll wrap it up as they allow the clock to run out to end the first quarter scoreless first quarter that's right and we'll take a quick timeout Rufus and come back for quarter number two on Homecoming on channel 22 sports back at the Cardinals nest inside of the campus or on the campus I should say Lawndale high school is homecoming no score a terrific ballgame so far Rufus if you're a Cardinal fan especially a cowboy fan 10 carries 48 yards for Carlton Callaway in his final homecoming 5-8 there 510 180 Fleming in motion but Connelly gets the no Callaway doesn't get the ball it is Fleming on the sleight-of-hand that a flag comes flying through and we'll see what that is like the side judge and that's what another one those penalties that's going against the Cardinals remember the last time he got a penalty at that time it was only a five yarder and that effectively killed a drive they couldn't recover this one's gonna be a big 10 yard penalty after they have moved into North territory that's right it was about a five yard gain for Callaway and now it's gonna come back all the way to the 46 yard line a big holding penalty and let's go down to her Sean and thanks a lot guys you know obviously coming into the season coach Gomez knew that his team will be a little bit more methodical in their running game you look at the overall running yards for the trio running backs it's not gonna Y you by any means necessary coming into tonight's game Wilkerson just 278 yards Flemming 363 and Carlton Callaway just 684 yards total rushing on the ground but it's the averages that Coach Gomez looks at three point three that's all he requires from his running backs an average per carry he says if they can meet that then after three carries that should be able to be enough for a first down every time and you look at it seven eight and ten they're averaging per game the trio of running back spots all right Thank You rashon but they're going backwards right now as Crawford and Wilkerson gets flushed by the saxon defense it's gonna be second down in 21 from the 47 yard line of the Saxons so the penalties have been Drive killers for the Saxons so far tonight Carlton Callaway gets some yardage back normally would have been a terrific carry by Carlton butts all it does is whittle away some of that fat off of the the penalty yardage there and a good tackle on the play by Ernie Jews and and that was exactly what I was talking about and early in the game Lewis zap you don't want to find themselves in third and lungs this is a third and 15 boy tall order here you almost have got to pass they bring mark he's conscious out in the formation this time he's out split toward outside man in motion and we'll Belton Belton keeps the ball and gets about four yards up to the original line of scrimmage has banged out of bounds on the far side of the field and a big tough hit by Mike Smith or it'll be fourth down and they're gonna call it 11 14 and 11 and you would guess it's a punting situation for the Cardinals I don't know because Raphael king is coming on so markoma says we got to get something going here we just shot ourselves in the foot you got yourself into this mess you get us out of this well you know he's asking a whole lot of the squad right now in the fourth and 11 even with the trio of good running backs that they've got Felton keepin it again he's being chased down look out he's this Saxon sandwich at the 39 yard line after the sack that was a running play he lost three yards on the play it turns it over he lost three on the play to give it back to him let's make a note of that fact that they give them them being the North's axis of course the Pioneer League leading North Saxons coming in at six and no one and O and elite play and they give them the ball at the 40 yard line to make it a short field for them at the 39 yard line we're gonna call it love North B first intent out of the shotgun is dinkar dink are being chased down throws on the run it is caught at the 45 yard line second and five for the Saxons and they're gonna go in a no-huddle lots of time left here in the first half 842 clock running putting a little more pressure on this Cardinal defense though and we had some movement there looks like one of the big guys if he can call him that looked like number 72 to me was the guy for the Saxons Jonathan Vincent was a guy who moved okay so false start and the Cardinals will take it because they've been bitten too big penalties for 15 yards have really stalled air drives so this goes back to the 40-yard line or its second ten out of the shotgun gonna throw a deep down the near side for Yamaguchi and Yamaguchi he couldn't get around Derrick Clark and I guess the officials say they got their feet tangled up because it looked quite frankly like the AMA Gucci may have interfered with Clark on his attempt to make the interception just watch the replay here Rufus good blocking up front by the Saxons there's a little shove in the back got away with it though so it makes it a third and ten from the 40 yard line eight ten left to go in the first half no score on Homecoming tinker gets a man at the 50 yard line right at the first down marker looks like he's got enough for it because the marker was on the line and they're gonna smile they're gonna spot it right on the line but Jay Belcher says if it's on the line and the markers on the line and that means it's the first down let's keep going that was Brendan Tobias the big tight end that's the Saxons first first down Rufus when again the Cardinal defense let him off the hook Carlos had him in third along but with them having the option of the pass and now speaking of option McDaniel gets the ball and is it hard by Marc Keith conscious excellent conscious I got to tell you that was a good looking it he lowered his head and put the stop on him and fans of you used to hear in that name you should that's because marques also doubles as a starting center for very good Lawndale Cardinal football team under the excellent tutelage of head coach Alex Acosta who's also the athletic director here at Lawndale high sure we'll see him in a few moments so second down in four and the pass over on the far sideline is it caught yes it is yes that was caught by Trench grain and that'll be a big first down so now you don't want the wheels going on this passing game they're showing some good routes getting some men open on the down and out well they're showing that again of course they do feature to pass an air offensive arsenal so Denker again looking for the end zone has a man open in his clock touchdown sexes Michael capo for the catch looks like that was a and it was a 30-yard touchdown pass by dinkar to capo kappahd number 17 boy dick had been chipping away chipping away chipping away and finally gets the big one to go and that reception made over Marquis conscious at the 659 mark of the second quarter and the p80 is good so 659 left to go in the second quarter it is 7 to nothing Saxons and boy those penalties are really looming large now Rufus they sure are but what looms even large and Lou was a decision by the decision by the Cardinals to go for it on 4th on 4th down on 4th and 10 all right they don't make it they in fact lose three yards on it they give North the ball with a short thing go 60 yards to work with and they make them pay for that decision and that was a six play drive when 61 yards and covered about two minutes and ten seconds so dinkar is now four out of six and a touchdown kick is made by Rodriguez and almost breaking it away is the Cardinal return man Wow he only had a guy to beat and he had caught right in the middle of the wedge and that was Crawford or Crawford Wilkerson and just got hogtied down I'll tied down and of course as we watch the replay that doesn't have a shirt tucked in and there you see where where he got caught at so two Cardinals plenty of time left in the first half they go back on the offensive attack after having controlled the ball most of the half they trail on the scoreboard though seven to nothing Belton keeps the ball and on first and ten from the 26 yard line and get some good yardage it'll be second and short the ball is gonna be spotted actually that's a first down a 10 yard run for Belton shot their head coach Mark Gomez now let's call it a an 11 yard run for for Belton as the running game seems to be working for the Cardinals Rufus but boy that the holding penalty and the illegal procedure penalty really put the sale when to the sales of the Saxon defense as another good run on first down by Carlton Callaway well that and the running game Lou is working as I said before between the 30s right now they've yet to penetrate the 30-yard line I don't believe on either Drive real estate gets a little bit harder to come by once you get in the red zone and unless the Cardinals show this Saxon team that they can move the ball in the red zone wow there's going to be an interesting penalty I think it's going to go against belt in the quarterback as he pulled from under the center before the snap he stepped up and pulled away and that's what it's gonna be procedure penalty against the Cardinals every drive so far they've had that ad tonight in this game has included a penalty well that's gonna make it second down and nine from the 38 yard line on the penalty and we'll see if they can get out of this mess the running back was hit initially at the line of scrimmage but gets over to the left side to get some yard it's out of this one where it'll be third down up to the 30 yard line they're gonna call it or as excuse me the 40 yard line and that was fleming with the run never quite got turned north/south and that gave the lateral pursuit of the north defensive line an opportunity to get there and it forces the Lawndale Cardinals into a timeout after a two yard gain up to the 40 yard line so it'll be third and seven Carlton Callaway Rufus with 13 carries already and we're just in the first half well he's the workhorse of the trio that they have Callaway Fleming and Wilkerson inside the first drive Rufus and just looking here just counting the plays the 11 play drive and that ate up about seven minutes in the first quarter then their second drive it was 11 plays when the holding play or the holding call came against them when they gave it up on downs and that play started with three minutes left in the second of the first quarter and eight up another three minutes so about a six minute drive by the Cardinals and they have nothing to show for it have nothing to show for it yet except but now they've got a pass out fumble on the play as we look and it is recovered by the Saxons another tough break for the Cardinals a play that started to look pretty good in fact looking from where he marked it at what it was good now it would have been a first down let's watch the replay and see this one unfold fans there's cont just with the reception turns it upfield carrying a little bit loosely but boy he took a couple of big hits and was Hyuga Rendon and a saxon defender was in the right place at the right time as he fumbled that ball toward the sideline but Saxons recovered before it went out of bounds alright so that was an eight-yard gain but they turned the ball over and good news is this looks like they're gonna be a penalty on the Saxons good news if your Cardinal fan if you're a Cardinals fan of course I don't think quite frankly diluted that pills you very much bothers Saxons not with the arm we've seen from Denker does that ball comes back into Saxon territory at the 48 yard line where it's gonna be first in 15 out of the shotgun look out here comes the Blitz tinker still gets it off and it's complete to capo and capo gets back into Cardinal territory right around the 40 yard line capital looks to be Baker's favorite receiver he's got two receptions and he and he's thrown in his direction a couple other times when he didn't make the reception so that was a 12 yard game well now they're just passing that will against this Cardinal defense and with 425 left Cardinals already staring at a 7 nothing deficit and the one thing that they don't want to do because it's hard for a team that features the run lue to be a comeback type of a football team because it just eats up too much clock yeah you look for the big pop here and there but you can't play your game waiting on a big pop when you were running team and we haven't set another illegal procedure penalty looks like it's gonna go against nor that was what I thought I saw and that's what Jay Bell showed at referee indicates so after another first down pass this one was 11 yards to Trent gray we go back 5 to the 34 yard line where it's gonna be first in 15 let's go to rashon real quick actually take your time were Sean we got a timeout on the field with 423 left to go in the second quarter Cardinals call their second timeout thanks a lot guys I want you to take a look or keep an eye on number one markeith country's having a rough go at it tonight on the last north possession of course they scored that touchdown when Marquis was in there he was a safety and he gambled instead of staying over the top he went underneath tried to go for the interception as he walked off the coaching staff talked to him tell him to keep his head up told him he's much smarter than that they need to make a mistake like that then on the last offensive possession for the Cardinals he coughed it up on the fumble after making that catch out there in space take a look keep an eye on him let's see how he responds to this all right thanks for Sean we will do that this is not hard to miss the senior six for 190 Rufus has already said big plans for him for the hoop season in the Cardinals nest let me mark use more of a basketball player yes he's a talented athlete but basketball happens to MC in performing both I can tell you he's an outstanding all-league selection in basket four receivers in the pattern for dinkar and one running back using rolls to the right flushed out by Wilkerson throws on the run and it is quite touchdown Trent gray so Dickson's lead it 13 to nothing with 414 left to go in the first half so the Cardinal secondary gets beat again back there at that time was Aaron Belton along with Garrett Clark and again you see the scrambling excuse me I'm sorry of the of dinkar the saxon quarterback scrambles until he finds an open receiver and when he finds number 13 lays it on the money to him snap back in Rodriguez kicks it through and wide to the left so with 414 left to go in the second quarter it is 13 to nothing in favor of the Saxons on the Cardinals homecoming so the pass was a 34 yard pass from Denker to gray tinker did great okay and that was a go-ahead no no no problem just making note of the fact that again tinkers foot movement just excellent on both on both touchdown passes he's kept himself moving until his receiver could come open and the other thing is guys I'm impressed with this guy's arm yes let's go down to rashon real quick yeah thanks a lot guys and on my last play I told you to take a look at countries he wasn't in on that play they took him out but roof is just a kind of piggyback off what you were saying that right there was coach Gomez his worst fear dinkar being able to use his legs to buy some time and then you saw what the result was a long he for a touchdown against this Cardinal defense Crawford Wilkerson with a terrific run back and we have a penalty flag though at about the 14 yard line well I'll be interesting to see what this call is it must emit in the scrum I'm not quite sure but we'll see what our referee Jake Belcher indicates and it looks like the Cardinals are going to go back holding was the indication against the Cardinals on their return team and that one as we look but I tell you because we're in line with the field only a few feet above it sometimes a little bit hard to read the yard markings but looking over on the far side where they're placed that looks at about the 13 yard line is where this drive is gonna start at didn't see where the hold is but I do see a terrific run back by Wilkerson and the Saxon defense is really fired up after the second touchdown Rufus well it's a lot easier to play defense when you're ahead that it is when you're behind and right now boy the sacks and defense were right what they're smelling is a knockout punch Luke there's three 44 left here in the first half they're already leading 13 to nothing and their sense is if we can generate one more for an out situation or force a turnover we get the chance to give it to dinkar and Dicker's are ready to indicate it and shown that they don't need a lot of time to put the ball in the end zone second and ten is the ball gets back to the original line of scrimmage Callaway looking for some Running Room gets it but then gets hard hit hit hard by Trent gray as their helmets run into each other about I do believe that's a Crawford may have gotten close first down is awfully close looks like they're gonna say he's about a half a yard short now you're gonna say let's measure Jay bill Shah says bring the chains out fellas they see Aaron Belton the junior quarterback and that gives that this measurement is as good as a timeout for the Cardinal offense it's an opportunity though to regroup and to come up with something that works with them they see Oscar Castillo right there baby brother of our own Francisco Castillo along with Jesse and Kenny Perez and also Marco Ramirez looks like is a first down so Callaway gets up to the 24 yard line where it's first and 10 and he tacks on another first down he's accounted for five first downs out of the seven first downs for the Cardinals and interesting enough they sent to play in the what I was over they said to play in with number eight King Rafael a Rafael King I should say and let's see if that if that's of any consequence if the play actually goes in his direction 259 left to go in the half Cardinals are down 13 to nothing really do need to put points up on the board and on this Drive we know that the Cardinals can move the ball but can they seal a deal and get a touchdown Carlton Callaway being chased around and thrown out of bounds but again close to another first down run not close to another first down run you mentioned they need to put points on the board obviously that's important I think more importantly than that right now for them is that they don't need another turnover and they need to be able to run the clock out if nothing else if you don't score contain the damage to what it is right now at 13 and nothing and going to halftime and regroup points yes would be great but right now you got to keep it in small bites Carlton Calloway missed it by that much second down and very short gonna call it the 33 yard line Belton is going to go on the timing pattern conscious catches the ball at the 40 the 30 the 10 5 touchdown Lawndale marquise tundish on a 67 yard touchdown pass well that's it earlier we're live with me I wonder why they don't go to the guide more often the biggest target on the field that time they call this number I see mom market mom kind of tapped on the field on the sideline boy you talked about making it a family affair think she's gonna go out and do the p80 all by herself but Alex Alvarado is gonna do that there you see it the speedy conscious on the replay Alvarado out of the hole from conscious it is good 234 that's just what the doctor ordered exact team is seven the Cardinals trail on this 67 yard pass on the timing pattern from Belton to conscious just like they did it in practice right roof just like they did in practice ly when I got to give you all the credit in the world you called it you called for the scoreboard he got it just what they knew now you got yourself a ball game all of a sudden here's what happens though fans let's enjoy for a moment because right now they've got to get back out there and play defense against the past attack that shone with 234 left on the clock they don't have any hesitation about putting the ball back in the end zone either but let's cut the car no defense worry about that and we'll enjoy that 67 yard touchdown pass from Belton to conscious longest pass connection of the season I believe should be if four plays 86 yards and a minute and 30 seconds and that's the way to do it kind of shook up the Saxons with a bitter pill of their own medicine Alvarado is gonna kick to one of three Saxons and to the middle man there they go that's McDaniel McDaniel racing past the 40-yard line and a good tackle on the play and wouldn't you know it number 11 isn't on our roster well no I would know it because that's that's what happens usually but now the saxons with 227 left to work within the first half are sitting pretty actually that's the 45 yard line 45 yard line and they've just roster that in my hand is to be believed looks like number 11 yeah no I really don't believe because it says that number 11 is debby Harrington now Debbie Harrington is the mother of CJ Harrington is and Jill Montgomery is going to tell us about Debbie Harrington Brendon Tobias dropped that one well when you've been as long as I have Lou you've seen a little of everything and it's not inconceivable that there's a Debbie Harrington playing linebacker for North drop so a second down and 10 but now fairness to mother Harrington you said Evie is the mother of CJ so it's just clear head up for the fans that's who Debra Harrington is down the middle it is caught first almost a first down as that was caught by Brent Yamaguchi that's going to be good enough for first down there let's remember this drive started with 234 left it's already in Cardinal territory and there's still plenty of time left there at the Cardinal 45 with 210 left in the first half and I'll tell you what Denker can really zip it in there this one's gonna go down the middle Wow hot by Yamaguchi in the endzone for the touchdown and just missing the interception as Derrick Clark just missed the interception don't like to say I told you so but I told you so yep that the pressure was going to be back on the defense so just like that with and that drive started it well with 234 and left in 37 seconds by my count exactly 30 seconds 30 seconds in 30 seconds they put the seven back on the board now it looks like they're going to go for the two-point conversion because he missed it the first time inside pitch and I think they stopped him short no good so at least the Cardinal goal line defense yes it stopped him Derrick Clark rises to the occasion and makes it a 19 to 7 of ball game on the 45 yard pass by the way to CJ Denton BJ Denker and there you see McDaniel trying to go into the end zone and a good tackle there actually the tackle was made by desmond hall there you see Hall and Clark Wow so let's see if the Cardinal have a quick strike office that they can respond after buh da pulled themselves back in the game gotten it close and just like that they find themselves back down by two TVs twelve points at nineteen two seven three plays 55 yards took 30 seconds dinkar forty-five yards his third TD pass to the half – Yamaguchi line drive kick ball is finally picked up by Desmond Bell and he gets up to about the 20 yard line so it's a good thing he did that 150 left to go in the center the second quarter 19 to 7 Cardinals trail and that was a result of voice sometimes you want to get the ball into the hands of your favorite return man but on that particular occasion a guy closest to the ball because it he ended up right where he let it go by in the first time should have picked it up and taking off with it let's see now if they test got to tell you what it wouldn't be the army to give a nice little test cuz they've got a yamaguchi out here on Markieff Kunduz if Marquis Kunduz can get behind him well conscience on the reverse and he has a couple of blockers waiting for something to get set up and gets good yardage and goes out of bounds beside that terrific yardage about 25 yards Rufus and then gets out of bounds to stop the clock with 141 left in the half an excellent excellent run by Markieff cont just to give them good field position they say went out of bounds at the 40 well we originally saw it and thought they were gonna spot it up between the 45 and the 50 but nonetheless good field position with the men at 41 left here in the first half Cardinals desperately want answer on that touchdown he just gave up and Trent gray one of the speediest players on North caught up to him pushed him out of bounds after the 20 yard game and now here comes Fleming Fleming might have found some more room if he waited for the blockers to develop but tried to get go inside and keeps the clock moving it's gonna be a timeout for the Cardinals to stop the clock to stop the clock another media third and final timeout that was what my hand signals was about trying and of course they do make good use of it though because they've got 136 to work with got the ball out approaching mid feel there across the 40 no let's call it a three-yard gain to the 43 yard line where it'll be second and seven the boy what an answer by North after Belton 67 yard pass to conscious a 45 yard pass to Yamaguchi to make it 19 to 7 all there's a good ball game still a very good ball game 26 points put on the board after a scoreless first quarter both teams would come out here guns a-blazing in the second quarter conscious splits wide to the far side to the left of Belton and he's gonna hand the ball off or he know if he's gonna keep it throw downfield to congi is picked off by the Saxons Ramos with it Daniel Ramos gets into Cardinal territory and out of bounds with a minute 22 left and that throw ball is thrown just a hair behind conscious just a hair point you know another hair in the other direction and that's what Coach mark Gomez is saying and I saw coach get give him a nod and say hey that wasn't wasn't on you you know that was just thrown behind you good attempt by Belton but just short as that ball was intercepted by number 23 Daniel Ramos and now glue here comes the challenge of the game for the Cardinal defense a minute 22 left we saw them score with 30 seconds left and with 30 30 seconds on their last Drive we've seen Gingka put the ball in the air it's real simple now the Cardinal defense must hold here let's watch the near side here with Yamaguchi and Campo down the middle it's Campo down the middle for a big gain inside the 20-yard line on that slant router across the middle and the Cardinals have had trouble with that pattern all night long they've had trouble with any pass pattern all night long from the from the dinkar I mean from from dinkar and from North and basically what what what they need what they need to consider and of course they've got a pretty decent running back as well but boy they've got to put a drop a couple more guys back in the past coverage down to the 11 yard 12 yard line and now dinkar keeps the ball and gets pushed out of bounds on a big gain on first down so out of balance at about the 5-yard line they're gonna call he's inside the 5 and he's down to about 2 3 is wearing a market if you look over on the far side it's always hard to see here on the near side but looking where the marker is on the far side that's about that's first and go or a second and go from about the 3 yard line still a full set of downs as the ball was marked at the 11 so a gain of 6 that's right at the 5 yard line under a minute left of course I believe that north and looking at the scoreboard they've got a full set of timeouts so they've got the clock they've got timeouts they've got everything working their way some pressure by the Cardinals were and it's in the endzone for a touchdown and that was to Trent gray a five yard pass to Denker that's his fourth touchdown pass of the evening Rufus and that was huge fourth touchdown pass of the evening boy they're making Nick well there I make him think I mean dink is just that good you got to give credit where credit is due but you also got to say that the Cardinals secondary boy has been toasted toasted tonight that's Gray's second touchdown catch now they're gonna go 4-2 again danker pump fakes and keeps the ball and goes into the end zone for the two-point conversion so that makes the score 27 to 7 with 44 point six seconds left in the first half Wow and a game that believe it or not but 44 seconds left at the 234 mark Lissa is now at the 234 mark of the second quarter the score was 13 to 7 that's right and at the 44 second mark that's two minutes that's less than two minutes later it's now a 27 the seven ball game when you talk about a hurricane coming through in a matter of seconds a big one that in now the looks like a personal foul might have been tacked on of course the guard over here with the 44 seconds left is that we're out of timeouts that last touchdown of course set up by the int on the under throw by Belton make a note of that the int set it up so non-contact foul pushes the back five yards and now Crawford Wilkerson gets it and Wilkerson still on his feet and now even the kickers getting run over right there he's big number 54 for the Cardinals boy that's Tariq Lewis and he goes big at 6 3d listening that 195 just just took a pound of flesh out of the kicker Aaron Rodriguez yeah before a little errand she was actually that was damien bell that made the good run back and the ball is at the 43 yard line and the race 7 seconds we'll call it left to go in the half 27 to 7 Rufus but they've got one-on-one coverage out here on the right against Marquis you got to go deeper than that these over the middle patterns now that'll stop the clock the first down we'll stop it as they come back up to the line Carlos of course and this is this is the sign of a well coached team I mean they aren't quitting here they they could say let's let's contain the damage and get out of here right now twelve yards and a first down Wow nearly intercepted on the pass over the middle with eighteen point five seconds left what Belton has to do Lee he's got to over the course of this season and before next season develop the skill of buying himself some time he's got a nice quick relief but released but if you look at the way the difference between him and dink her.

what dinkar buys himself enough time to be able to make the play Belton try at that time he's gonna go down for the loss and I'm pretty certain that that'll be the final play of the first half now there were seven defensive backs for seven people back there that is the final play of the first half twenty seven to seven not a real peppy Cardinal well now the Cardinal faith floor keeping their guys spirits up as they go to the locker room and try to make some readjustments the boy oh boy just like that two touchdowns in less than a couple of minutes less than two minutes you go from 1387 to 27 to 7i on an explosion of points by the cardinals scoreless first of a scoreless first quarter lead to a 34 point second quarter only problem is out of those 34 points the carpals only got seven of them that's right and but a half by CJ and Jill Montgomery is gonna be coming up with the report in just a moment but she gets set out there but the Cardinals really got to make some adjustments that's pretty obvious there but the big thing was the early on the penalties and then the turnover the big turnover the interception but let's go down to Jill Montgomery well Lou you heard in the pregame from her Shawn that one day we home and they're gonna step up their defense in the second half and put even more pressure on them back upstairs all right thank you very much Jill and we'll be back with some halftime activities it's homecoming here at Lawndale and we'll also be back with the unofficial stats and the third quarter of play here at halftime the party's already started that's right let's sit back and enjoy it's twenty seven to seven North over the Cardinals on channel 22 sport [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] down here on the field with the 2007-2008 Lawndale high school homecoming queen Jackie here now you're all smiles Jackie her name how do you feel right now I was is a exciting moment for you happy you didn't expect to win I mean you're in this thing you've got to have a little bit of a think you have a little bit of a chance to win they don't know her name is we known all around Lawndale and hawkthorne wanna do high school homecoming queen Zach here and Anna's congratulations again all right thank you very much for Sean a fine job emceeing the halftime festivities and what a night it was is for Jackie Hernandez our new homecoming queen for Lawndale high school and the fireworks show was courtesy of an ASB fundraiser here in Lawndale high so congratulations to the kids because I'm sure the more money they poured in in the bucket the bigger the blasts were and that was impressive 27 to 7 speaking of impressive it was the BJ dinger show in the first half for the Saxons 11 out of 14 for 200 yards and four touchdowns Jill Montgomery wouldn't I were talking at halftime and she says that mr.

Denker reminds her of one mr.

Elway who also wore number seven playing high school football in Southern California once upon a time that's a fair comparison I gotta tell you when you score when you throw four touchdown passes in a half you're gonna be compared to a lot of people away Montana Bradshaw all right Brett Favre you name it you gotta get compared to him that's true and so the Cardinals will be kicking the ball away to the Saxons will be Alex Alvarado kicking the ball probably to Chris McDaniel that's a little salt in the wound and I know you guys test it just you know when you come out of the locker room down 27 to seven you got to give it back to a quarterback with a hot hand that's right and two turnovers and a big holding penalty led to three touchdowns in the first half Rufus well you take those away and we still got ourselves a close fall game and it was close for a moment with AJ before we'll talk about that I mean it was just an explosion of points by North deer in the latter stages of the second quarter that turned what was a 13-7 game into a twenty seven to seven game at the half right leading the way for the Cardinals was Carlton Callaway 16 carries for 93 yards Aaron Belton was four out of five for 86 yards a touchdown and an interception markeith conscious was the leading receiver for the Cardinals 75 yards on two catches a touchdown in but he had a lost fumble on one of those McDaniel does bring it back on a nice return beyond the 30-yard line that'll be first and ten for North at their own 32 yard line he had a loss moment I believe I left their scores who watch the return here North's gonna get the ball to start this second half in pretty decent field position so we'll see what was drawn up on the black boards inside of the respective locker rooms I'm sure that coach Todd Croce in his ninth year out of UCLA probably told the guys just do it bring you to the first half here at the homecoming dance and that's exactly what they do the pass is complete to yamaguchi for a first down beyond the 45 yard line to the 46 yard line that's gonna be good enough for a first down tough start already for this Cardinal defense to open the second half there you see Yamaguchi buying himself some time that's what I talked about he does so well employee puts the ball right on the money with his receivers so it'll be first and ten McDaniel back there with him the senior dinkar pitches the ball to McDaniel and he's gonna run the ball rumbles it into Cardinal territory where it's gonna be another first down and these Saxons are certainly on their way right now Rufus want to know in Pioneer League and 6a no overall and they've scored already 195 points long day although 219 points trying to get back on the winning track here in the Pioneer Li well the number for Lawndale that makes all the difference in the world is that 159 and add 27 to it passes drops by Kapil where we'll be second 10 from the 42 that's a game of adjustments and the fans are wondering hey what do we have to do to stop the past attack we see it we're letting this guy come out and that was a drop there by his receiver otherwise they had another first down cuz we got a timeout taken on the field didn't notice who called it but looks like they're gonna see that the indication is that it was called by the Cardinals here early in the third quarter gotta tell you at the 1108 mark and we'll make a note of that that they call the timeout let's go down to rashon with the quarterback BJ Denker and I talked to coach Mark Gomez at the half and he said you know during that first half they were kind of hesitant as in terms of putting pressure on tinker because they didn't want their gonna hurt him with his legs well they're gonna switch it up this half looked at him to apply more pressure upon tinker and try to slow him down a little bit another thing coach Gomez said was that the half he told his players you know hey it's 0-0 at the half you know let's come out here let's see we can do in the second half try to generate something obviously they're going up against a very good Saxons team they certainly are with Shaun it'll be second 10-4 Denker and the Saxons from their own firm the Cardinals 42 yard line looking down the middle Denker throws down the sideline the near side and it's dropped again the second time in a row by cap Oh it'll be third and 10 well there's a minute gone by exactly here in the third quarter so at any point in time that they want to start putting the pressure on Baker they can go ahead and get started that's it no need to wait that's right don't know what they're waiting for in the first half but he is a big kid tinker is six to 170 pounds I'm sure he's opening a lot of eyes as far as college scouts goes and I'm sure that mom and dad's mailbox is pretty full right about to in about another month or so so it has to be I mean just kidding in terms of what we've seen tonight from him has displayed a great deal of talent I think as a quarterback on the run and Clark what did he intercept the ball nobody's way in a Ference call it's gonna go against and listen let's see what they call this against him they're bringing it back but this may go against the car the both of them have have to go for the ball though right you would think and in fact the defender had the inside track football so yamaguchi actually was putting a hand inside they're bothering Clark well now everybody wants to wait and see wow they called it against the car oh and the defensive coordinator puts his arms up in the air says what do we got to do here maybe we can take another look at that there you see it Rufus Wow yeah that that one who I would agree with you more that would certainly looks like it should have gone the other way well that's why I'm up here not wearing a striped shirt so goes down to the 25 yard line first and 10 on the pass interference call Denker again is throw and there's some pressure in the defensive backfield and now what are they gonna do here no that's roll came from the referee is that gonna be a personal foul call now that has all the makings actually didn't as we were watching the play up the field didn't see it but while they call a double personal against both rondell and North and there might have been some discussion of questioning of ancestry something to that effect or maybe North didn't like the fireworks show it's very colorful very loud gotta know that that was a spectacular fireworks show boy there's some flowers that right there Aaron Belton Belton they receiver for North and stop the presses but EJ Denker is all for his last three passes second down and ten from the 26 yard line here comes the crusher you got to get good if you got a freshman Marcus Maggio was chasing him down in the Phantom number eleven maybe rashon Haylock could find out who's wearing number 11 for the Cardinals tonight so Nicky shows yet another element to a skill set Alou what we just saw what was an excellent display of display of speed on the behalf of the quarterback so you got a kid who's a left-hander you know who has a good arm can put the ball up the field and then in addition to that he's got what we already started his foot and movement was good in terms of buying time and now his foot speed is excellent that's right some excellent speed but he loses a yard and it's third down and we'll call it 11 officially 11 a long 10 flushed out of the pocket again and Decker this time is run out of bounds but this time he gains some yardage down to about the 15 yard line it appears Rufus well this is what I talked about is who came out of the break you know you come out to locker room and you got to give the ball to these guys you're already down 27 7 and you got to start by giving them the ball to start the second half like definitely not what you wanted and again right now the Lawndale defense looking for that one big play to stop the momentum of the Saxons 10:28 left to go in the third quarter twenty seven two seven Saxons lead and knocking on the door out of the shotgun denker passes to the end zone clock and diving towards the end going zonal sound the Gucci in touchdown saxons touchdown and the Lawndale defender fell down on the play otherwise he definitely had a play on it looking from here I'm trying to decide for the number of the Lawndale defender who was in the area we'll see if we can pick it up on the replay I mean there you see him number 24 having fallen down on the play and that's what allowed the score that was Derek Clark tough break for Derek Clark to fall down because well he had a bead on that one and we have a fallen Cardinal down on the field and let's go down to Jill well Lou if you're not recognizing the names being called out on the North Torrance side don't panic you are calling the right game you see none of them call each other by their first names they call each other nicknames for example wide receiver Isaiah's McCoy is called Frogger because he looks like the character on the video game and running back Chris McDaniels will they call him show time because he just flat makes things happen and poor backup quarterback Mike Oliver they call him TiVo because you can super slow-mo a TiVo and they give him flak about being so slow let's go back upstairs all right Thank You Jennifer or Jilly and coming off the field the wounded Cardinals David Cortile and let's hope that he's gonna be okay and come back Cardinals can ill afford to lose anybody at this point at you're certainly right about that and right now they're staring at a 33 to 7 deficit with the notion that they'll probably go for the two-point conversion on this play seventy-eight yard drive five plays and they are going for the two-point conversion out of the spread fired into the end zone well and got a flag on it looks like this is gonna be a penalty against the Cardinals the ball did not get there before the defender did against capo so they move at half the distance to the goal it's about the two and a half yard line now so that increases their options it was at the five that means that they can either pass or right so the drive took a minute 30 seconds and that was touched down past number five for Denker it we had touchdown number to catch number two for Yamaguchi and now we have another penalty flag so things getting just a little bit sloppy right now Lou of course as you might expect a little bit of frustration setting in on the part of the on the part of the Cardinals it's homecoming so here we go third time will it be a charm maybe a charm for the Cardinals Denker throws it and it is hot in the back of the endzone and there's the two-point conversion by Michael Kapil so it's 35 to 7 in favor of North so the one thing they didn't want to see happen happen you know you come out it's 27 7 you figure we got to stop an early score now we're back to a two score game now the sudden it down by four scores instead of so that's like a two score swing is what it is because now you're down by 28 points at 35 to 7 and it sure sounds like they're having fun the home coming down on the truck there's an excitable boy right there Rodriguez squib kicks it and it's picked up by the Cardinals a good run back the Cardinals haven't been playing all that bad Rufus have just had some bad breaks tonight we've had some bad breaks and you know and it came in a spurt right when they thought they were back in the game and a couple of things happened to him that kind of let it get away from him and right now as a running team though you know it's a tall order and you almost gotta figure they're gonna be forced to put the ball in the air a little bit more than what they generally are comfortable with so it's first and ten from the 40-yard line for the Cardinals after the nice return by Dante batiste and now the Cardinals in their first play of the third quarter Carlton Calloway carries the ball after 793 yards in the first half needs 7 yards for a hundred and might have gotten that but look out here's another flag on the field hit to the head that's gonna be a big one there'll be another 15 yards on the play is officially up the field so an opportunity nears Belton on the ground let's see his young trying to see if he's on ok so he's on the sideline and down that means of course that there's a change at quarterback and we'll find out who that is out of the shotgun I know it's not out of the second number 10 is the new quarterback desmond hall but the ball is given to Carlton Callaway after he reached 100 yards the line at Luna line of scrimmage was the 36 yard line so right now the Cardinals with an opportunity to get a quick answer if you will back to the school bye-bye West mutton by West bite north and together themselves a fighting chance in this game sohal still a quarterback taking the snap and the misdirection given to Fleming vital lost a couple of yards on that one by the loss is it started to unfold like it was going to be a big play and then they just munched up and actually started to bouncing off one another and in the process of doing that that's what caused him to go for a loss on the play 35 though right there in that sweet spot where they want to be but the thing to note is that what about nine minutes and left in the third quarter Aaron Belton your starting quarterback has gone down with an injury and let's hope he's okay I'm sure where Shaun Haylock will find out what's going on and the handoff directly to Callaway might as well give it to the horse as he gets the first down and that's across the 25 yard line to the 23 when he crosses the stripe and one it keeps this drive going the one thing that can't afford though our time and consuming drives that's a luxury when you're ahead but boy when you're behind it's a heck of a liability 113 yards for Callaway first and 10 from the 23 Paul under center and into the neutral zone goes a defender for north and that was Matt Russell one of the linebackers playing hippity hop and let's see if it pulls the Cardinals offside let's go down to Jill my listen after the indication offside north let's go down to Jill well Lou you just saw another touchdown pass by North Torrance quarterback BJ Denker to put him up 35 7 and I got a chance to talk with him at practice earlier this week and it was amazing their practice actually looked more like an NFL Combine than a high school practice there were stations set up all over the place apparatuses and each each Beach place had a different set of people defensive ends linebackers receivers and everybody stayed in their own thing they didn't come together and play till the very end of the practice and I asked PJ is this the way it always isn't he said yes everybody has their own individual job and we bring it together at the end for our winning formula back up to you all right Jill and penalty apparatus known as the flag was thrown and that gives the Cardinals terrific field position down to the eighth so now therefore the Cardinals into the end zone for a touchdown touchdown a long day so jessamine Hall handed the ball off to Jamal Flemming for the 8 yard touchdown it is now 35 to 13 so a quick score the one thing that they needed by the Cardinals draws them a little bit closer Mountain still kind of high but Boyd he chipped away at it a little bit and getting back and it still got plenty of time and a shot to get back into this ballgame got to play good defense and force a turnover though Alex Oliver Auto kicks the ball up and through and with 736 left in the third quarter 35 to 14 the Cardinals trail north on a nice drive with some help by the Saxons in the penalty flag will credit that touchdown the Flemming all right yes sir so a seven play drive that covered 60 yards so you can credit that give a big assist on the return and right now as they set up for the kickoff North is lining up Louise F though to expect to onside kick quite frankly I don't there's too much time to left right now to try that and give it away kick the ball away get out there play good defense so Jim all Fleming who had five carries for a net eight yards in the first half gets an 8 yard touchdown run as McDaniel gets the ball and a nice kick by Alvarado McDaniel still on his feet gets across the 30-yard line as Derek Clarke one of the Cardinals there to bring down McDaniel so it'll be first and ten from about the 30 31 yard line we'll call it so here comes again a test for the Cardinal defense as you see on the return McDaniel bringing it out finally brought down in on the tackle for the Cardinals Donte batiste odoo on a credit number 11 tonight Gelson Cuevas normally wears number 33 so Gelson still in with 727 left in the third quarter and look out almost a sack but the ball is completes a McDaniel and let's watch him run gets up towards midfield now we have a penalty flag coming in might be the illegal block but I'll tell you what it was Tarek Lewis who flushed Decker out of the pocket but still a big gain for north and let's see and it's a hole is the indication that hold what they say they occurred at the 45 yard line and of course they take it from the spot of the file so make it a second down and five and the essence out of all that they still get they still pick up five yards on the plate okay so a net gain of five yards somebody's second down and five or first down and you're still calling okay it should be second five right yeah yeah because if it's against your loss of Dallas okay but they still indicate that it's first so there's Denker on the keeper Wow on the bootleg way just outran well Marco Navarro Nicole Navarro and Marky conscious was bearing down on him good display of having your head in the game though what he saw him get to the sideline don't do something stupid something crazy and cost your team 15 yards and give it back to him okay now they're calling it second down Rufus I mean if it's a completed pass shouldn't it be third down on the penalty well I would have thought so but apparently the official saw it otherwise and they've had it down too and they still have time to get it to get it corrected but they're very much aware of it and that's how they've got it scored so second down in a long five tinker back gets good protection throws on the run the yamaguchi went in when the throw is out and Clark almost made the interception golmal almost made it and and and unfortunately this is where almost just ain't good enough only because you've got to have Paterno's you gotta have you gotta force him now that was short so it's not his father didn't catch the bus back it was trying to cover Yamaguchi just missed on that one so now here's what we got again you got a third and five again it should be enough room for the defense to have a couple of options to work with but this is the hole once again that they want to have in order to have a shot at getting back in it danker going for the first down himself gets that Cuevas pushes him out of bounds but not before he gets to the 45 yard line and good enough for a 10 yard gain in the first down boy Snickers I'm sorry go ahead no I was just gonna say well I and I've said this before with a more convinced now than ever this kids run the fastest high school quarterback who's singing in a long time I mean yes be the Lord yeah you're right so a third down play is converted by north handoff to McDaniel on goes against the grain and get some big yardage just inside of the 50 yard line inside of Cardinal territory to about the 46 yard line and that's gonna be close to another first down but I do believe it's gonna be just short he's short by about two yards and they mark it at the 47 so it'll be second in short to rub short to long three so an eight-yard gain tinker on the keeper again on the option play comes across the grain slips through look out tinker man is there anything he can't do does he mix the Gatorade – well right now he is the offense for the Saxons so another first down and what it is lit with his versatility he's got the Lawndale defense completely off-balance because on the one hand you got to respect his feet on the other hand you got to respect his arm and then he's got a pretty decent running back and McDaniel back there with him so 20 yard gain for dinkar on the run all of a sudden he's leading everybody in all the stats now throws the receiver just tripped on his own capo so it'll be second down and 10 on the coverage on the play was Damian bell so something unusual actually dinker yes three out of eight here in the second half passing as some of his receivers have been dropping the ball well they've dropped the ball maybe they've not completed the pattern they haven't helped too much its throws and look good and he's bought himself the time to do it and he drops back again here going over the end zone wide open Yamaguchi in the end zone touchdown Saxons 27 yard pass and now that makes it 41 to 14 with five and a half left in the third quarter and in two minutes yet again like you're talking about earlier a two-minute scoring drive it was 736 when lawndale scored to make it 35 14 and just like that they respond as soon as they get the ball back so that's the second time after a touchdown by the Cardinals that they have answered with a touchdown and dinkar who was holding the ball throws he threw that one the way that will went in the ground went in the general direction I'm not even sure he had a receiver well actually did even though he can't choose number one a big tight end is coming off number 85 was the intended receiver that was Zack Yuri art day but for one a few times I mean look at the backpedal look at the backpedal of his kid as he's going to buy time gets wrapped up but still has the presence of mind and the strength of arm to get the ball away Nikko Navarro with the pressure could barely stay up with him Nikko you know he's a speedy young man as a defensive back five nine 165 couldn't keep up with the 6-2 170 pound BJ Denker and the good news on the sideline it looks like it's Erin Belton running up and down the sideline and maybe rashon can tell us what's going on with mr.

Belton and as their Shan prepares to do that I don't know if we're going to yeah but I can tell you this look at the scoring they're scoring and I'll tell you in a moment boys their drives have lasted an average of about two minutes per scoring drive and they've been doing it in very quick fashion that'll think they've had a drive over tenure at in place we would love to go room to rashon that's what we've been waiting for let's go to rashon well we got technical difficulty rashon so thanks we'll get back to you as soon as as soon as we can because eight plays seventy there 69 yards and that took two minutes but incre with six touchdown passes and now the Saxon defense that can pin its ears is now I believe the Cardinals are gonna try to run the ball and that's big ol number 55 Ernie djalu's and let's go down to rashon all right rashon we'll figure out what's going on and we'll get back to her Sean and for the Cardinals it's a another passing play on the third down play after the big loss it was about third down and 17 so this is gonna be back right around the 11 yard line it's gonna be third and 17 let's go down to rashon yeah guys you're talking about Aaron Belson he's been out the past two drives he's cramping up they're stretching him out he's trying to rehydrate himself and then just a little while ago he was sprinting up and down the sidelines here he should be able to return shortly also guys you know it's homecoming a lot of the famous alum returned I have a couple of guys coming up a little later in the game Fleming has the ball and he runs into a sea of Saxons and Aaron Belton is in fact in the ball game and Jamaal Fleming maybe getting a yard maybe get in the yard a little but it's fourth and fourth and long and certainly no choice on this particular possession considering they're deep in their own territory ball spotted inside the 20 near the 15 actually and they've got a gut they've got to kick it away brendi on Iguchi who has three touchdown catches tonight that's half of the touchdown passes for BJ Denker and a very high snap in the Saxons almost block that one is Yamaguchi we'll let that one roll into Saxon territory and it hadn't stopped rolling but it was picked up by the Cardinals and that was George Timur and it'll be first and ten at the Saxons 46 yard line boy in contact on the kicker with no call you see it a high snap of course the snaps have been high on night now there's the kick I guess they're gonna say his own man blocked them in to him is what the difference was there the fine camera crew along does community cable channel 22 once again bringing you the best that you can see and South Bay sports LA sports you name it world so dinkar now we have a penalty flags coming all over the place and probably a false start by somebody we'll find out which side it's North so it'll be first and 15 from the 41 see dominique COEX come across town down the niihka course of losing her basketball Fame over here in the house the night to cheer on the Lawndale Cardinal well maybe we can find out a score from the penny losing her game earlier today is the five-yard game that was the ball was run by number 45 and of course she's gone on our roster so probably one of the the young kids he's got a clean uniform well when you're up by 27 that gives you an opportunity to get some other guys a little bit of work so it's second down and ten and we have a new quarterback in also yeah a loss by the Cardinals at our new quarterback wearing number nine and that's Mike Oliver 245 left in the third was certainly will probably most likely I should say see Oliver play out the third and probably the fourth unless of course the Cardinals can generate a look at some some threat here with the time we have remaining some good defense on that one to corral the Saxons number 45 no pass is thrown it's caught at midfield it'll be fourth down in about five yards to go the pass is complete my Oliver and of course if you're North everything is working for him the night well we see there we see their kicker coming on and he's not exactly squinting out there your arrogance last time he was out there Rodriguez number ten coming on cuts around didn't he exactly watching the replay dear though and the one thing about the backup quarterback Oliver and he even he looks to be as good at passing as in terms of his passing skills as his dinkar that's right Mike Oliver as a junior 6-2 180 so the future looks bright in North Taurus is they'll take a timeout with 128 left to go in the third quarter with a comfortable 41 to 14 lead so good news is as Aaron Belton is okay if we got rocked around and that is good news because that's what we always want to see at the end of these contests for both teams but all these young men will walk off the field injury free you know football is the contacts more you're gonna get some bumps and bruises that comes into territory but you want to see these guys be able to walk out of here and go have some fun or whatever they do and get ready for their weekend just like we do ours Karen Rodriguez back in punt formation he'll be kicking – Damian bell Bell back around his own eight yard line got some pressure and Bell picks the ball up trying to get some yardage back to keep the pressure off of his office gets a few yards back with 119 left to go in the third quarter it'll be first and ten from the we'll call it what the 9 yard line not the 9 yard line and let's take a moment again to give the Lawndale crowd a lot of a lot of credit I mean you know I mean they've been out here on that grain of his homecoming and it's been a good crowd boy it's a nice full house they're enjoying the festivities of course they'd rather be up and down it was proud of when I tell you what they've not bailed out on their team not by a little bit and you know they're having a great time as we see a crowd shot and I think that speaks volumes for Lawndale fans and you know what it just keeps getting better and better as Raphael King is split lying to the nearside man in motion ball has handed off and got a bowl runner there that's got to be Carlton Callaway's he carries some Saxons with him to about the 15 yard line so it'll be about second down and four but yeah the the improvement at the athletic department is you can really really see that with terrific coaches like Mark Gomez and Alex Acosta absolutely you see the repo you just saw the replay so Calloway well over a hundred yards get six more has about a hundred and nineteen hundred and twenty yards on the night and another first down for the Cardinals well the Cardinals have shown that they've got the ability to move the ball and to move it effectively but they've not shown now for a couple of seasons is their ability to stop someone defensively and until they can do that I mean they've got half the formula down but the formula has two parts to it Gilson Cuevas trying to bull his way down into the end zone and got his chops in there and it's down to the 40 yard line after Gelson Cuevas gained 10 yards actually that was Callaway to carry right but I was talking about the play this play was Callaway bullying his way in and he gets to the 40 yard line inside of Saxon territory with 13 seconds left to go in the third quarter well not only that then what Callaway get was now he's the running back and you expect him to take the hit as he was going out of bounds he decided to take out a love frustration of his own and instead of taking the hit he put the hit on Trent great the defender so 30 yard carry by Callaway and Belton trying to go for it all and under through it just a bit yamaguchi almost intercepted that ball markeith conscious was the intended receiver let's go down to Jill okay so it's second down in ten and one of the adjustments that they've got to make or the quarterback with one and make is that on his passes to to Markieff conscious he's got the height advantage you've got to make it a jump ball I mean Yamaguchi doesn't have a chance on the jump ball on there with conscious but if you're laying the ball and he's laying the ball in there the problem is this as it comes down that gives a defender a chance all right let's go down to Jill Lou as I was saying October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it's very special for one North Torrance Saxton Titan Vijay Harrington is dedicating this season to his mother Debbie who is battling breast cancer as you can see in this photograph he has the breast cancer awareness symbol and her initials tattooed on his right arm she has been his biggest supporter and has not missed one of his games in eight years so he said this is the least he could do to bring awareness and give her back some of the support that she has given him all these thanks Jill and cancer awareness and research and the battling cancer keeping everybody's spirits up is very important in my house indeed and we do wish Debby Harrington and her battle against breast cancer who is going undergoing treatment for a third time definitely on the channel 22 prayer train I I second that Lou I'm not sure there's a family in America that hasn't had someone fall victim to cancer the most insidious disease I believe known to mankind got that right also Carlton Callaway's mother is battling breast cancer as well so we wish her well – as Carlton is running he not only running for his mom but also grandpa who recently passed away from cancer in his 70s boy what a terrific guy he was remember him last year absolutely he was the life of the party so a big fourth down play as Carlton Calloway games three more yards well it's fourth and two and right it's a big fourth down play fortunately is fourth in short which is almost money for these Cardinals Rochon told us a little bit earlier how coach Mark Gomez is formula is three three and three and right now they only need two and considering that he's got his start it's going against the second unit of North they shouldn't be able to pick these two up give it to Callaway and every bough stack it up and let's see the North defense has something to show – it doesn't let's see where the spot the ball because Callaway did have some forward progress and the spot is gonna be very very important well the spot goes the other way they're going to say that he didn't get it that's the indication so it's gonna go over on downs to the Saxons of North so just when would it could have used at least a score I mean well first of all not a score but to pick up the first down as they were advancing toward a score and now that start that starts to demoralize them as I look at the sideline just a little bit loo they starting to hang heads are starting to droop just a bit so gain of a yard for Callaway he was just short by a yard so at the 31 yard line for North 1107 left to go in the ballgame 41 to 14 Rafael king coming on to the field to join his pals at defensive end markeith conscious also there as well on the end so five men front and that one's gotta go against number 51 of the Saxons Tyler Taylor Meyer cuz he definitely jumped up first and the official agrees with you and that's what they'll do the Mac them up it's about – I have yards somebody agrees with me today more more often than you realize back to the 26 where it'll be first in 15 Oliver still bad back their quarterback hands the ball off to our mystery man number 45 but he's no mystery to the Cardinals is there getting to know him pretty good back there look like Niko Navarro I believe 45 in an earlier program you have is Ryan McDaniel okay Chris Chris McDaniels brother huh yeah all right good thing we have knowledgeable fans here at Lawndale so mr.

McDaniel gains the five yards back that they lost on the penalty but it'll be second tenth and Oliver gets hit by conscious and maybe gets a couple of yards or not well looks like they did they'll give him the benefit of one of two mark keep looking okay for a second there I'm sure coach Acosta's grabbed stopped just his mind deal wondering I mean again because not only as I say he's playing excellent football here has a 67 yard touchdown pass nearly had a second one pass reception I should say nearly had a second reception for a TD and what he still got a big basketball season ahead of him now playing that defense event spot look out the balls on the ground conscious has a chance to get the ball let's see who's got it sure it is Lawndale ball not quite sure of who in the crappier frighten mother Keith hey he had the first crack head but he had farther to go to get down to it and anybody else and I think one of the shorter guys actually beat him to it now let's see Gelson know this wasn't Gelson didn't really seesaw who had it but we didn't see his number and that was desmond hall picking it up so it's a 33 yard line 9 39 40 left to go and the running game is back in action for the cardinals a bit of a inspirational break there for the cardinals as they get the fumble recovery still watching jamal Fleming good blocking up front big block by kenny perez an 8 yard run [Music] so it'll be second – from the 26 Calaway Bulls his way towards the first down and the Cardinals this is good to see you see that they still have heart still they still got heart they still know what their plan is that their team is not built as a comeback team though they've get there they're the kind of team that has to get out front as a jump on you and they've got to score two or three touchdowns and get up by a couple of scores that's where they control the game well when they've got to fight going uphill as a running team that creates problems for them so first and ten from well we'll call it the 19 yard line just inside the 20 a 7 yard gain for Callaway as belton hands the ball off on the misdirection play looks like that was Marcus man ago and believe that's the first time we've had a chance to call his name tonight number 9 man to go with the carry and he loses a couple so back to the 21 it'll be second and 12 Oscar Castillo leads the Cardinals out of the huddle split wine to the left Marquis Wellington or wheeling tonight should say the ball is pitched on the end around play and a good run back by Fleming excellent run by Fleming I like that look it's been it's kind of a loop play at the run where he runs behind the back that set up in the backfield that was Callaway set up in the backfield on the pitch to Fleming nice to a hole opens up and boy he takes advantage of it so it's third and four after the 18 yard gain by Fleming and that'll be at about the 12 yard line Conn just split wide to the rights belton hands out to fleming gets around one man and Harrington with the tackle not strung out on the flavor Gooden couldn't get turned north/south a lot of east/west and the longer you're running east-west the more time you're giving the defense to bear down on you as a post if you're going north/south you already past the first line and now you can usually to find yourself in the defensive backfield before a defender has a chance at you so a four yard loss it'll be fourth down and seven yards to go you're in four down territory now six minutes and seven seconds clock running it's a no-brainer here no no no well you're you know first of all you have nothing to lose at this point by going for it anyway Belson pitching the ball and good defense on the coverage as Carlton Callaway couldn't go anywhere because all over him was Brendan Tobias Tobias red to play well looks like they I'm gonna guess here by but by the changes the substitutions that are coming on and off that they're gonna maybe attempt a field goal attempt a field goal here well it should be first and 10 for the Saxon oh I'm sorry okay I'm sure the Cardinals would love to try a field goal but it's first and ten from the 25 yard line loss all the way back there I think that's that mystery down they got lost earlier when we thought it should have been the second down on the holding penalty that sure as heck wasn't an even upper for this side they gained another down but an illegal procedure a false start makes it first and 15 from the 20 well once you're a sign that the they can just about tell that that the that the team has I won't say packet in but decided guys we need to start looking forward to next week is when you started to see the assistant coaches getting out of the heading out of the booth help me add Desmond Hall Devon Damien Bartlett and Tarek Lewis all ganging up on Ethan Smith to make a good defensive play and another loss on the play of five yards just all the way back to the 16 yard line so a four yard loss and just to make the point I was talking about earlier knew about the number of points that they've given up defensively as it stands right now the Cardinals have given up 41 points in this game they had given up 150 I'm an in that means that they've given up 200 on this season of course they'll fall to oh and two in Pioneer League play four and three overall conversely North has given up 14 points tonight with the 88 earlier just a hundred and two on the season so again what you're seeing what you're seeing is the difference in defense I'm sorry 420 left to go in the ballgame and it is third down and long about 18 yards to go and the Cardinal defense is really showing a lot of heart here part here as we go down to rashon no introduction londo high school class of 2008 Calvin Rutledge how's it going my man they're doing good so you up at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo now right how's things going out there great environment are you adjusting to football on the next level everybody's bigger so me being smaller lifting a lot cuz I'm redshirting and everything and um I mean it's fun you gotta love it soon I wasn't that the atmosphere out there the city around it you kind of getting adjusted pretty well yeah I mean everybody gives love it's one big town it's like one big family you didn't know you played football they're all rooting for you and it's real close its homecoming tonight you coming back I just think about your boys out here tonight disappointed I mean I wanted to see him win but I mean I think I mean I think they can execute a little bit better but I mean Gomez I mean I'm rooting for him hey Shawn can you look can you let Kelvin relish I'm talking about averages are there Onis earlier on in the game guys this guy was pretty good averaged 17 yards a carry last year as a senior right here for Lawndale Lou Rufus ever Shawn if you can still hear us Rufus wanted to ask mr.

Rutledge a question through you well what I wanted to let him know that actually I'll be up to see them in two weeks as my alma mater North Carolina Central University takes on Cal Poly San Luis Obispo we're gonna get you things are gonna walk all over you well III wouldn't be surprised but we're still gonna show up on November 8th ok ask the question now what's the question tell them to look for me I'll see them there I'll see them up there ok no problem ok I was gonna say you're gonna you're gonna treat him to something but you can't exactly that's a violation we can't do that so it's a timeout for the Cardinals good to see mr.

Rutledge and yep Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a terrific school for agriculture and architecture and all sorts of good stuff and not too bad of a broadcasting school up there as I know that know some guy that does play-by-play on channel 22 sports attended there now for a little while okay and Mustang David Kerley now working with ABC News in Washington and I tell you what it's a great school a great area a lot of people that go to school in San Luis Obispo stay okay well and as I said in all seriousness I'm heading up there on November 8th we're gonna stop off at one of the local establishments local establishments along the way in solving and but we're gonna make a whole day of it's gonna be a great trip I'm taking about 50 people the only gonna stay for a day I think that's all I can afford to stay well you got to go to the Madonna Inn just to visit the restroom at the gas station I've been to the Madonna Inn on more than one occasion okay all right if you have a chance to have dinner don't forget the is I think it's called the stagecoach okay all right 41 to 14 is the score 3:05 left to go in the ball game and boy they used to have some terrific places downtown that's for sure on the 5-yard gain will be second five or the score in that one of those things you call an anagram where it's the same thing backwards and forwards or something that's right at 4114 and the ball was carried on that play by Jamal Flemming gets close to a first down and we'll get to see if it is a first down or not and we'll go down to Jill Montgomery after that yes it is called the first down by Jay Bell Sean let's go down to Jill thanks Lou well most team mascots are very recognizable Cougars Eagles bears but not very many people know that the North Torrance mascot is a Saxon what is it you ask but goes back to the olden days of all the torrent schools when their mascots were named after any fighting entity Torrance high has the Tartars South Torrance are the Spartans and west torrents are the Warriors so North wanted to keep it in the family so they adopted the Saxon which is an Old English Viking and it has stood until this day back up to you alright thank you very much Jill and Carlton Calloway with a 7 yard game well she's calling you old man I mean North was just open back in the 60s as you're saying so and for sure in the 60s I know you were around my grandmother told me about the sixties we're talking about Carlton Callaway is one man away from breaking to the hizzy but he gets across the 30-yard line to the 26 and another Cardinal first down there racking up the first downs or racking up the yardage but they have not racked up the points tonight well mercifully there's I a minute and 40 seconds left in this one homecoming 2008 wasn't to be boy I guess we've been a bad luck charm this is this is to homecomings in a row that we've seen go against the home team Fleming with the ball Fleming going around the right end Fleming trying to get around one man to go but looks like he has close to another first down clock will stop the Moody changes we've got a minute 19 left now and of course one of the things they'd love to do I mean obviously they'd like to get a score here what it represents us positive momentum going into practice next week and preparing them for their next contest we may as well talk about that in the moment so you find out who a flag thrown as Carlton Calloway on first and ten from the 12 yard line and that's usually a hold when the flag is thrown on that neck of the woods tell you those fellas throwing the flags there you're doing it with authority guys better duck and they all threw Matt the same time and they going backwards a bit with one minute left to go in the ballgame 41 to 14 in favor of North High School an illegal block well of course with the result with the results of tonight's contest north will raised their record to seven and no two-and-oh in Pioneer League competition Lawndale will drop to four and three only two in league competition of course the other schools in the league El Segundo Torrance South and Santino they were contestant against one another we at this time don't have the outcome of those results next week though the Cardinals will in fact host torrents again before they go on the road in two weeks to El Segundo and they'll close out the season hosting Centennial here at home now the chain gang has to dip something into Kool Aid but there's 40 seconds left about 41 seconds left and as the was turned over on downs I should say so maybe I was dipping in the kool-aid a little bit there Jane gang they didn't know where to go they're going down here over there they almost went up over there to rosecrans exactly well I said you know this is another one of those contests the second one we've seen where the score yeah although it's a huge margin of defeat 27 points for the Cardinals it actually still is deceptive nonetheless because at one point it was a six-point ball game at 13 to 7 then all of a sudden you know it broke loose against the Cardinals in favor of North and the final result ends up being a 4114 score for North but you know when we come to these games every week and I got to tell you coming in here tonight didn't know a lot about the nacre care but I'm telling you we're leaving out tonight we know a lot about the bigger kid and clearly expected that one day we'll see this guy playing in the next level oh yeah we're gonna see him definitely play on Saturdays next if not next year a couple of years after that at a bigger program as well I'm sure that a lot of people are looking forward to him is after a hard-fought game everybody gets together at midfield and shakes hands good job and good luck 41 to 14 as a final score the North Saxons really earned this one but it was in the first half where they wanted when the the last part of the first half where was it touchdown from scored within two minutes after a couple of turnovers touchdown touchdown for the senior Wow it was something else that's for sure and again the final score not really indicative of how the Cardinals played or how well they played and it was the the North Saxons really did take advantage of the mistakes that the Cardinals made in the first half 41 for teams the final score here at homecoming in Lawndale high school we'll be back right after this on the Friday night game of the week 41 14 the final score here at Lawndale high school alone coming let's go down to Jill Montgomery with the winning coach with the scrambling ability he found some guys downfield you know he did a nice job your defense put this kids to a very good running team are you happy with how they played tonight yeah except for the one big play and then early in the first half you know other than that they were solid and you know you only see the offense once a year so it takes a while that used to him but you know they they fought hard and they did a good job all night everybody's talking next week the big matchup tough el segundo team what do you do in preparation to get ready for next Friday I just what we've been doing all year just you know keeping it simple and working on the basics and still just coming together as a team and trying to improve ourselves thanks coach congratulations okay Lou back up to you all right thank you very much Jill a good job and congratulations to head coach Todd Croce his team now improves to seven and overall and two and O in Pioneer League action and a game for first place the biggest game of the year for both north and el segundo let's go take another break and we'll come back with some stats right after this on the Friday night game of the week 41 to 14 is the final score here in Lawndale high school on Homecoming and rashon Haylock has mark gomez of the Cardinals the head coach and really it wasn't a score was not indicative of the game that the Cardinals played rashon what you got pretty much the first half I like to be quite honest with you I thought we showed a good effort against the superior team I think it's really that simple we kind of knew what we had up against us I mean number seven from North BJ Decker was a hell of a quarterback and we knew we knew we had our hands full on the defensive side of the football but I was kind of telling the kids at halftime it's not as bad as it seems but we're just were too many penalties to me to costly mistakes on the offensive end I mean you could see us drive drive drive job install and then you know second time I got the ball drive job job installing and we knew that we can move the ball but the issue is we got you know penalty here blocking back there miss block here and there again costly costly things that would just put us in holes that we can't just dig ourselves out of on a defense side of the football I mean you're just trying to do our best against a quality quarterback in the offensive offensive unit I know the physicalness of your team was a concern thought you guys are pretty physical tonight obviously like you said it was the the mental Harris the mistakes how do you correct those things it just is just looking at film looking at looking at what we did wrong mentally and just fix it fixing it is it's it's it's fairly it's fairly simple I was telling the guys earlier it's just it's over and over again I'm just trying to drill them what they need to do you know on the defense inside the football and off the side of football this miss block cost us this many yards and did you know this and that I mean again I was kind of telling the boys right at the end there we had a real good effort and but then it was just bad timing against I guess a really superior team so I know I know they're down because especially because the fact is a homecoming but we had a good effort and I'm proud of part of the fact that we we did really well and we really stepped up I didn't like physical you know physical wise we were there we just made some cost mistakes defensively we got some really bad calls in the second half I was not pleased at all I mean but you know what can you say we just don't get to call sometimes there's a silver lining there was that that touchdown pass from Aaron tomorrow Keith is that something maybe we can see and as I give you maybe a little bit more confidence in the passing game absolutely it's just it's just a matter of do we have confidence and markeith again practice wise it's not quite happening but you have to take your shots with him because he's a hell of a talent and we were taking shots sometimes it was just a little bit off in terms of the coverage and we didn't see what we liked but we threw it anyways but you know everyone sees what we see and then I'll be taking shots here and there with number one most definitely most deadly number five he's growing it more as a quarterback as well so the mesh of those two together you know it's all that stuff happens in practice but you'll see more of that coming and last thing for you coach it's not gonna get any easier you went to put against a tough North team tonight next week you got Torrance how do you begin to start preparing for them hopefully the the physical nature that we had this this Friday we'll carry on over the week taking away costly mental mistakes and it's just a lot of it from my perspective is looking at in a film taking what we learn from the film room and translate that to it to to the field you know practice wise we just have to way more discipline on defense hold their blocks on offense you know the tax thing was a lot better I'm a lot more pleased with the tackling on a deep inside of football and that's what we were lacking the last two weeks and you know as hard as it feels for them because it is a homecoming in it is a it is a game but they really wanted there's improvement and we just got to keep on improving keep on proving keep improving and just keep fighting hey thanks a lot coach I appreciate the time that's coach Mark Gomez Lawndale fallen here tonight it's Homecoming but the Cardinal stuff for their first home loss of this season next week as coach this mentioned it's the torrent start ours and while they're a little bit short-handed Michael Andrews our star tailback has been expelled from school so the tar dollars will have some things that you're trying to work on offensively hopefully Lawndale can capitalize on that a little bit next week when they host Torrance Torrance of course the defending Pioneer League champions guys all right thank you very much for Sean hey Locke terrific job all night long and Mark Gomez has some work to do with his Cardinals and what just just a few mistakes but that North team is so good and so well coached have had that program in place for nine years and they really know how to get it done they certainly do it and they've got some good athletes and they've got an excellent quarterback again Lawndale offensively even though you only saw 14 points I know they can score they're challenged continues to be and this is a carryover from last year's Pioneer League season is on the defensive side of the football and until they tighten that up it's gonna be a long season unofficially the Cardinals had 16 first downs and as Rufus was saying earlier in the game going from in between the 30-yard lines they were terrific is Carlton Callaway led the way with 30 carries unofficially 183 yards on the ground the only touchdown actually the touchdown was by on the pass to mark Keith conscious and also a touchdown for the Cardinals as well by I believe it was Jamal Fleming on an eight yard run late in the in the game that may have gave that eight yards that Jamal Fleming dead took called because he say that called for 191 and parents usually keep up with their kids that's pretty close true but he might he might have missed that with not that's right there's no a great night for Carlton Calloway I mean we talked about it before and as we heard his dad tells me he's got options in front of a number of different schools talking to it he also is an excellent quarter but I mean not quarterback but athlete and an excellent running back you talk you call him the little bull I tell you he certainly is that and I think he's another kid you can expect the see play at the next level he's the big bowl or the little bull is a ray ray Westbrook across town that's that's our little Bowl the big bull Carlton Calloway leading the way tonight for the Cardinals leading the way for the North High Saxons was BJ Denker six count him six touchdown passes tonight here at Cardinal field and he was 15 out of 23 for 261 yards and six touchdowns three of them to brendham Iguchi ran Yamaguchi was one of his guys the other one was Kapil who caught a couple of them himself he just spread the ball around but you know and and and he accomplished it by one as I said his footwork is just excellent staying out of you know creating a time to throw and then he's an excellent left-handed passer I mean it reminds you a lot of Steve yo when you talk about guys who are left-handed and he throws a bullet I mean nothing that he threw was a wobbly pass you better probably had close to 40 yards on the ground as well most of that was in the second half when the Cardinal defense was we're trying to chase him down and remember where Sean was saying that the Cardinal defense was gonna be on the attack trying to pound on Denker a little more but they just couldn't catch him exactly and and and they did you exactly right they did what Coach Gomez said they would do and that's put more pressure on him and all the yard markers all he did was run away from the pressure I mean you saw him bring it we saw him come this way on one particular play I mean the speed absolutely was astounding all right well it's time to put a bow on homecoming and see Home Coming there we go all right what do you think here well we to clear the game for the Cardinals as a starting point before we get out of here of course from the looks of it and from the statute gave I think that's pretty simple choice tonight Carlton Callaway is our channel 22 Sports Friday night game of the week player of the game and of course BJ Denker is the player of the game for North High School with six touchdown passes tonight now it's a boat all right fella what do you think it's right here on the hat we're gonna give him a hat for homecoming well for the channel 22 sports crew Jill Montgomery rashon hey Locke I'm a pal Rufus Washington this is Lou Stowers saying once again the final score from Lawndale high school the Cardinals fall to the Saxons 41 to 14 until next time so long [Music] [Music] you.

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