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Father's Day Workout FT. Zen Heria | 2020

what's up welcome to another video it's Chris area and I have my son Zen Harriette and we're just warming up for our traditional Father's Day workout yeah every hero we do Father's Day work out my god that's right we're right about to get started for this year's Father's Day workout and this year my son has chosen the workout he's actually gonna be putting me through his workout routine right son yep excellent so what workout do you have for us today all right sounds good I'm ready to get started what's the first exercise alright and when we do push-ups what muscle groups are we activating sounds good so we're ready to get started and everyone else watching feel free to follow along with us grab your dad grab your son or grab the father or kid in your life and let's get this routine started alright so who's gonna go first meet are you all right let's go for it ready Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot Rock Paper Scissors shoot our Heights you got me alright so what do you want to go first a second alright so my son is first we're gonna get in to some weighted push-ups partner style oh alright perfect so get down on the ground into a push-up position and for my son he wanted to partner stop push-ups so I'm gonna help him put some weight on his push-ups go for it add some more resistance get him stronger in these push-ups I'm pushing down with my hand and he I couldn't really feel he's pushing it you go a little lower son last one alright alright so now my turn you're gonna put some weight on my push-ups okay so you're gonna go ahead lay down on my back there you go all right you ready safe let's go how many should I go for I'll go for 10 mm sounds getting getting heavier getting older man I'm proud of you all right so we got push-ups out the way which is chest and I triceps we're gonna move into the next muscle and the next exercise excellent so proud of you son so get down on the ground we're gonna keep it partner stop we're gonna help each other work out okay so you're gonna go up in the leg raise and then I'm gonna push it down make it harder I'm gonna add some more resistance exactly make these a lot more tough are these pretty tough all right last two one two all right you're good here no feel excellent now you're gonna help me with these leg raises all right so I'm gonna get down into a laying position and now you're gonna push my legs down make it push as hard as you want okay all right here we go three two one I'm gonna go for ten harder you push harder there you go throw throw dad's legs down there you go there you go good job son is this a workout for me are you okay you got it all right excellent so there we have abs we'll go on to the next exercise what do we got all right I'm ready to get started let's go ahead and take the position so you can go ahead for it and start first nice back alright you got it keep going nice before it's done you got it I won't work all right it's a good old-fashioned burpees so how you doing Sonny hanging in there yeah all right my sons n is of B so we're gonna go ahead and keep moving on of course if you need a second take a break catch your breath go ahead and do so all right so let's go ahead and get into a plank position you face me so you plank I'm gonna keep this partner's style right so I'm gonna come over give you a high five other side here we have five let's go for 20 and the reason why you want to do partner style is because I'm counting on you and you're counting on me so we don't give up right yeah you can do it I can do it if I can do it you can do it so don't give up you got this five one three two one turn into a beast Zen excellent all right so we're good we're almost there working on every muscle in our body and now we're gonna be moving on to the next muscle group the next exercise what do we have it's true that is one of my favorite exercises are you ready for some handstand push-ups all right so we're gonna continue this partner style I'm gonna go ahead and give you a helping hand and help you do your handstand push-ups so you're going first let's get into a push-up position you're gonna kick up I'm gonna catch your feet all right here we go all right now go straight down always leaning forward there you go there you go keep your form straight leaning forward one two all right bring one hand down and you got it that's really good super proud of you that's tough alright I'm gonna go for mine now and you're gonna help dad by counting for me okay [Music] [Music] there we go thank you son here we go tenth handstand push-ups with the help of my son let's move into the next exercise if you're ready alright so the next exercise I got you so once you go ahead lay down on the floor get into position I'll put my foot here so you don't slide forward grab my hands you're gonna go ahead for some Australian pull-ups awesome let's go you got this son keep it going there you go there you go come on you can do two more one more pull as hard as you can all the way to the top mmm here we go some rows are gonna keep your body straight okay here we go one two three four five six thanks son seven eight nine good ten all the last one excellent excellent alright we're almost through this workout routine that's right so we're getting to the last exercise of course we're gonna keep this partner style I'm gonna help you go down to your pistol squats are you gonna take my hands you clean one leg up and all your weight on the other foot I'm gonna go straight down use my hands to help you come up and down get back down good there you go there you go two more all right let's switch legs that's very good now we're using my arms use your arms stand up straight when you get to the top three two and one that's it all right excellent so now it's my turn oh we've completed this routine okay amuse your shoulder right there you got me I'm sure you're strong thank you son go ahead switch the leg all right last one all right we did it so there you have it another father's day workout down another years gone by pretty soon you're gonna be doing push-ups with me on your back so thank you so much son I love you so much happy Father's Day happy Father's Day to everybody out there hope you enjoyed the routine and of course you can go ahead and keep this going let's do another three rounds we're gonna get a solid workout in and again thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed the video definitely smash that like button leave a comment down below let us know what you want the next video to be about if you want then to come back around leave a comment down below and share this video with a friend or your dad or your son and let's get the workout started and if you haven't already make sure you subscribe because we post every single Sunday a p.


you will say eastern time and a few comment within the first thirty minutes you always have a chance to win some free gear and for more of my content during the week make sure you follow me on Instagram almost every single post I always do some type of giveaway and with that said happy Father's Day to everyone after you see you next Sunday mad dog pizza.

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