EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

all right check it out guys this Trevor James we are with mr.

taster we are in Tehran Iran in a local morning market and today comida is bringing us for a full on food adventure yeah we're gonna go to tiger's paws are full cup of Persian sandwiches today yeah check it out this is part three of nine of our ultimate Iran food adventure series and today we're going full-on for seven insanely unique Persian delicacies with mr.

taster including getting invited into the back kitchen and the Bob Pitt of one of the best restaurants in Tehran so make sure to watch all the way until the end to discover them all with us huge thanks to mr.

taster and to Ali from come to Persia calm for arranging this whole trip let's eat tastier mobile today cooler a 1972 Mini wider working Wow this market is busy yes move it oh let's go to 17 they got Halim and ostrich – Salam Salam hey kocha Shelley Madden we got ostrich a lentil and noodle Persian herbs dude right there oh and yogurt and what's this here the green this mint mint yeah look at this that's the famous poem is a poem is a that's the famous Persian noodle stew for the world noodle – look at this rapid fire we got herbal noodles chickpeas we got curd going on masha'Allah Wow ash rest a persian noodle stew yeah so we've got this another tight I'll show the valonqar ash relay mint and then this is the Halim the wheats do and he's topping the Halim with brown sugar white sugar and sesame and it goes right out to the hungry locals wow you can get it to go it's a big scoop Wow look at all the onions on there the whole schmear say it's delicious [Music] so here is the breakfast specialty yes the Halim right honey yeah which is a wheat and beef stew exactly he's topped it with brown sugar sesame and sugar regular sugar yeah it's got more making it more pure more baby before and then we've got the ash rustic yet which is the Persian herb noodle and the mint on top yes I'm Kurt and Kurt yeah and this is astronaut valonqar and also local employees really Fame really yeah this is the Emperor is I King yeah it smells like a breakfast cinnamon cereal sweet it's in cinnamony yeah and beefy and here's the ash resting Wow you can see that mint oil and the curd and the fried onion and the noodle of course let's try it out Oh chickpeas and beans and curd and sweet onion noodle it's really minty yeah that's unique la Hache la la may I see hail a harsh Moses and next up mister taster is bringing us for the ultimate Persian sweet bread soaked with date syrup and cooking the biggest hand or non oven you'll ever see will be going for we call it Luna Vandy noon Gandhi yeah look at all the spices Wow super cool you likey renting this market is so cool it is and we've got these sugar beets over here red bean for rings yeah and here it is it's like a cave I'm so low that is the biggest tandoor I've ever seen Wow so this is whole wheat yeah and what I love about Iran is how there's hundreds of varieties of bread yeah and he's just starting to make the bread so it's a whole wheat with sugar that is the true art to get it into those perfect round balls oh and we're just turning up the play and I've never seen a bigger tandoor I've been in my life that is a cave Wow and they get really big you can see all the sesame on there and look at the paddle look how big that is and it's going on the paddle mr.

taster there is turtle bringing my hair Wow look at the size of that good luck to the heroes the here s the king of bread yeah the king of Nova oh and there it isn't that amazing – the man you can smell the sweetness of the dates yeah the wholesome whole we do look a lot is a Noongar kind of bread here yeah this is bangali cake it's got one last it's got dates in it and this is cake Yazdi cake ESD how would you normally eat this like this you just bring it up here let me take something you can really taste it down all year it's like a sweet what's gonna that is one of the tastiest breads I've ever eaten yeah buckless a cake you look at that there's walnuts State sesame in a thick heavy bread you can just take a bite out of the that's thick there yeah sugar that makes it delicious merci merci thank you and next up mr.

taster is bringing us deeper into the market to go for the buttery is tomato coupie de wrap in the world extreme butter and lamb juice Oh fresh honey right from the comb Wow look at all the spices here oh and mountains of saffron and dates Wow it's all here you got chilies and tomatoes and all the fresh fruit you could dream up with lots of food and look at the saffron mountain Pinzon stop and look at all these spices here buddy so much look at this spice mountain and look at the unique art all over the walls here at this morning market and now we're gonna go for kebab and local Cuban ain't ya Salam follow me when I was Saran we've got water here the bread going inside Wow the kakou be there and chicken kebab look at it just soaked up the butter koobideh onion parsley water tomorrow look at look at this mouth and the butter just melting oh and there it is we're adding the more tomatoes and butter look at that never seen that before so many tomatoes and butter and they just get sliced up into the juice and that butter is gonna melt and go with these cuvee day and he's just adding koobideh into the buttery tomato a goodness and those are gonna be added with the Persian rattle look at the butter on there that is what it's all about Wow we're just soaking that in the butter poach my zester that is unlike anything I've ever seen nothing is that and there it is look covered in tomato and dirt and there it is oh my goodness it's so sloppy and buttery oh-ho-ho that is the sloppiest most buttery juicy looking lovely tomato we a sloppy wrap I've ever seen here with koobideh yeah and it's full of the onion with rice yeah let's try it up Wow my face on top will be there like this yeah right there yeah not is so buttery mm-hmm so delicious this right here it's worth coming to Toronto yeah buttery Moneta wrong only in there oh man the best of the best of the best only in Durant yes see this is super delicious and we're gonna keep going and next up mr.

taster is bringing us to the ultimate barbecue kebab platter and lamb shoulder restaurant in Tehran and going into the kitchen to see how it's all made and this looks beautiful what's up next it's a pressure is strong we're gonna have the lamb shank yeah yeah copied on orbit is the chef of this restaurant and his really good singer I see already cut up is the owner of restaurant the fireman this is chicken kebab this is Phillip kebab and this is shish kebab coming tomorrow so cruise I don't know [Music] and that's the technique right there yeah that's the crispy rice from the bottom soaked in Saffron how is that oh and what's this here it's lime shine cooked in oil yeah Wow look at the big chunk of a broad bean bill rice yes it's called the well honey pulao Baha Khalifa la so we got the braod bean yellow rice exactly the regular Persian rice rice the lamb shoulder linka and onion we got that oh and here's sapphire here yeah and barbary Barbara's and then we're adding on the crispy saffron rice from the bottom of your hand right oh and what's this this is a special sauce and look at that butter water more water wow that looks delicious oh and we're adding even more this is the onion tomato sauce yeah thank you and what's this here we call it stop you've done all of it so happy time I make sauce yeah right out to the seating area and this is the kebab platter yeah wow that is incredible we got the Cuvier the chicks kabob shish kebab oh and then this is the best part my favorite spot the grilled tomatoes yeah covered in saffron butter look at those oh and this is ours here look at that Persian meat merci in the secret the copy down a bed fast [Laughter] wow what a beautiful sight so we got the chicken in Saffron yeah we got the box above back to Bob which is leaner yeah right yeah exactly we got the shish kebab kebab we call it sleek sleek I know you know the tomatoes those look really good lamb in it we've got chicken chicken leg we've got COO be dead and tatty i'm barberries and barberries fried chicken the coupie day is in the back here there it's like a hidden Ruby day and then this is what I'm really looking for is right here for the shoulder there's a special sauce on top which is saffron butter and came on Shahi oil also tomato with onion sauce as well with a special Persian resurrection rods we're gonna pour the tomato onion sauce or a bit of both he is rapping right right which is bajalia polo well and the tardy go on top and they've also given us a plate of the tagine upside down Rory's rice with saffron on the bottom and I'm gonna take some of that tadig with the rice tomato sauce and the Meads this is the best food the best meal in Iran oh and this is the herbal deal with dried bean rice and butter – what I love about this is how soft and righteous yeah let's go for shish kabob shish kebab oh yes capitana veggies yeah ready yeah everything you need are you custody Fatiha it's making it more delicious this remind you of your home or your yeah because it is for my shop so if you miss home you can come eat all of this yeah and that meat right there it's so tender okay it just falls off the bone and now I'm gonna try that too cheap [Music] wow what an amazing meal yeah we've got a big group of friends with us we're gonna finish all this food and next up we're going for perhaps the most buttery kebab bowl in the world get ready for the extremely juicy koobideh butter bowl with bricks of butter it's my restaurant Archie did so it's kebab in a bowl yeah the kebab where you really we're over here koobideh yakoobi did Wow he's the king of the kebab kebab here it's like walking into a kebab production line yeah smoky grilled tomatoes the coup bday the best kebabs in Iran juicy and tender you're walking into a butter factory yeah it's so much and you can see the butter just melting you just got that tandoori smell optional extra butter as a gift oh one more prayer Wow so we've got to be the sesame tomato and the green and a green pepper and Phyllis kebab we normally take the bread they take the bread yeah put the kebab inside oh yeah some COO be there for you and I'm just gonna cover it Oh Persian butter Persian so much more let's go [Music] Oh can they go get it and this kebab is more famous inaudible my dad came from ID bill is well already yeah see dad's hometown meat exactly [Music] oh you can really just mix it in there really good [Music] [Laughter] thank you wow that was honestly some of the best meat I've ever eaten super delicious merci thank you that was really delicious Wow people are so friendly here and next up for a midday snack mister taster is bringing us to try the ultimate Persian energy drink made with the longest list of fruits and spices and one of the most unique drinks that you'll never trouble next up we're just exploring the streets of Tehran yeah going for the majoun my tune yeah Salaam Salaam this is the smoothie station and here's the fresh batch look at that banana vanilla saffron ice cream vanilla oh what's this date juice and coffee Coco is so unique cinnamon banana sauce there's so many ingredients in here coconut powder oh wow and what's this for hours mohammadi granola sesame opus Tashi oh there is so much going in here rosewater Oh Africa that is a full-on Persian maroon energy drink one more saffron ice cream oh thank you looks amazing so this song oh oh it's so unique in the flower yes that's the mohammadi flower Oh mixing right there it's the best smoothie you'll ever thank you it's so nice thank you bye bye and last up to finish up the night mister taster is bringing us to try classic Persian sandwiches from his favorite sandwich joint in Teheran to finish up the night we're just driving through Tehran we're going for an extreme Persian sandwich and this is it right here yes so what should we get I think we should give one Olivia one frame and one tongue and bandagi Pandaria Zeppelin thank you going in to get the brain since there's the brain that's gold oh and this is the tongue here yeah v on beef tongue yeah so we got lamb brain beef tongue yep and is that beef sausage sausage and onions and isn't that a beautiful sight oh here we go Oh tongue delivery and then add tomato and pickle I'm because I'm part of the onion and part oh nice oh and here comes the brain that's the one I'm looking forward to trying look at that boy in the Bendery looks amazing and we're gonna get another sandwich yes we're gonna have the Olivia Olivia the Persian potato salad yeah and we got five Sanders sandwich inertia thunders version oh so long to treat oh yeah and there's the tongue just grilled in that oil they're boiling it before they throw yeah oh so it's really soft exactly [Music] nice soft and now we're gonna go for pandering I'm gonna write for the chili oh yeah my favorite part aside from the filling is the bread yeah it's really good it's good little smoky yeah spicy a little sweet from the onion and peppery and it's really good with the kids yeah everything with the parsley merci see you thank you can you tell them it's sandwiches are some of the best I've ever had yes on these Justin birthday no push my face on you jo-jo for that thank you thank you thank you thanks a lot mr.

taste there yeah that was an awesome day you guys can check out mr.

dot taster on Instagram in the description below also got to give a big thank you the peach girl Overland come to Peru calm if you guys are thinking of checking out Iran they put together this amazing show thanks a lot thank you.

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