Embarrassing Sports Fails Impossible To Stop Watching 👀 Ridiculousness

(audience laughs)- Look at him.

– That's the worst feelingto get him in the (beep) and have nine eight-year-oldsjust staring at you.

(all laughing) Yo, (beep) you! – Alright, this categoryis dedicated to people that have tried to mix sports, right? Tried to take two differentworlds and put 'em together, simply titled “Mixed Balls”.

Take a look.

(audience cheers) This should be good, seems safe enough.

(buzzer beeps)First to the ball, and first to the hospital.

(audience oohs) (Coby laughing)- He's out! – He knocked him out! – He's out!(audience oohs) (whistle trilling)- I thought we were going paddle to the face, andthen all of a sudden, they just whoop!(audience laughs) – [Rob] You got it, been there.

(body thuds)(audience oohs) – He had it, that's justunforced error right there, he had it.

– But at least he's got a helmet on.

(audience laughs)Okay, a little bit of golf and soccer, fore-skin! (all laughing) It's a fish, dunk, yeah! He's got a football helmeton, he's fishing, he's skiing, he's playing basketball.

(audience laughs) Oh no, oh no.

– Oh!- He was blindsided! – [Steelo] Yeah, he gotclipped from behind.

(whistle trills)- Is the logo on the t-shirt some like, burning balls or something? What is that?- Okay– – Balls On Fire, that'stheir team name, I think.

(audience laughs)- What? Where do you see this?- (chuckles) Look, look at– – It's the black— Where are you, how are you getting all this information?- It's the black jersey.

– Look at, that's (giggling)balls right there, what is it? (audience laughs) – What do you see here?- That looks like baby balls! – Okay, alright.

(audience laughs) (audience applause)Alright, Robbie, how methodic are you when it comes to putting your rampstogether and everything when you do a stunt? Like, how important is itfor you to go through it over and over to makesure everything's perfect? – It's probably the most important thing, but you know, over the last 10 years, I've definitely forgottento do my handle bars, I've forgotten to put bolts in the ramp, and consequently stuff goes wrong.

(audience laughs)- Everybody in this next category is notputting in the extra effort, and they should've.

We call it “Check The Specs”.

♪ Check yourself ♪ ♪ Don't wreck yourself ♪ – [Rob] I mean, this looks perfect to me.

(wood clacking)(audience oohs) Oh god, okay.

– He didn't use one nail.

(all laughing) – He like, placed everything together and sat it down, and “I think, I think it's gonna work.

” (Steelo laughing)(water splashes) It's a diving board, yay!(woman squeals) (audience oohs) Everything about it, fromthe idea that you're swimming in a wetsuit, “Someday, Sea World!” (all laugh) This looks like, totally stable.

♪ Check before I wreck it ♪(audience oohs) – [Rob] You got the(beep) end of the stick by being like, “Well, sure, I'll be the end.

” (all laughing)- Oh man.

– Okay, hold up, hold up, what are we building here? (all laugh)You've got a ladder that you carried your bike up, you're just an average boy in khakis, (all laugh)and you believe that you've created a ramp that's usable.

Let's give it all you've got, young man.

(wood crackling)Oh, oh, no, no.

(audience cheers) You did not check the specs, and now you need new teeth.

Okay Nate, a lot of people out there have a dream of being aprofessional basketball player.

– Right.

– Sterling's one.

– Don't come at me like that, alright? (audience laughs)- Okay, okay.

– I played basketball here and there.

– Here's the thing, Sterling is a prettyamazing basketball, right? – Thank you.

– He is.

Like, when we'd have partiesat the Fantasy Factory, you know, there'd be nothing going on, everybody's chilling, and he's like– – Rob, I don't do it like that.

(all laughing)I don't do it– – You know that guy, like, halfof it is just how it looks.

Like, “Man, this is hard.

“(all laughing) – No.

– You don't even follow through? You just be like, “Yeah, watch me, “? – But it didn't take himfar, you know what I mean? This next category is– (all laughing)- Now you say all of that, and you just (beep) on me at the end.

Like, “Yeah, Steelo'samazing, but not good enough.

” – I'll tell you what you're not, just like this nextcategory, “Not Robinsons”.

– I gotta sit next tohim the whole program now that you're dissing me? (all laughing)”Not Robinsons”.

Alright, cool.

– Oh my god, oh my god.

– Oh my god.

(truck clangs)(audience oohs) – I mean, that could be aseason ender right there.

– He just missed, he jumped.

– Oh, oh! (audience laughs)(basketball bounces) – You got it, you got it!- Okay, oh, okay, I gotta go back, (audience oohs) there's whole bunch ofstuff wrong with this.

(audience laughs)He has a mullet, (digital beeping)that's number one.

Secondly, he got on like, those Air Jesus sandals right there.

(all laughing) Like, you're not dunking nothing in those.

– You got it.

– Off the wall, alright– – Oh man, he's got it, oh!(all oohing) – Was that a scorpion?- I mean, that's a scorpion, man.

– Oh my god! (audience laughs)- I mean, look at him, look at him!(all laugh) (audience applause)(child yelling) – You got it.

– Hell yeah, that's my kind of kid screaming, my kid do that.

– You got it, get there! (child grunts)Nothing, okay.

(all laughing) – That was so cute, that was so cute! – Hiya!(all laughing) – You should never play basketball.

– I'm just saying that's more difficult than making the shot.

(all laughing) Here we go.

(buzzer beeps) Go, go, here it comes!- Come on, that's alright, get the next one.

– Here it comes, alright, go! Okay, alright, alright, we're good, we're good, boom goes the dynamite, okay, boom goes the dynamite, oh, boom, okay, boom goes the dynamite.

– No he's getting pissed.

– Alright, okay.

(all laughing) Okay, swish! Okay, alright, okay, have we started yet? Have we started yet? Swish! Alright, okay, start the clock now, okay, alright (sighs).

(buzzer beeps).

(all laugh)- Okay, okay, I wanna guarantee y'allhe got all white friends.

There ain't no way you can do this if you're hanging out with me, okay? – Look at his face, man.

– He wants to cry now.

– Look at him, man.

(all laugh) We feel bad for you, man, youdidn't make a single shot.

This whole next category isjust an educational piece for you, alright?(all laugh) To think about all these people right here are “Going Too Big”, take a look.

– [Nyjah] These are gonna be gnarly.

– I got this man, high speed forever! – Oh my!- Just not enough.

(audience oohs)(couch cast laughs) – [Rob] Now this is going big, get there! Get there!(man screaming) Not bad, oh!- Oh my god! – I'll tell you what, youcan get shot out of a rocket, make sure your net works.

Freedom! (all laughing) Next time, aim it towards the hospital.

(audience oohs) I'm attached to heaven!(all laugh) Man, I'm tethered to heaven! I'm tethered to heaven!- There you go.

– Oh boy.

– Wow! – Oh boy, you're good, bail out! Bail out!(audience oohs) (water splashes) – Wow!(audience laughs) That's my worst nightmare.

– Yeah, have you ever done this?- I'm afraid of heights and I can't swim, I would've died.

(all laughing) – Then this is, in fact, you're worst nightmare.

Like, “Oh my god, yousaid I wouldn't go high!” Then wham!(audience applause) Now, we touched on this a little bit.

– Okay?- Have you ever had a referee get in yourway when you were on your way to get the ball.

– I'm always on the outside, so I never got in their way.

There was one time whereone of our running backs went out for like, a little check down, and when he caught theball, he went to turn up, and the ref was right there.

He tried to elude him, but they almost kissed, like face-to-face, (all laugh) it was really bad.

– Well, look, this category is dedicatedto refs just being in the way or just really justbeing a nuisance, right? We call it “UnnecessaryRefness”, take a look.

(audience cheers)(peppy rock music) Coming across, coming across, we're good, excuse me, sir, boom!(audience oohs) – He tried to act invisible.

– Yeah, he literally tried to act invisible, “I'mnot here, run through me!” (audience oohs)Oh man, okay.

– [Coach] Get out the way, ref! – “Get out the way, ref!”(all laugh) The coach is pissed! (ball thuds)(audience oohs) – That counts, that counts!- That actually counts.

– That counts.

– And it counted, folks, from his face to the cross bar, buh-bam! (audience laughs)- Shout out to him, though, 'cause he still did hisjob, he's like, boop, “I got it, yeah, it'sgood, it's still good.

” – Ryan!(audience oohs) – Never volunteered again.

His hand instantly didthis, like his hand (beep).

(audience laughs)He did go (groans)! – [Steelo] Bruh, look at him! – That's the worst feelinggetting hit in the (beep) and have in eight-year-oldsjust starting at you.

(all laughing) – See him there!- Yo, what the (beep)? – He's holding his hand like— He took a knee! – Sir, are you gonna be alright? Are you gonna be alright?(all laughing) – To you, he never saida (beep) word to you! – Yes, he did, Wally.

– (beep), you got a chip on your (beep) shoulder?- Are you gonna question, no I don't, no.

– You got a, (beeping)! – No, I don't.

– Goddammit, you've had horse (beep) going all day.

(all laugh)- I wanna be a manager for a day just so I can do this.

– He never even looked at you!- You're being a poor sport, you're being a poor sport!- He never even (beep) looked at you.

– You're done, sir! – For what?- Get him out of here.

– What the (beep) did I just say? – I don't know, you just need to– – You mother (beep)!(all laughing) (beep)!- Wally– – No, this bull (beep), Inever said a goddamn word to the guy, you know it.

– “And you know it, ” tried to bring him into it.

(all laugh) – [Rob] Swing it out, oh, he'sgood, clean, oh check, okay.

(audience oohs) – And he fumbled.

– Oh, oh, oh! He hit him with the Kanye shrug, bruh! – That's terrible.

– He said, “Look, “(beep) happens.

“(all laughing) – Need to sign that refup, he's on the wrong side.

– Let's take a look at Sage'sslope-style snowboarding.

– Give me that.

(audience laughs) (fast-paced rock music) – Going, going, going, going! (audience oohs) Get it, get it!(audience cheers) (Rob cheers) You're a champion.

This category is filled with people that will never, ever be champions called “Totally Slopeless”.

(audience laughs) (“Turn Down For What”by DJ Snake & Lil Jon) ♪ Bartender ♪ ♪ Another round of shots ♪- Nothing like a beautiful day on Chiropractic Mountain.

♪ Turn down for what ♪Yeah, ah, ah! (audience oohs)(audience laughs) ♪ Turn down for what ♪Oh yeah, freak! (audience oohs) – Why is he dressed likea dalmatian though, like? – I think anything goes on thehill, you know what I mean? – Anything goes.

(all laughing) – [Rob] Backyard snowboarding! (audience oohs)- Full javelin! (audience laughs)- In a backyard with hardly any snow, it'sjust a, “I'm gonna beat “a pro-snow path.

“- There's no snow! – And then you just don't launch.

(boy grunts)(audience laughs) – You know you hit hard when your butt just ends up in the air like this.

(all laughing) ♪ Turn down for what ♪- I don't know what this is either, ay!(audience oohs) – Ooh my, I don't thinkthat's regulation size, man.

(all laughing)I don't think that's regulation size.

– I don't think it is, man.

And then what was he doinglaunching over to this one? And he just, no.

(audience oohs) – A piece of his life justwent away right there.

(audience laughs) – I don't care!(audience oohs) ♪ Turn down for what ♪ – We call that a tomahawk, or aka, your boy, Tommy Hawk.

(all laugh) ♪ Turn down for what ♪ – [Rob] I'm less of a snowboard guy and more of an avalanche guy.

(audience oohs) – Oh, there goes the femur!- Oh my god, he just keeps going on.

– Oh my! – Oh, he's good, he's good.

(audience laughs) Oh, oh, he's good.

– Ooh, he's good, he's good.

– At no point did it everlook like he was good enough to do this.

He was like, “Nah, put a helmet on me.

“Of course I can do this, “what do we call this? – You call this a badidea is what you call it.

(all laughing).

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