Driving the Beartooth Pass with a 5th Wheel! | Yellowstone National Park Road Trip | Travel USA

what's up and good morning guys so wejust got we just woke up we're out here at this free campground for the day andthere's Ricky so today I am going to be towing this 5th wheel which is a 30-foot5th wheel through the Beartooth pass and up into Yellowstone Park so this is myfirst time towing it somewhere like this it should be interestinghopefully make it in one piece I don't think it should be too too bad though aslong as it's the storm kind of stays at bay it's been raining but let's go dothis let's see how this works out pretty crazy not even at the top alright this is the top of the pass We made it to the top! we can hardly see 50 feet in front of us.

Holy shit look at that drop off Look at all this snow around us right now Just to let you know, it was 90 degrees 2 days ago Oh look its a ski lift! There's a snow mobile out there Oh shit there's people.

Oh my gosh skiers and snow boarders! A bunch of people they like camp up hereit looks like can't imagine doing that You can't even see anything alright so we just did like most of theBeartooth Pass I think we're about we're a little over halfway through itso we're below the altitude that is just completely covered in fog it was itwasn't too hard to drive but it was a little bit you definitely had to pay aton of attention both hands on the wheel the entire time but yeah so I justwanted to take a minute and stop here look at how look at how gorgeous is and just to give you guys a reference itis about it is about 70 degrees I believe at the base of this mountain andup here it's about 38 degrees so the temperature change was pretty insaneabout 11, 000 feet from the summit it's about 11, 000 feet so yeah thetemperature change was insane it was cruel it was just awesomethe coolest thing one of the coolest things I've ever done in my life whichdrives this 50-foot rig through the Beartooth pass so let's I'll see youguys at the base you can't see it extremely well but there's a grizzlyhanging out right there on the mountain probably about a hundred yards from us Look at that snow.

This is my first night in Yellowstone.

all right just made the old faithfulwe're on our way out of the park now so we had an awesome time you know so it'sabsolutely beautiful here trying to try to see the rest of the park as we go outso we're going to be making a bunch of stops along the way but yeah on our wayout of Yellowstone and towards Glacier National Park so let's let's do thisthing all right here's Old Faithful rightthere it's not going to blow up for anotherhour so we're probably just going to leave because once again underwhelmingthe big super touristy thing dive into so far not rushmore little satiablethey're just underwhelming but some of the cool places we've been here like Vlog ception number two it is flagged us to slow downguys walking in the middle of the road oh cool these guys are right next to us.

Hey guys, how's it goin.

what's up guys so we just finished ourride through Yellowstone we had an awesome time there's beautifulabsolutely gorgeous I highly recommend Yellowstone at least going there a bittouristy especially in during the on season which is like probably end of Mayall the way through September but right now we're going to camp in this Costcoparking lot and we are on our way to Glacier National Park so it's going tobe awesome there and you guys I hope you guys tag along follow along subscribe tomy channel if you haven't already and I'll see you in Glacier what's up guysso I have been in Billings Montana for about for about a week now been chillinwith my uncle in my aunt and they really hooked us up with food and a coupleother things so yeah they really really helped us out they saved us a lot ofmoney we stayed there for a whole week and they basically took care ofeverything so that was awesome of them shoutout to Joe and Janet I love youguys.

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