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Dame Kelly Holmes – Abs and Core workout for Saga's #notgoingoutclub

hi everyone at Saga #notgoingoutclubI'm Dame Kelly Holmes and I'm going to be taking you through and abs and coreworkout.

Now of course I always like to work hard but this will be manageablefor everybody, all you need is either a rug or mat and yourself with a positiveattitude right now! Okay so what we're going to do is we are going to warm upour body to start with and all I'd like you to do is to lean back with yourhands facing forwards I want you to just tap those legs out so just tap tap tapnow where we are working the core it is hip flexors it is glutes it'slower back as well as the inner core muscles meet ablute so we're just goingto do a mixture of all.

okay so let's just keep that going in now bring yourstomach in a little bit more push with your hands working the lower abs and thehammies and the butt, warming them up, good, keep going keep it goingso now I would like you to just to tap at the side so it's tap tap tap tap, just move back a bit, up tap get just tap out a speed keep going and push rightnow so just in and out bit faster this time scraping across your floor, hopefully you're not roughing up that mat or getting carpet burns, keep goingkeep going push, and four three two and one so now come over onto your kneesof your hands flat on the floor shoulders over the wrists knees shoulderwidth apart and hip width apart okay so both the arms on the legs basicallynow try and get that flat back, head down next elongated, what I want you to do now is curve that back forwards, I want you to bend forward head back and see thatarch in my back and then I want you to go up into what they call it cat stretch sohe go down and up and down and up and down and up keep going down and up downand up we're going for four, three, come back up a bit more, two, and onegood, stretch back.

So on this one I wanted to keep that curl up in that catstretch and then lean back onto your knees go back go back to your heelsknees come back good good good and back and againso we're warming up so we don't want to stretch too much too soon okay want thebody to get the butter pound peeing around the body all right keep goingback flat good that it's good that stay down get you and I want you to bringyour hands around and then walk the fingers back round to the other side getand again and back and to the front nuts okay so just come up hunt you pleasethumbs up I don't I'd like you to do is stretch to the sides a little bit keepstretching keep stretching let me put that up just a little bit higher for yougood so stretch it over over over so you're just coming off your butt sobasically your butt get over those heels we're stretching near bleep sighs sosighs good push push push keep it going breatheOh three two and one lovely okay so this is our littleworkout what we're going to do is you're going to sit with your knees bent okayso if I go side let me go this time so – item okay we've got the knees are bentfeet flat on the floor hands palm of the hands are now on the floor and they'reback behind the buck alright so the back further than one so you've got thatsmall little bend in that arm okay and what happens you to do is you put oneleg straight the other leg stays in it okay we're going to lift up thatstraight leg and we're going to go up and down small little movements so thispulse it up and down okay so we don't want that leg to come right up in hereall right but it's gonna come off the floor you don't hit the floor with it sokeep it going keep it going hold it keep workingpulse pulse pulse pops now over that thing now let me make sure because wecould be going on after we do metal minute reps at this way knowing me solet's pepper or stop so they cut their leg out straight leg out straight nowlittle pulses pulse pulse pulse pulse looks good keep it going whole sickyou're going to fill out your hip flexor I'm lifting that leg up keep goingleaning slightly back pulse pulse pulse good keep it goingoh and five four three two one now same length okay so you're gonnafeel this you haven't done it before but it's fine to have a break in betweenmine and then get back into it I just need that head to engage with the bodyand to believe they can do it so push yourself that bit harder than younormally would all right let's back so the same legwe're going to go in out in good you don't use a puncturebonding yet this is just the leg coming in out so we're getting a lower up onthat side I'm also getting the hip flexor put keep goingfive seconds keep going just the leg good and down so the next one we'regoing to do the same with the same leg this time you can remove the body andthe knee closer together so we get a bit more of a crunch with the stomach so howdoes facing forwards ready let's go in press with the arms as well good keep itgoing push push five four three two and onegood so now swap over legs so the other leg is now bent one leg straight we'regoing to do exactly the same so I'm going to face you on this one a thing orcoming a little bit to an angle okay hands facing forwards and the sameprinciple we're going to pulse the legs we're going in three two one seven halflift up pulse pulse pulse good lean back keep going hold something pops perfectkeep going breathe in five four three two one gethopefully we're feeling okay I gave you two catch upokay I have a facing forwards one leg out straight take this time I wanted tobring that knee in and up so we're going with in and out in and out get keep itgoing push push keep going next rate we're done in fivefour three two and onenow we're doing the post in and out okay we got to keep goingnow sometimes I completely lose but I'm doing so you just have to go with me androll with it all right exercise shipping it offsometimes as well as it being hard work now believe me now that you scriptedhere we just go with the flow ready let's go put in outs good press pressgood keep going push it up pull pull nice keep it going keep it go five fourthree two one now this time you're holding it out now so hold it up hold itup hold it up keep that foot flexed up keep that hair off the back you off theground keep it going hold it five four three two and onegood okay they lay down on the ground flat on the ground I want your knees uppalaver alright so once the loose parallel withthe floor start with hands again are going to be down on the groundso what you're going to do is one leg with a tip down towards the floor soit's going to be one shit okay this is what we're doing go to my counter thisone five six seven keep going eight nine and ten and ten same thing no eightseven six five four three two and one good keep those like that I'm gonna goto the opposite side one two three four fivesix seven eight keep going nine and ten and we go ten nine eight seven six fivefour three two and what okay seven arreststretch those legs out we need to know about – we need to lean back Oh stretchall right so we're gonna do that again the ones laying down but what you needto make sure is that that back is fully flat on the ground so you have to tiltthe hips back sometimes to do it because when we go into longer extension of thelegs your if your Mac arches that puts a lot of stress on that lower back okayyou take a little weight lowering your leg down so I want you to learn to havethat up flat so if I'm doing it now okay so this is where I could put my hatdon't leave my back probably see my fingers here okaybut if I tilt my back now I can't get my hand underneath some tilting the headtilt it back flat on the ground so I want you to get into that position whereyou tilt the hips back right pull that stomach in make sure that back is flaton the floor we're going to do this exercise again all right but you mustbreathe okay you must breathe wow that stomach it's being pulled throughtowards the back the back is nice and flat tip those hips forwardall right so legs up again now back flat on the ground keep that back flat thewhole time if it starts to lift up then that's asfar as your legs should go all right I really want to try to get that back flatall the way so the hill gets on the ground there and you bring it up okaylet's go so that's three four five six so keep going eight nine and ten and theother one two three four keep going five six seven eight nine and ten go getbriefed now both legs down so it's one two three four key three five six seveneight nine and check hug your legs in so we're gonna stay in the back for thisokay and we are going to go with the left nad longer so it's new what you tapthat leg power low up more I took one leg is up we're going to now lift thatleg out towards the ground we come back up so we go one down let's go shootcheck those hips back stomach in keep goingfour five six seven eight keep going nine and ten bring it back inCarlos let's go so we're going to swap over with the other leg now now ofcourse if that is option then just have to lick up bit further okay have it outhere Bob then down to the ground I'm straightokay it's up to you but I really want you to keep that hip tilted back backflat stomach drawn in okay I'm leg out as straight as you canso opposite leg let's go so it's one two three four keep going five sixseven eight nine and ten good now we tried both legs now this isquite hard move but I'm going to go so it's both legs out one and spit slow toknow if that back is arching just put your legs up in a projection that ishigh enough to stop that but coming up right below it down horror is the highup it easily so let's let's go out one sweep back slap three breathe for getfive keep going six seven eight nine and tenawesome let's stretch it out stretch it out okay well there's another set ofthat so we go singles and doubles ready so lift up then single leg hitting thefloor single leg out same leg then we saw ready to work let's goten nine eight seven six let's lay down five four three two andone and then leg out, one two three four seven eight nine ten let's straight onetwo three four five six seven eight nine and ten now it's double so we go one twothree four keep going five six seven eight nine and tenand then we don't like straight and one remember the projection two three fourlet's eat you five coming up six whoo seven eight nine and tenstretch it out and that's a great set okay so now we're going to do is 20 nutsstomach together all right so I want your hands by the sides of your head andall you going to do at the moment is you're going to come up but then I hopedokay sweet hold it – we're going back down so we go up hold and down come withme up hold and down now I have the hands on the side of the head not behind in itbecause that pulls on the neck by the side is stove and get up and it's apitcher up and up and up let's go up and keep going up and we're gonna do onemore up and after that I want your hands on your thighs and now we're just goingto do little pulses one two three five six seven eight nine and tenthis time we're going to go up and hold for two when your hands areon your thighs so ready so you're up hold and up up hold and upget up hold and up lovely up hold and them up hold and down keep going up holdand down let's go up hold and down up and down keep going up hold and down uphold and down I'm gonna do one more I missed out one two and down now we havethe hands by the sides of the head again and this time we're gonna do pulses uplet's go ten nine eight seven six five four three two and onenice now let's up there we do the same principle – slightly aheadlet's go up and up and a nice trip up and down that's full up and then downkeep going up and down you're gonna fill this up and then I'll keep going up anddown that eight up and down that's nine up and down that's ten now little pulsesone two three four five six seven eight nine ten oh you would have felt thatlong I was always bigger okay let's go again for one more set nice friend how we doing hands by the side of thehead ready let's go up Oh reading huh up keep going good up up that's lovely Ohkeep driving everyone up I lined up up and down hands on your thighs littlepulses good rest stretching extract yeah who we going on to the next strip withthat do you really want okay underneath these handles sorry let's go I like thatkeep go up breathe keep going keep going keep goinghow's the head one two three Hey nine ten and stretch yeah twelve done whatI'm telling you right it's not easy it's not meant to be easy if it was easywould be gentle come on we've gotta work and go work together on this stretchstretch stretch stretch let's main one now let's go let's up in the air havefun set of plug the head and let's go up and up and up and down that's four updown up down that's it yeah down up down now they're coatsy'syou got behind there oh by the side of the head ready let'sgo one two three four five five four three two and oneget it stretch that out oh well done more down breathe okay so the baby lovesthat now then very last set gonna face me hand to face some forwards again Iwill do side down in a minute but you need to see this first okay so imagineyou've got something I'm going to put my little watch okay just imagine you'vegot something in between your feet if you haven't got something or bigger itemeven and you're gonna have your feet actually move you back so you can seethis let's hopefully you can see my little watch maybe not maybe oh justjust just just just okay so just imagine I've got watch okay it's on and you justsee the strap there so what I want you to lean back and your legs are going tocome over the items that's going over oh now this is too hard for you then youcan go step step step step step step if not it's double feet over we're doingten let's go so it's one two three four five keep going five four three two andwhat alright so that's a good one so the next one very quickly into thisso we go up down up down or you go up up up okay just do it slightly across youritem you're doing one-legged ready let's go keep going keep goingthree two what get it okay so we've got it one more setback and then you're donelittle stretch and that's how social over so both legs together ready let'sgo around one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten legs arestraight let's go one two three four five six seven eight nine tenbrilliant so we've done those a little fit so if you want to choose you canpick and choose and if you're just a beginner just start now you can breakthat down and just build on this workout as much as you can all right so just allI want you to do now is I want you to go lay on the floor again I want you tostretch those arms out I wanted to bring one leg up how much you face up to thatleg I want you to come back down okay and then I want you to do the other legoh come back to that now I wanted to go on two sides and really stretch reallystretch those arms and those legs out place one leg behind one leg behind andthen you just start to stretch back now with you be and hip flexors quite a lotand this is a really lovely stretch so stretch back stretch back good good goodboth legs together lay back on your back oh don't just collapse like me now bringone leg over and if you like me and you get a little stretch on that lower backhands it opposite side okay push and look the opposite shoulder to where yourknees going good and then we're going to stop go back do that for the same okayon that come to the side one me back over backstretch marks stretch marks stretch back you get a little port you get it thatlittle base of your spine okay come back upgood good good now drop that knee down and look behind you expect okay let's goPaul bring the knees in to the chest I just rock man from side to side lookBrooke get it well done there we go that is your little session for today put itin excellent wealth well done taking part thank you very much I've reallyenjoyed taking it for you this is not going out club with Saga, you knowwe're all in an unprecedented time things are changing but take thepositives and other people are getting into the fitness more than they've evergone before and so it's so important that we think about fitness being forour well-being generally both physically and mentally if you want to feel goodabout yourself communicating with people connect with people is so important theso is physical activity and we all need in our lives as we get older it's evenmore important that we stay flexible we stay strong we have impact on our bodyso you're going to actually see a few more sessions from me but for now thankyou so much and I'll see you again.

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