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[Music] [Music] so today I'm going to idea IKEA ek ek with Erin Joan and Abe Erin finally got her driver's license so she can drive and I have some things to buy there hopefully I mean hopefully I can find something there I just want to get some lights to replace the one in my room and maybe my living room and just maybe some decor stuff I really want to change this light of my house almost all Korean apartments have this light and I really don't like it I would like to replace the ones in my living room too but they're just three of them and if I take them out I have nowhere to put them – so that's an issue it's 92 degrees today and yeah I'm not very stoked about that Erin's gonna come pick me up real soon so I'm just gonna get ready to head out that's the Swedish worse everything like I want to go to Sweden thank you for driving Erin many people online letter do it in the back yeah [Music] yeah [Music] kimchi fried rice cuz I'm not a fan of meatballs but [Music] they've got cards now we're ready to shop oh wow look at you guys is it comfortable that's fun you how he knows me [Music] found something that I really like yet still just looking around the most tanks okay this what our default glass wipers yeah Aaron said this is a must oh so many lights this is a little big it's no your disk Emma Sonia can't relate really please will you date me hello welcome to my kingdom I'm going to replace Cordelia and name her fo Delia which one looks better which looks less fake yeah yeah yeah okay you get one you've got the Sakura don't talk to them they I wish they were a little more inconsistent the colors alright right [Music] Aiden Joan went to the bathroom and I'm just waiting for them I'm so tired way back my leg turn we're at Jones house after Nakia and look at the feast Jones longed for fair frog yes cooking steak over there this is dr.

Rita and kimchi tip tip no no this is tofu and then John John and then my favorite [Music] [Music] no more so tying yeah [Music] afternoon guys I am back from Ikea well I was back yesterday and I wanted to do a haul of some of the things that I got just to show you guys I got hangers so more hangers I also got this window wiper window cleaner yeah I always kind of wanted one because I felt like my mirrors and my windows would be a lot cleaner with this this vegetable slicer I got a little vase it's really tiny but I like the shape of it and I got myself a salad spinner peeler for vegetables it's not even like I cook a lot but I just got all these days for veggies and then I got a frame well I got two of these a3 sized posters and then I got one 40 by 50 centimeter one I don't even have posted yet but just in case so they were really cheap and then I got this LED light because I bought new lights for my bedroom finally got the lights that look like this and I have to set this up and then last but not least I bought a fake hanging plant I'm going to be replacing cordelia and it looks obnoxiously fake from what close but I feel like from afar you can't really tell that much really excited to get all the lights up and stuff this is what the lights look like inside the box it's called so life tale future that's not how you pronounce it but okay good evening guys so I finally got my chiffon chiffon chiffon curtains for my bedroom and I have gotten done dry-cleaned and they're now ready to hang up okay I'm so glad I got them dry-cleaned because they were really wrinkled and they smelled really funky like it smelled like crap like literal crap so I was like but um after I got them dry-cleaned now they're silky smooth and a smell Pleasant but what I have to do before I put them up I have to put the little hooks back on this hooks here I can't believe I finally got these curtains for my bedroom after three months of living here I can really see myself filming my house tour video soon there were footsteps coming on the whole [Music] look below more complete now with two layers of curtain you almost can't tell but my room is definitely starting to feel more complete well I still have this box in one side of my room full of Sailor Moon stuff and other check stuff over there yeah I will deal with them somehow really happy with my new IKEA lights they look so much better than the flat square ones that we're on just ones up there yeah I will try to film the house tour before the summer's over if I can't and that's just there's just something wrong with me all right I'm gonna wash up and go to bed now see you in the morning all right time to say goodbye it fits right in yeah you look so lively now oh I love how it's long like Cordelia just vacuumed again okay it matches my airfryer as well the colors are very similar the light of my kitchen is very orange II so the lighting in here is not very great but there's my new foe dealio and my air fryer that I got as a housewarming gift from kee thanks kee I just made sweet potatoes this morning with this so good that's how my kitchen is looking right now really tell it's fake right I mean yeah it looks pretty fake but this plant will be for decor I promise not to buy any more fake plants I'll learn to be a responsible plant mom and I will learn to take care of my plants and make them thrive this is Planned Parenthood give you an update on how my other plants are doing Dameon over here is driving as you can tell Damian is very healthy Lola over here is doing pretty well too but the leaves are kind of dry and it's starting to rip my two babies here are doing really well I haven't named these two little ones yet I'm trying to think of a cute name for both of them yeah that's my update on my four plants that I have right now I'm trying to refrain myself from buying more until I learned how to take really good care of the plants that I have now yeah keep you guys updated and I'll let you guys know when I name these two and have to go to baby names calm you.

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