5 Douglas Costa football skills you need to learn

my friends today the time has come to teach you five wicked football skills that have been done in the pitch by the Magnificent Douglas Costa he's fast he's elegant and he's got one hell of a silky skill set and since you can only say about me that I'm

fast I've brought in some help because my buddy up me is here tell me teach you guys a few of the tricks let's do this number five this slides Humiliator a great little move that will not only get you out of the sticky situation but potentially also save

you a leg break when chasing down a loose ball to the sideline step on it to control it and quickly turn around if the defender is rushing in for a slight tackle wait until he's close and then do a small chip over his legs while you jump in

fact the jump could be more important than the chip itself at least if you like the ability to walk but get this right a few times and they'll quickly learn that slide tackling you is a pretty bad idea [Music] number four is the outside live this is great

if you need to change direction on the spot but there's the defenders shadowing you and blocking your path running ahead with the defender on your side you put down your weak foot and then use the outside of the toe and the strong foot to lift the ball in

a motion coming from across the body and do a more than ninety degree turn behind the defenders legs remember to lift your toes and do it in one smooth motion and you will be unstoppable number three is the outside elastico which is great if you're caught on the

flank and want to cut inside with your strong foot make a touch with the inside of the foot where you make sure you also shift your body weight forward then in the same movement you angle your strong foot again and use the outside of the toe to tap

it 90 degrees away and hopefully out of the defenders reach it's often easier to do this if you don't just move the ankle but allow the foot to keep its momentum forward so you don't have to rush it [Music] and number two the ballerina buster one of the

filthiest moves in the book and completely career shattering when you do it right when you've got the defender ahead of you to do a tap step forward with your strong foot and move forward then you make another swing with your weak foot but don't step over the ball

and instead put it down just in front of it and finally you end the trick by tapping the ball on the outside of him with the outside of your foot while running the other way around worked [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] numero uno number one is the name our

rocket a move made famous by da da da and Neymar but also done by Douglas Custer and the other Brazilian boys a few couple at times here you step forward with the right foot next to the pole you lean forward and then trap the pole with the Whitford

then you jump and bend your knees and while looking back on the ball you lean forward when you reach hip height release the ball using the heel of the strong foot and the tour of the Whitford and angle your strong foot to guide the ball over your and

the defenders head and you can see the full tutorial if you want to learn the trick completely if you click up hey houston we have a problem [Music] [Music] so there you go my friends five-wicket skill moves that have been done on the pitch a by Douglas Custer

add me a buddy look I'm sorry about the roasting man you don't give me a hot dog thanks for catching yeah good man good man but there you go guys who should we do next usually let us know in the comment section or right down below now also

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there that's a guys I'm signing off Tyrion admir onions to onions good man

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