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welcome to this week's upload wherewe're going through three successful football betting strategies so I'mcreating this video because several of you have asked in the comments recentlyabout football betting strategy and also honestly believe that anyone can make anincome online through football betting when they have the right strategy infact several of football's most successful punters have been tradingthese prices for a number of years now it's often done by reading previous datapatterns on past events and applying all that you've learned to the present whichis exactly what this video is about because I'm going to share threedifferent strategies that you can consistently apply it to the footballbetting markets in order to extract a profit over the longer term but before Ido that I just want to mention last week gave away 310 pound cash to one luckyYouTube viewer with in this video we're going to do another cash giveaway sostay tuned to see if you've won the cash and also how you can go about collectingthat from us so onto the strategies so before we get into the nuts and bolts ofstrategy there's a very crucial point I need to make and it is a large problembut it's also part of the solution when you're building betting strategy orsuccessfully betting on football and that is fanaticismso football was very passionate sport there's a lot of biases within themarkets and that's because there's biases within people that followfootball now you don't want to be one of those people you can't be emotional youcan't be too passionate too connected and attached to a team or a league or aplayer okay you need to eradicate as much of that bias as you possibly can toeffectively implement your strategy within the market now when I talk abouttrading within this clip too some people may be confused betting and trading orextremely similar basically when you're trading you're opening a bettingposition and then you're cashing out that betting position to lock in theprofit and you're doing so with an edge or advantage within the market it mayvery sound very simple on the top level and in many ways it is but it's a littlebit more tricky to execute in the markets if you've already tried ishighly likely that you understand where I'm coming fromwith that one so in this video it's gonna be more practical I'm gonna tellyou some practical ways with some logical reasons backincluding some graphs and strategy and data and information meaning it'spossible for anyone to do I'd also advise getting some trading softwareright for all of your trading just because it gives you more informationquicker information and it's more useful for making informed decisions as you'llsee later in this video and on top of that you want some livestreaming of some sort for the match that's going on that you're betting andtrading on that point in time now the more live that is the more helpful it'sgoing to be to you if you're using HD services and all this 4k kind of stuffthen you can expect significant delay Betfair live video is typically quickenough it's usually worth a few seconds behind and you can take that one stepfurther if you really want to go die hard there's people out there thatcollect biss keys get satellites in their back garden just so they canhijack the TV stream and beat everybody to the market in terms of placing betsbut that's quite extreme that's not for this video this video isfocused solely on strategy and implementing yourself in the marketwhere you can find value and where that is now the benefits of having a strategyare really quite obvious it's going to help you avoid impulsive behavior insilly things but clicks in the market obviously it's repeatable once you'vegot a successful strategy refined down and you believe in it and you're willingto put your money on the table it's more durable long term and you can scale itup over time even through harder times you know that you can weather the stormso we're going to get into these three strategies now because I've gone onenough already and the third one in my opinion is the best one and we've gotthe quality live example to show you exactly how that works too so startingoff of strategy one it's very low risk strategy and there's little sometimesthere's no risk involved in doing this although I'm not going to kid you youknow you can't necessarily do it in every single football match but I'm hereto tell you the truth and actually help you rather than get you to mindlesslyplace bets so the reason this strategy works is because it's focusing on animbalance in probabilities meaning you're more often likely to get a biggerupside than you are downside and therefore it will put youin the green long term player psychology on pitch is very important a key elementto this strategy as is overreact behavior in terms of people betting onthe football not people playing football people betting on the football and againthat same group of people panicking panic from losers quite frankly which isnot going to be us so just to elaborate on that slightlymore there is as you in fact you'll see in a moment with the chart that I'mabout to explain and highlight on the screen there is an imbalance in terms ofthere's more upside than there is downside that the player psychology onpitch is extremely important because this set up happens after a goal hasbeen scored and typically around that point in time player behavior changes orthere's a lull for a brief period sometimes there's a counter-attack fromthe countering team which is going to go in our favor – and then the overreactedbehavior is again those fanatics of people who have always previouslymentioned in the opening to this video that people are feeling like they'vemissed out on potentially he's going to move the market in our favorand again those losers and they're panicking or chasing their their lossesmaybe and they're cashing out profits really quickly after the goal and theyare all gonna work for us in our favor to give us an advantage in the market sothe way to make the best of this strategy in terms of winning is to makesure you come in with an opportune entry position entry bet for that opening betin your in your strategy the offering value at price for yourself not foreverybody else so you're offering poor value for everyone else and it alsoexploits a natural stalling point within the market so it's low risk we'relooking after the losses and then waiting for the upturn whilst everyoneelse is in turmoil quite frankly we're gonna take advantage of that so if welook at this chart you can see it's the the chart on but Fez exchange for afootball match there has been two goals and this matches very notably on screenthere and that is where the price is dropped now when the price drops you cansee that there is this routine pattern of behavior there's an overreaction thatgoes all the way down and we're highlighted on screen there with thegreen dotted line so you want to place your opening bet so the opening part ofthis strategy is to place a lay bet at the bottom price there or a roundaboutthere you don't have to get to use that price and you're offering a bet to themarket so the market over reacts sometimes it cango on for sort of like 20-30 seconds while the market sorts itself outbouncing around typically it's not for too longbut like I say we're here we're here to make money not you know sort of spin yousome some dit the market then corrects itself from goes back to where theyellow line is dotted across the screen there which will put you in profit tostart looking at this example that give you around about six ticks profit thatyou could cash out for but the most important point is the lull in play soafter there's a goal gone in there's often encounter from the opposing teamwhich can then push the price far further out and it's quite unlikely Imean it does happen occasionally but it's quite unlikely there's two goals inquick succession and that comes down to the player psychology on pitch – they'vejust scored a goal is their main priority to then try and whack inanother one within the space of a few minutes so you're left with a positionwhere potentially there's a massive upside because if the cap the counteringteam's score the price goes back out to 1.

7 and you're in for a huge profitwhereas the team that have just scored are far less likely to have another goalin quick succession it's almost like creating yourself free bet within themarket any size or state that you want as long as you can get a match down thebottom there so quickly just to interrupt before we hit up strategynumber two I'm gonna do a hundred pound cash giveaway for one subscriber to thischannel he's left to comment recently just like we did in last week's video soyou can see on the left there of select public subscribers I'm choosing 10different names from the list that have recently commented to any video on thischannel and as long as I've got a subscriber badge next to their name andthen going to use the random number generator up on the top right there topick the winner get in touch with them and send them a hundred quid cash noquestions asked now if the prize isn't claimed for any reason we'll do a redrawfor this cash prize next week in a different video upload so stay tunedcheck out and congratulations to cloudy palms this week the winner so ontostrategy number two and this is another decent one although I'd say out of thethree this is the weakest now you've probably heard of time decay before infootball and this strategy is based around time decay probably of a fewdifferences to what you've heard elsewhere so the reason it works isbecause chance deterioratesit's overtime as you can see on the chart on the right there and so there ismovement in the market in one direction we know which direction the marketshould be moving in which is a benefit to some degree and we want to exploitprice movement as it happens knowing that it goes in that one direction theother reason that this strategy works relatively well is because you can tiethis in with player intent and motivation in terms of what's happeningon pitch with your own football knowledge remember trading or betting shouldalways be viewed like a boxing match where you can choose to step into thering and take a punch you don't have to be in the game all the time is onesaying so with this strategy particularly be very careful when you doand don't use it the whole advantage is to step backkeep minimum exposure in the market at any one time looking for that area ofmaximum movement in line with time decay so the best way of winning with thisstrategy is to target areas of accelerated decay we're gonna highlightthat and go through that in a moment in more depth focus on keeping that minimumexposure as I say in terms of potential loss manage the downside and offer entrybets only value prices again much like the previous strategy and seek extremedomination on the pitch basically so you want to look at things like expectedgoals shots off target shots on target teams keeping the ball into the cornerslater in the match because quite frankly you know domination is what thisstrategy is all about if there's domination on pitch then it's a saferenvironment to use this strategy we don't want it to be competitivecompetition is for losers in terms of betting quite frankly and is a fairstatement if we look at this chart here I'll explain what these lines on thechart are all about so you've got the football match from the start there youcan see the trading volume down the bottom very small portion where there'sa large chunk of volume match that is pre-match the match is then startedthroughout the match it's gone to about midway you can see there's a large spikein volume and price activity is stalled now the reason the price activity isstalled it's a good at halftime there's no match going on nothing's happeningand so the price was flat more or less now the second half iswhere you see the time decay accelerate so that's what I've highlighted on thechart here so we've got the dark black line in the bottom and the dark blackline at the top and that is the the area where there was the most movement inthis particular match in the short space of time highlighted by the light graylines now the Betfair chart something to bearin mind you should probably should bear in that in mind with the previous chartalso are not in relation to time so you know that first chunk on the left theredown the bottom where there's a large volume matched pretty much that couldhave been two days whereas the small chunk that I'm highlighting there wasmore like five minutes so in the space of five minutes we'vegone for a price movement of about two point zero eight two point one all theway up to two point three slightly above that a two point three two but all ofthat happened in the space of a few minutes in game in the second halfbecause time decay was accelerating the price now the strategy is built aroundwhat's actually happening in the match so you must have seen it in the pastplayers start playing the ball into the corner they know the score line they'relooking for points from the match it in the various league tables and they playin the strategic game so what you're looking for is you know when the ballsout of play theres not a lots going on there's no motivation there's no intent theballs being held back in certain areas and there's quite frankly not likely tobe a goal and then you quickly nip in and out the market minimum exposure formaximum return when time decay is moving at a fair speedlike I say strategy you can use in many different matches would just be verycareful that you don't use in the wrong environment because that's when a goalwill go against you and I don't want to happen because I mean you have to doseveral other matches to bring the profit back on par so strategy three andprobably my favorite strategy is around parallel market intent so what do wemean by that well you know I've named it that because that is the reason for thestrategy working and the reason is that there are parallel markets that have thesame intent even though there are different markets okay when there ischange in one area it means that the market has to change elsewhere or asimilar market has to change elsewhere and its fastest finger first so we'rethinking about injuries stuff like that something I can relate this to in horseracing is activity that happens that Cheltenham will then impact the prices atAintree around the ground national meeting around about a month later so ifyou're sat watching the Grand National meeting markets whilst Cheltenham is onand you see what's happening in the final home straight you can often catcha price movement at Aintree because it is a parallel type market the samehappens in football so when we think about winning you want to use yourfootball knowledge you want to have live information at your fingertipsyou want to think about areas that this is going to work so team sheetsfuture matches injuries if a player is injured it stands to reason if say forexample a team's star player is injured in final 20 minutes of a game butthey've got other games to follow on in the leaguelater that month then the price is going to change elsewhere so you want to thinklike a football manager when you're thinking about where you've got to findyour trades with this one and then you need to react as quickly as possiblenow isn't the strategy that most people will be expecting but it's an extremelyreliable one so thinking back to team sheets you know news comes out and theprice moves that can be an hour before 20 minutes before it depends what'shappening and what's happening in the news I have got a very good high-qualityexample the space of a few minutes to share with you on this one where Iactually done it and some news was released about a football team aroundabout an hour before the start of the match which we're now going to put inthe end screen of this video to make sure you click that one to followthrough it's a few minutes long and it shows you not strategy number three inaction also don't forget to like this video and subscribe to the channel forfurther betting strategy related content.

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