21 Things To Do When You're BORED & Stuck At Home!

first up on my list of things to do if you are bored out of your mind dust off that piano pull out that old saxophone find that old guitar guys start to play an instrument again now as a kid I was forced to take piano lessons and I

hated it but I did latch onto a couple songs one of which I still remember to this day you want to hear it [Music] [Applause] [Music] now gents I want to highlight an important point here and as I'm saying you need to learn an instrument or be improving

upon an instrument not just playing an instrument that you're already good at because if you're doing that you're just staying busy and busy is not gonna make you feel less bored actually what you want to do is stimulate the mind it's getting the neurons to fire and having

to learn something new doing something different which really is gonna get you out of the board's rote and as a secret bonus randomly between one of the points later in the video I'm gonna have my wife jump in and play our favorite James Bond song on the panel

she's an amazing pianist so I wanted to be able to share that with you guys so stick around the next tip to break out of the board room recreate one of your favorite meals from one of your favorite restaurants for me this is the Paris Texas platter it's

got me Gus and French toast you could find this at Kirby Lane I love this meal when I was a student at the University of Texas in Austin now the French toast portion that was relatively easy to recreate but the me Gus much more difficult I had to

actually look up online find the recipe experiment a few times it's all about putting the onions what else I'm gonna take the corn tortillas cut them in a certain way make sure to fry them before then add the eggs in and put it in a flour tortilla with

a number of other little ingredients here there but I managed to get it and now I can make I think a really good Paris Texas platter next up get outside go for a bike ride go for a walk take the dog for a walk this is actually really

great because when you have a dog I don't know about you guys but my dog goes off all over the place and likes to show me new things and spend a lot of time sniffing here sniffing there and it just makes it you know it's every trip is

unique the next step to beat back board room gents read a book especially on a subject pertaining to something that you know nothing about and that's again where it's at is all of a sudden you're expanding your mind you're opening up your mind to new ideas and thoughts

you've never had before now I know what a lot of you guys are thinking antoniou that sounds great but I don't read books I don't have time for that or maybe we can just be a little bit more honest you don't have the attention span for a book

like this Jen's I get it and I think we both can agree wouldn't it be awesome if there was an app that could take the best information from thousands of books out there and distill it down to the bare essence of what we need to learn basically everything

you need to know about that book in 15 minutes well Jen's that exists and it's called bling castillon's blink is a sponsor of today's video I've talked about him before because I love with these guys you're doing and that is taking the best information in thousands of non-fiction

books and distilling it down to the bare essence of the things the most important things you need to learn now this book I just finished today make your bed by William H McRaven this guy former Navy SEAL and I loved it actually saw a video about him years

ago so as I'm going through I loved how I was able just to read right here go through it and get the gist of what the key points of the book are and I learned a few things picked up some took some notes on this thing and that's

what I love guys is within minutes you're able to get the main points you're able to learn something new every time you jump on this out Jets over 8 million people are using blinkin it's an amazing app with a huge library you want health books you want self-improvement

books you want history books you want business books they got you covered gents I'm linking a blinkin down in the description of today's video with the best deal you're gonna find out there on the web seriously the first hundred people to use that link get a seven day

free trial again absolutely free and if you decide to grab a full membership 25% off gents I absolutely love this app and actually most the people that work for me use this app and love it and pay for it themselves it is that good go check it out

guys I'm linking to them down in the description the next tip to break out of the board room change up your exercise routine if you're doing the same thing again and again that's what gets boring because it just yeah you get used to it so if you're going

out and running 5 and 10 smiles how about you change that up and you try fart Lix fart licks are where you sprint for maybe 200 to 400 meters then you walk for 200 to 400 meters you again sprint or go 80% whatever you know works for you

but this right here is gonna give you a very different workout than the straight 5 mile run or it may be you want to have a little bit of a fitness challenge find what works for you have fun and change up your exercise routine and let's have a

little bit of fun here how about you change up your hairstyle yeah you've done the same thing again and again and I'm not saying go get a crazy haircut I'm saying simply use a different product a styling cream or a gel or maybe a pomade to give it

a bit of shine or change up the hair brush yes a hair brush like this with a lot of bristles is going to give you much more of a pushed down slick look versus right here is gonna give you a lot more texture have a little bit of

fun take a few pictures post them on the internet and ask people hey what is a better look for learn to make a better cup of coffee so many guys out there use a drip machine but the problem with the drip machine is whenever the water hits the

grounds it's actually not that hot so if you were to boil the water and then pour it over the grounds you actually get a very different taste especially if you have it go through pretty quick you use a French press relatively inexpensive all of a sudden you get

a very different tasting cup of coffee from basically the same ingredients I know for me I liked a little bit fancy I would put my own cream I throw in a little bit of coconut sugar mmm it just tastes good got a little bit of a caramel taste

guys find what works for you have fun with your coffee next up write a letter yes the old-fashioned time people love receiving them I know I do in fact I'll put my P o box address [Music] down in the description of today's video so if you want to

write me a letter I'll write you one back now this next one seems boring until you do it that is read the instruction manuals that come with all your devices so you start to realize wow this thing's got a lot of capabilities I never would have known this

if I hadn't read the book I'll tell you one manual that almost nobody reads and that's the manual that came with your car seriously if it that thing for three years but you read the manual all of a sudden you realize wow that's what that's for or I

didn't even know I had this feature or that's where the spare tire is located now speaking of spare tires how about you teach yourself to change a spare tire how to change your own oil if you know how to do this great but does your wife know how

do your kids know how to do this guy's your son he's about to be 16 years old he's gonna have his own license you don't want him stranded out there in the middle of the night when he could simply figure out how to air up the tire yes

there are kids out there that are driving there are adults out there driving they don't know how to air up their own tires and let's have fun gents bring out the board game so many great options out there battleship apples to apples Game of Thrones cards against humanity'

exploding kittens I could go on here next up build a fort with your five-year-old seriously I asked my five-year-old what do you want to do is she's like let's build a fort so we did and we had a great time I love the imagination of kids and here's

the thing if so many adults have lost the ability to have an imagination to look beyond what's right in front of them and actually to dream and to see what's out there to imagine what can be have fun do something that again gets the imagination to creation part

of your brain going now this next tip works out really well if you've got friends and have kids or if you've got nephews or nieces because those parents right there they're going bonkers they want a little bit of time away so what if you could offer a 30-minute

online live class with your niece and which yeah you're an engineer you love what you're doing and you want to share with her your passion so you're gonna actually have a contest you get her a bunch of popsicle sticks you've got the popsicle sticks and you're gonna see

who can build a tower or a bridge see who can build it the highest and you've got a time limit and you're gonna do it a couple times guys this is fun it's creative and guess what she's learning you're having fun and you're building a deep connection and

this right here is valuable alright so maybe that sounds like a little bit too much work well how about story time come on you're a budding writer you already working on your novel but how about you see if you can really entertain a harsh critic your nephew yes

your sister says he never likes stories but you want to put on a performance you are gonna give him a face time story time that he has never going to be glued to their being able to see you tell a story unlike any other and right there boom

that's where you sharpen your sword and you really see if you can put out something that's entertaining [Music] [Applause] [Music] now what if you're bored out of your mind but you still got to get things done yes boring things like getting the dishes done sending out a bunch

of emails for work well how about you write out everything you need to get done sweeping the floor and you put a time limit next to it five minutes for the floor 15 minutes for dishes five minutes for this email add it all up okay a total of

40 minutes and then cut that time in half and set the timer and go and see if you couldn't break your own record if you can get everything done and what you've done is you've put a bet out there you created stakes you gamified all of a sudden

something that was boring you're now zipping through and seeing if you can meet the time limit now this next one is a personal hack that I think is so simple I'm always surprised that more people aren't doing it and that is simply going through your contacts and sending

a bunch of people texts or phone calls and just letting them know hey I'm thinking about you what are you up to how are you very simple but you'll be surprised how many people lose contact with all these amazing people in their lives so take the time just

to simply let people know who you love that you love them people that you care about that you care about them people that have inspired you that they inspire you because what you're doing is you're gonna feel better because you're given this love you're given this positive feeling

they're gonna feel better and it's a win-win situation next up let's talk about picking up new skills so this is a style channel and I think a skill every man needs to know is how to take care of his shoes especially if your dress shoes yeah they've seen

better times so you want to learn how to polish your shoes how to bring them back from the dead check out this video right here when we actually take an old beat-up pair of shoes and we show you how to bring them back to life so you want

to learn how check out this video right here

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