2017 Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport Car Review


Jaguar has produced somegraceful sedans, coupes, and convertibles overthe years.

The F-Pace is the first timeIan Callum's design team has penned.




A fetching one at that.

Jagpurists may grumble but adding SUVs wasan excellent business decision forPorsche.

Jaguar and Land Rover are ownedby the same Indian conglomerate, Tata.

So it makes a lot of sense forthe Jag engineers to walk acrossthe hall and borrow thearchitecture from Evoque or Range Rover Sport.

But that didn't happen.

No, they went with the aluminum extensive platform of Jaguar'sXE and XF.

A great place to start.

F-Pace leaps from 0-60 in about5.

5 seconds.

There's a nice audible growlwhen the throttle is punched but itfades into the background whencruising.

Nice balance.

Want more speed? The S model'sV6 is tuned for 40 more horsepower.

Want less speed? I'll rephrase that.

Wantbetter fuel economy? Go with the4-cylinder turbo diesel engine.

Jaguar does theatrics prettywell.

Look at the start button.

It's likea heartbeat.

Got to love the drama.

The3-liter supercharged V6 in this R-Sportmodel makes 340 horsepower and 332pound-feet of torque.

This cat preferspremium gasoline.

The gearbox has8-speeds and a sport mode.

Normally, thestandard all-wheel drive system sendsnearly all power to the rear but canautomatically and seamlessly allocate 90percent to the front.

Brake torquevectoring helps vehicle control.

On surfaces much slicker thanthis, standard Low Traction Launchhelps F-Pace pull away confidently.

Optional Traffic SignRecognition uses cameras to read signage to alert drivers of the speedlimit.

Using GPS data the Intelligent Speed Limiter can thenautomatically adjust the speed of the car, faster or slower.

I'm in sport mode.

Nicethrottle response.

One thing about the F-Pace, I really like the size of it.

Not too big, not too small.

I'm not going to use theGoldilocks line.


Locks might not beimpressed with fuel economy.

Competitors AudiQ5 and BMW X3 both go farther on agallon of gas.

Good road feel and thenicely weighted steering help to make up for that though.

When it comes to corneringF-Pace is one of the most entertaining crossovers you can buy.

Myfavorite is the Porsche Macan but the Jag does have its benefits.

It's roomier, more comfortable, and easier on the budget.

Startingat $41, 985 for the diesel model, thisparticular R-Sport retails for 63 grand.

There is one curious dynamicabout the F-Pace.

It looks and feels likea Jag inside but unlike an F Typeyou're riding up pretty high.

It's a crossover, makes sense.


4 inches of ground clearanceand development at Land Rover'sfacilities mean F-Pace is up for moderateoff-roading.

It can wade through nearly 21inches of water.

The attractive cabin that wrapsaround those up front does not haveLand Rover-grade materials but fewvehicles do.

There are the expected creaturecomforts in vehicle of this price range, nice light piping as well.

I'vealways liked Jaguar's InControl userinterface, the Touch Pro version puts alarger screen in the console and theability to customize the gauge display.

Iwould prefer the window controls down by the armrest.

For those who swim and run alot and don't have pockets in theirworkout clothes, the $400 Activity Keyis interesting technology.

Normally it's foolish to leavethe regular proximity key in a car.

When held here, an imbeddedRFID chip that needs no charginglocks the car and deactivates thekey.

Reverse the process uponreturning.

The back seat does not slidefore and aft to max out leg or cargoroom.

Two average adults should bevery comfortable here.

Foot andlegroom are especially generous.

Plenty of power ports to chargedevices, a warm feeling for backsides, and enough room for drinks andstorage.

No window shades though.

For comparison's sake, F-Paceis about six inches shorter than LexusRX.

To begin with, the floor isreversible if you don't want to get thecarpet side dirty.

The rigid securitypanel does not store easily in thecargo hold but the back seats splitand fold with the best of them.

TheRX holds 9 packs of softness andabsorbency.

The smaller Jag? It comes upone short at 8.

There are all sorts oftechnologies available on the F-Pace.

Radarassisted cruise follows to a stop thencontinues on when the car ahead startmoving again.

There's semi autonomousparking, and auto braking with pedestriandetection too.

If good looks and engagingperformance weren't enough, Jaguar offersreassurance with a 5 year 60, 000 warrantythat includes scheduled maintenance.

Jaguaris among the last of the premium brandsto get a crossover.

F-Pace was worththe wait.

A piece of tech not on mytester called All Surface Progress Control islike a low speed cruise control foroff-roading so the driver can concentrateon steering.

It operates between around 2 and 19 miles an hour.

Finally, for those who thinkadding a crossover to Jaguars lineup isa bad idea, it's not.

Year-to-yearJuly sales figures have Jag sales up174 percent bring lots of moneyinto the Jaguar Land Rover coffersallowing them to build better vehicles.




for us all.

And it's not as ifJaguar is a stranger to practicality.

They've produced station wagons thoughfew have hit US shores.

All right folks, that's myopinion of the 2017 Jaguar F-Pace.

Alittle story before I go.

At the 2016 Newyork auto show this year I was able tospend a little bit of one on one timewith legendary Jaguar designer IanCallum.

He took me around the car forabout 20 minutes and showed me whathe did and why he did it.

It wasfascinating.

You think I have a dream job?He has my dream job.

And the nicestguy in the world.

Very, very, patient.

So, Mr.

Callum, thanks for spendingthe time, it was great.

That's Driven, I'm Tom Voelk.


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