2012 U.S. Open: Final Round, Back Nine

hi everyone I'm Dave Giancola joinedagain by Mike Trostle for another US Open Classic finish the US Open returnedto the Olympic Club in San Francisco for the fifth time in 2012Tiger Woods shared the lead through 36 holes but Mike he fell back with a thirdround 75 at Dave the final day appeared to be shaping up for a duel between twopast US Open champions 2003 winner Jim Furyk and 2010 champ Graeme McDowell butboth players lost shots to par early in the front nine allowing Webb Simpson andJohn Peterson to post a score early and sit back in watch let's join McDowelland Furyk on the 11th hole really find a birdie if you can get it Furyk at 11 Webb Simpson at 14 with asecond sips of just one back Harrington to back location at 18 and verydangerous if you happen to come up short down the hill if you go short left spinit could come back 40 yards we won't see that happen yet those things going to happen if youdon't pull it off in Barry spinning back on the wave spin it backon the left to having good rehearsal we're insects closest call on a US Opencame at Wingfoot and everybody had their crashes down the stretch hefinished bogey bogey bogey he wound up fifth oh come back before his at 18 wego to Ernie else at 13 edho intent on the way he's looking likeit's going out that is the end of his chances he happento hit that flag somehow stop it what a shot back to 11 a good look for GraemeMcDowell it has not made a birdie all day that isreally good maybe he'll come alive up to 16 JohnPeterson now with his fourth found the rough off the tee and couldn't get itout in two played two here and three as well right so he'll have that leftfor his par Peterson just to over and too bad awesome back to 14 in Webb Simpson made his wife doubt left their littleson James at home with his grandparents and doubt is more than seven monthspregnant yet another baby due in early August but she has pretty much watchedevery shot that I have seen out here right now they have this breaks left thewhole way doesn't a mark yeah it does Johnny is probably you know I'd say 30to do just inside 30 foot range there's not a huge break but it's definitelymake a book but yeah this part of the green is actually pretty flat down the stretch long season and reducethe clinical PGA to win score top five six tens a littleslower start that we might have expected at I Webb Simpson at 2012 Oh 216 JohnPeterson now with that putter cover stuffed in his back pocket for par ahuge putt this would be is that quick let's get picking up alittle speed job let's go to 18 zip it up the applause as it comes up to18 but when it gets probably didn't think it was buried likeit is well he's got expressive eyes – doesn't he tan will make it run a milewith that sharp kick to the right but also running the rough not badyou'll have a tough angle on that second shot thoughmaybe it's a blessing you just keep it to the left Peter don't get temptedRoger yeah good look here the little window you've got a driver throughyou've got to go underneath the canopy of those huge cypress trees and it'sabout 15 yards wide well you have the wind coming this way that's one of thebiggest problem and you just have to hit it straight you can't afford a drawbecause you could hit the tree there and you can't cut it and hit that tree sothis is one drive that you want to hit whether it may be a tiny little draw butpretty straight is the shot down the left side and let the wind move it alittle to the right so easy to lose it right on this hole for the fadersthere's one thing about Furyk he can hit it and cut it and he can hook it at will see if pressure starts to get into himat all he's a pretty steely guy and it's headed up the left no it's nota good shot but the green opens up from over there if he doesn't have a tree but take a look at the pro tracer on this asyou said John you just need to hit a straight bullet what Rocky was trying toturn that back into the slope of the fairway and he's trying to let thepeople know his ball is gonna hit him in the head if it walked out you see watchhim turned down the club just late made a good turn there but his arms went toofar down the target line and he flipped it over a bit to 18 they had the pricefor the mistake he got very unlucky there that now he's got a big clump ofgrass behind the ball and he really needed to make birdie on this hole Ithink they had a chance I think so I'm sixteen this needs to go in for Peterson he seems so casual you know like youknow that's the youth I guess but it's like first US Open he's just gettingstarted into a Carrera he's got a lot of challenges got greatthings ahead of him he's gonna get a lot of sponsors exemption but you can seethe reaction how much he wanted that he missed a little planet last we haven't talked about a little bit now trying flat 160 i think coolfools 165 once was 6 or 56 schools the basics 43 68 52 52 we love minute we have to fly at least 52 52 points 62 or 60 at 68sixty othersonly kid before multicon bitten my ears taking decades it was right that yes relationship yeahSasori aesthetic that's so much deception and you could see how much herelies on it like that he knows that over is dead because I was there anddown in that Barker behind the green it is totally dead so in front of the holeit's a birdie hole riding that's why it started just right theflag is coming back it could be the one that catches Furykat a bar he's the only player in the final nine twosomes who is under partoday so that's good stuff this needs to go in-depth this has to go in to get inat +2 that's where Michael Thompson is right now was to become a 14th player towin three of the four majors for sure points to so that's what you see here isyour posture 60 60 50 60 area the good second shot hewas eight shots back after the sixth hole before Harrington came chargingwith those three straight birdies to end his front nine and what about a reporton Furyk Roger well he got a terrific break on the left side of 12 here has184 left of the hole but his balls found kind of a bald spot in the rough andhe's gonna be able to get the club on it he has no tree issues Johnny and he'llbe able to chase this ball onto the green if he wants I mean he could hit an8-iron or something and just land it well short and let it tremble up that'sthe kind of things that gotta happen sometimes to just eke out a win isn't ityeah I mean that could have been against the tree it could have been a terriblelie and see if he takes advantage of it wait takes the yardage what guy justlooks at it real quick puts it right back it is that to reassure himself whathe's trying to pull off tact is good it's on the good line it'sgot to bounce hard though I didn't want to go rightyeah that's very on the down slope of the bunkerwould no green to work with that's probably a bogey right there for even agreat bunker player like Furyk yeah just don't green to work with thatlag they do it immediately you can see how long his arms are an extension Ithought it was gonna whack somebody there yeah you don't see a lot ofemotion out of Furyk that anger to Roberto Verde else at 14 Dottie you laidup off the tee of those 18 degrees were a hybrid driving I heard combo club 133left Oh totally lunar your daughter Alijah this should come off a littleshower the wedge that to get the plus one off the leadthe ferrets having his problems at 12 he'd go to there with McDowell in asecond just a 120-pound cleric down this is left to behold he wants it down for birdie so Jim Furyk and a whole lotof trouble in the greenside bunker on the ride up you while we're back in the fairway greenside bunker with Jim Furyk and he's not even looking at the pin he's going outway left with his third to the right could you turn second shot and he knewthat's why he you know that he was gonna slam his club okay the birdie putt forWebb Simpson at 15 to tie Furyk for the lead and he's have a problem so he kindof stroke he wanted to put on it a little left for him coming back saving people he accomplished the first two days againtied for the lead but good game just left it over at 14 or any else forbirdie Dottie it's a putt that is slower than it lookslike it got to countering factors here the slope just kind of buddy could I notbeen just a right edge but four holes left for else go to 15 for thecomebacker for Simpson to remain at +1 it was just earlier we go to 12 Rogerthis is this has got to go in or we have a tie ballgameyeah this is a little over 30 feet to his right on the way down there it'spretty slow in most GTA's here at control maintains is one-shot John when you look back on these majorchampionships if you happen to win you think well it all boiled down to it'slike this presents pressured putz he and his caddy MikeAllen you talk about experience these guys have a lot of years under theirbelt that's impressive that that is oneimpressive up and in and this could go down to he sees he knows the line nowhe loves the back nine 7-under Ram the dowel holes within one of ourleader take another look at this this is straight in front ask that straight perfect speed we've seen a lot ofplayers leave as sharp for the obvious he had a good read via the on but thespeed from here that whole that was exciting Oh put that one and over on 16 now WebbSimpson looks like he's going off the tee with a 3-wood just gotta be curedAmaka yeah the fairway way to Lonnie's yeah ina draw with the three medal not wait tonight 10 yards tomorrow and that's notwhere you want to hit that's a big mess that's untouched rough right thereso already elsewhere the nine iron off the tee at 15 we essentially have fiveplayers in the championship hunt here five with it to annuity turning mightget a little left yeah you have to know folks you watchthese players right now and they don't look nervousI'm telling you they are so amped up you can't believe it you know to win a USOpen changes your life about winning three Bernie can get it donewell Ernie's got like a second career right now for him to win it's like doingit for the first time two guys up there with a chance to win it for the secondtime the whole location at 13th it's been astingy one just two birdies recorded here all daythis is a hard shot Gary you know look at the shot you got trees right you gotbig balls from Kennedy seeking these little green crosswind that graphicJohnny you were touching on how well he's played the back nine at the 17 shotdifference but this is pressure right here youcan't undercut it like a hot little air interface that's until not hoistavailable I mean he's definitely so firm I agree with pictures something good 5 which the reasonsmoving the other way too much show us it has to her later has a little bit yeahit's gonna it's 200 one of these and yeah it's more the shape for me yeah six excuse mewho wants to really play that left-right shotfor club he tells me he's gonna try to cut thisthat's for sure the flavors speak to at the tree itselfno divot whatsoever there it came up out of it at 18 then this was just earlierTiger finishing up with a birdie chance we'd end up making that putt final round73 it's going to be for Tiger hard to sum up what happened is fading ages ago by the covers going to be tobeat jacks record at 18 professional majors at 17 John Peterson has come backwith two brilliant shots here three in the role that he could have made 15Ernie Els for birdie seize it beer right at the end it'sgonna stay in +2 to back 13 Purex tee shot on play just fired and this isworking left to right it's just a little too far right as well very thick roughboth Dow and Jim Furyk have missed the green at the par-3 13th the miracle car at the 12 mains if onechef lead over McDowell and Webb Simpson in for the last all Furyk first aboutthat far says not so fast Jim Furyk don't countme out you 13 Jim Furyk words second shot here atthe par 3 Roger look chance to look at the lieyeah the lie is not terrible but the green looks away from him he wasreally good from right to left got a Gordon named Gary yes he's had aslice but but he is number one is scrambling 14 out of 21 times he got itup in number one in the field want to keep doing that having to do that overthese last few holes no you can see we go to 16where Ernie else is on the tee see how this dogleg left turns around the highknees and Ernie with a 3-wood you gotta keep this in the fairway or thing havemulberries like that back to 13 foul was his bunker shotsame problem green works away from him that care of fast that means this band plus two look looks a little better ahbut you do have some variable holes eatable holes no ahead well we showedyou tiger finishing up and just after his round Jimmy Roberts had a chance totalk to Tiger alright Tiger the week started in such promising fashion foryou 69 and 70 but the weekend things seemedto change what happened what do you think oh yes I was just a touch off andthat's fine I'll still in the ball game but today I just got off to a horrificstart and just never never got to going early and unfortunately put myself outof it your numbers with fairways were good your numbers with greens andregulation were good it seems that when they changed the setup on the greensthough that that might have thrown you a little bit true not really no it wasjust I was just a fraction off as I said yesterday I was it was amazing how manytimes I got just a half club you know I was right between clubs all day and youknow also yesterday I struggle with the speed and today was different today Ifelt great on the greens unfortunately discs off to a bad startI understand that you'd be disappointed but what's your state of mind aftersomething like this happens wow there's a lot of positives to be taken away fromthis week a lot of positives and just kind of play all right Tiger thanks verymuch best of luck or shit see all the beat down it's only reallyfair oh thank you that's perfect but I was sitting there and get you feeling gowhen you're ready with his third and you can see that hole location on the frontleft boy he's got a great look at this he does Peter 81 yards got a tremendousbreak after his tee shot came to rest on an electrical box got relief from wasable to delve into some thinner rough than he would have been less ball issitting just a little down though in the intermediate cut here just have to be alittle careful you don't want to miss this left there's a big closing momentarea left with a flag and she gonna probablywith six eight feet right of the hole yeahthis has got to be short and right I that's good show it's a little carefulthat's a little too safe I think 13 mcdowell for a par just earlier live Furykand this breaker to the right as well back up healed slightly wanders on by I was not a good strong set there's a lot going on here JasonDufner at 17 like the putt for an eagle 3 is gonnamove him to +2 13 and Roger this one wandered on by thewhole little ways yeah once it got turned right it just kept going and thisone now I'll have a little movement to the left in it not one to be takenlightly I'll promise you that Tibet has improved putting this yearlast year 150 of the PGA Tour the putting stats so far this year 24th getit very hard in the off season tie at the top at +1 Michael Thompson courseattention the clubhouse a plus 2 over at 16 look how thick this reference is here- its 16th hole today is a hundred yards shorter than in yesterday – 17 goes to the 18th and the hundred andtwelfth US Open Championship is brought to you by John Hancock talk to yourfinancial advisor by the all-new Lexus RX escort and by world elite MasterCardwell the Sun never broke through that marine layer like I explained that itmight have had a chance they do that makes it double inning say daddy gets on the bottom that we'resuspenseful 17-3 left go left Americans are only want to outlast eightUS Opens in case I want to know harlots what the last two it's cuttingright this might need a hop left if it's gonna get to the fairway all sitting upthough that's a good break all right the number is plus two right now MichaelThompson the leader and Matt Peterson a shortout of it +3 what a week for Peterson though even par final round today markover on 16 green now Webb Simpson this for birdie and the outright lead and ifhe has to be a little careful Peter it is very fast when it gets to the hole back to 14Puran every club as well here directory was still up the right side hewants this whole group plus five combinedFuryk plus one for the championship tied with Webb Simpson you the bay area at this US Open and TigerWoods Phil Mickelson never could get going sothe rest of the leaderboard began to take shape is Lee Westwood's hopes ofbreaking through for a first major to finished it's been a US Open type oftest with all sorts of players in the hunt getting down to the fouljust a handful merge with a chance to wear the covetedUS Open trophy ship during time with Webb Simpson at plus one in the hundredand twelve addition there is Simpson on the tee at the 17.

5 thatvery difficult to do in fact the toughest fairway on the backnine to hit 40% I'm all fear slope from left to row thisis a dry at the left-hand side one good bounce would really help we get it Iguess here it comes here it comes it's beautifully done new carry it'sinteresting at short hitters and Lee Janzen and Scott Simpson went here lasttwo times and all the short hitters that are leading alle guys are leadingthey're all short hitters at 16 ills now just run back with a novel to line hangon looks like fire goes that is a collection area down thereabout six feet below the putting surface and that's big trouble the 14th that'sthe line McDonough logic I've think I'd the nine bases 77 but this one looks tome like it could be a jumper here that fairways latelythat's just pressure that's all it is as straight as he normally hits it that'sall it is I came out pretty fast it's peeling alittle right though just out of the bunker Roger yes it's in the grass justout of the bunker job in there ruff didn't miss out by much what a two feetleft and let it bounce left along the oh yes it would have crawled up onto thegreen it wasn't got back to the hole I don't believe Ben would have crawled uponto the green feared now 173 I'll sit down are just just fineit's just fine no problems here only issue generally you'd have to worryabout now is this turned into a bit of a mist and now there's a little moisturein the grass over to 16 daddy he's got he decided on putter you can hit a lotof shots about here you can but there was never a question about hittinganything else he has to go up on with the steepest part of this Hill here remember Ernie ELLs make triple bogeyeight here on the 16th and the first round I watched Keegan Bradley did the samething tried to putt it from down there earlier in the round and just didn't hitit hard enough almost could be considered the third shot and the fourthrookie mistakes back 49 well else was playing 60 thiswas Furyk at the 14th big-ass bird The Hustler of the 17 year old teenagerhere finishing up second has drifted back tisha and I did it downhill to thisfront-left hole location so give me a tough up and end Jim Furyk no birdiesyet today the last time a US Open champion didn't make a birdie in thefinal round 1954 that Balthus fall was the first US Open televised by USA photography he has been grinding Jason Dufner needsa birdie at 18 to get to that +2 number which leads a good one but this holesplaying tough anything I think seemed like a 4-0 location but the guys seem tobe psyched out 516 ELLs now for bogey 17 pretty good success at 1700 it's a jokeit's worth it he's made an eagle earlier in the day on number 7 so 14 McDowell inhis third Roger not a good lie here this is long and thick all sitting downstuff from the control down on it and just hit sort of a chunk and run isn'tdeaf is sort of just really hard to get the right distance soeasy to leave it 10 feet shorter maybe haven't come out quicker than you thinklast across yeah yeah I rely like a tie as you said it wasthick bad break literally if that sec show is a foot left or two feet left itwould have gone on the green but watch how this grass absolutely stops the clubin and we look at that sobic doll with a long par pot upcomingafter coming off bogey at 13 and the third for both class were here at 18if he gets a pilot home and rolls off their goodwill 60 yards down the hillits led to the right a little and her honors hereseven they're gonna really correct lien down speed speedit's gonna be the low ammeter shot a 70 today and back over to 14 for pure atrot and a long one here this is gotta be 40 feet to his left and straighten upin the area the job Webb Simpson is set at eight that's perfectpositioned absolutely perfectly off the tee it's not a long shot either Gary 209and the wind really not a factor right now to the front trap draw you get strongly too muchstuff start is okay didn't get too far about five yards to work with he wastrying to chase it in there wasn't any sir yes there's a good tracker that's apretty small opening to be chasing it up at 18 high-speed he's got nothing to hang his head aboutthis week it's been a sensational run for him over at 14 McDonald for par this has got some speed mm-hmm he's adanger to drop into danger of dropping out of his chances less he doessomething miraculous else at 17 go to the right hand side of the t'sself-willed with more of an angle the set a new T that put in specifically to make the teashadow a little bit more difficult tougher anglehe looks it over we'll go up to 18 Jason Dufner who needs this to go down to tiethe leader of the clubhouse tops and at the plus tune upper swing to the leftit's quick killing it short donar she could have won this championship noproblem with better pudding was number one in Green's hit no Platts hardlyMcDowell for bogey at 14 it's a tough little putt to read missMichael a little left on him just a little ways away from bounding up onthat green it's just a game of inches and a game of breaks and McDowell nowwith back-to-back bogeys after back-to-back birdies Furyk to remain at+1 tied for the lead tops of the clubhouse one back but down has slippedinto a time plus three which he hopes is his last stroke at this championshipmissed the cut the only last year and Congressional the only thing he didwrong I think is say publicly I've changed my goal soI'm gonna I think I got a chance to win he should have just kept that to himselfwhy do you mean it just seems like a kiss of death when you say that well youjust wanted to make the dream even bigger maybe it's 1618 as he wastrying to become the youngest major champion professionals Texas the low ammeter and over at 17 andthis was just earlier dan was on the tee at the par 5 is going right it's what has plaguedarias championship been able to drive the ball in the fairway I don't know ifit might get to where the painful but it's all the way down the bottom itmight be okay they might go to get on from there and fees lucky right bigbunker shot here third shot for Simpson this could be the win the US Open thisshot right here under 38 at or in Samson's or strength that gets it up and downabout 44 percent of the time makeable foot stops back to 15 in Zurich RogerJim's got an 8 iron out all the way in the back part of the green herewhen still moving moving in a little right to left almost feels like it maybe hurting mr.

shade turning the left side of the green 160Hey just over the 60 shot for any central buck duck and it's offthe right six off the right here part of run that's pretty much it for that 60 showrelations Barney somewhere in here I like the shot shakeleft to right going at this whole town I shootcome up short there's only problem it's holding its line pretty much over2:17 here at Olympic grab some some taking a long look mark a putt thatmoves left to right but fortunately every player I've seen hit it from thisposition seems to over read it well you know it's just outside of 15 feet Iwould say 16 feet of this work the 71st hole of the US Open I think he'd be atleast 50/50 to make it common theme Webb Simpson has onlymanaged to birdie the 17th hole once this week sure could difference in this wholething could be fear at birding 17 and Simpson not burning them he has such agood putter to Johnny and you think about the putts that he has failed tohole particularly the one at 50 it's tough to make birdies when you're thatnervous Gary yeah I would think so John noquestion let's go to 15 not a day that continues to resemble his home town aport brush in Northern Ireland a mist has been falling across Olympic fullaround most of the afternoon Jenny I guess you'd call itfoggy well it's just sort of that's what my wife says how's the weathershe says it's foggy down here for a birdie ROG and the players were informedafter their tee shots here they were asked to pick up their pace again theyare behind and out of position and it's the second time they've been asked andif they do not pick it up from this point forward they will get put on theclock but not at this point in time this goes just slightly left doesn't yes yesit will move a little bit to the left toward the lakeI call it slightly uphill del now needs to do some amazing thingsfrom here to them how so to speak at +3 came up short it looked like it had thesteam to get there and it actually came back to the right at the ball which isimpossible to see I bet was out there this morningsecond shot 230 yards of the hill chase get out windy open out wait ten hourswide neck 15 and Furyk for birdie I think this putt from the left sideagreed more uphill John but if anything I would think would want to move allright yeah it does and he pushed it also makes it breakmore all right Simpson on the tee the shortpar-4 it's at up it's like TWP almost that's abreak there was a little control of that uphill approach coming up back at 15Furyk for par is to remain tied with Simpson and again Furyk has back-to-backpar-5s coming up the long 16th the very variableeven with Eagle possibilities at 17 a good stroke from here wrong the US Open contenders were living welcome back Jim Furyk has reached the16th tee and so important to put this ball in the fairwaythat's the Palmer shot from 1966 right there that is just a flat duck hook WowI've never seen him hit a ball that obliquely left I mean that was one badswing right there what's this I've never seen him do thatRoger Graham now never comfortable to see at a shot likethat and then have to play this ball cutting a little bit to the right up theright-hand side this probably needs to get down on that line not bad it's okaythe tee is up a hundred and one yards today folks from yesterday 217 justearlier Peter this was Parnell's with his third shot Oh so using an open-faced food obviously distance-wise we're justtrying to fly it at the pin I'll just get that 30-footer back at it soeverybody stay committed because I don't see how he can get this ball closeunless it lands just over the bunker it is a good lie for the rough that Iwasn't sit sir Tinley not the worst one I've seen over but there is quite a bitof grass right in front of all the flag folks it's right there tied for the lead from left that flag sit downlike where is that number 18 with that hole location is noteasy especially from the rough back to 72 egg pluck for Ernie Els tough one toread here Johnny actually wants to go a little tight back at 16 Roger what'sgoing on out there well he's drawn a decent lie I couldhave really been worse if you can believe that but problem is he's blockedon the left-hand side by trees from advancing the ball very far off thefairway he does have a slight opening if he tries to play up over a cypress treein front of him which very little room it would gain Samarin so it's stillgoing to take two more swings after he plays this shot to get to the to get tothe green Roger we're looking at a replay a Jim's tee shot and it justdouve into the trees and dropped straight down over there I'll get can he get it farenough to where he could get it irony no don't think he can advance the ball farenough any way shape or form to have a chance at hitting the screen with histhird do you ever think you'd see it drive like a 3-wood by Furyk like thatshot no no that's I've never seen him in ashot like that certainly remember he tried to draw it on 12 and hit it in theleft trees right feed her on your hole and this was a duck hook though yeahthis is a this was a disastrous one yeah yeah disastrouslyhe's not looking at your little hole in the tree this is a time Johnny and amajor championship where you feel like you've got a great shot you're tied forthe lead and you hit a shot like that I'm say oh no I got a lot of work aheadof me to get to that clubhouse well I learned one thing in all the years ontour is when you get in trouble get out of trouble here why's your mistakewell you don't want to go from trouble to more troubleif he plays up across this tree I still don't think he could advance it far ithave any chance to reach it with his third so looking right there right nowyeah he's thinking I have to be able to reach the green in three and I just nowhe's going back to the safe shot smart grandma gal downslope not a good littlebreak there up to 18 bit what does web Simpsons like whatI don't think so we just want looking for Malaysia actually and it could it bean old drain or anything like that just look at everything that's just we'redidn't get water okay if it was an old sprinkler head areacould I get relief okay unless somebody deemed a ground under the best time youcan test to make sure there's not one under there almost looks like we onlyknow how they pull around sod on it can you test them do you okay like and youkind of helping this – I just touch it you probe it okay nice yeah you gotwebbed asourian one right at those old sprinkler heads very it's usually aroundin terrain right there yeah it's totally round in shape Dan so if something wasgoing on there is a depression now the issue is there's a huge clump of grassbehind this ball it's never easy is it mark it seems liketo win your major your first major you got all kinds of little hurdles that arethrown at you that even though Simpson won twice last year really at one pointwas a candidate for Player of the Year with that incredible stretch he had downthe final 2011 season he's just Easton majors of a high techbunker shot that's the most important shot of thisgolfing liner right here we can get this up and in if you put a lot of pressureon fear because first probably gonna make six at 16thank you Tom but and if he wins the US Open it won't be a big upset or surprisebefore he gets this we go to Furyk at 16 his third at about 340 to the hole sothis just the club hybrid trying to get the ball in play he's done it good shothere to 18 staring into a hillside with thousandsof people with a US Open on the line yeah scholarship and we've all beendocumented all week long how Arnold let a US open slip away on this very golfcourse in 1966 it's a 17 just earlier this was Lee Westwood with his secondshot up the hill at the par-5 it was three the evil are moving to plusfour but they stayed the fourth shot Gary for Nicholas concerts who haddesigns on making a run for his native country of Belgium but got off to ahorrendous four straight bogeys for coal certs who began today just three off thelead and just was never able to recover even though he played decent golf sincethat string of bogeys early in Webb Simpson now has six back today after thefifth hole and he has turned it on citizen two under par for the day reallygood plan Simpson trying to become the second player to win a major with achest anchored lon Potter Keegan Bradley the first at the pga last august Simpsonhas been using this long putter since his days at Wake Forest and this doeshave break left to right doesn't mark I think he's got to get it outside thehole Johnny it is not an easy putt for a four footer I mean you just can't get amore ticklish putt he's got to commit you might be able to make it left edgeif he really hits it flush that is correct less Dirac gets it up and inonly player under par and the final nine groups if Simpson wins it certainly hasearned it 68 on the weekend Jim Furyk at 16 Rogerwe always knew we fought 16 would play a pivotal role in determining this year'sUS Open champion and it doesn't look like we were wrong it always seems toinsist a brilliant par 5 Jim Furyk now has 112 yards left for his fourth shotwell we know how good he is with this club he could knock this for a leanerneeds to a little trampoline and spun dead backhard looked like it got a good bounce and then a bad break overall he's got alot left for his par he's taking another look at that bounce kicked it frontforward and left John and then they spin hit it you could hear it at contact thathe did not compress that ball totally that's why I hit short of the greennow McDowell forget about this guy just to back 105 yards on his third rotand needs a couple of birdies though 105 good angle here from the right there's the sound you wantwell in the air that's right of the hole spent too cautious at this point in thechampionship to 18 and this was earlier Bernie else happy behold this shot toget to that plus one lead in the clubhouse from the rough and really apoor tee shot 156 in it's also impossible little shotthat's which the price you paid as little 18th all is flat kicking in it soit's boiled down to Jim Furyk it's a sick stuff of whole today this littlehole Jim Furyk Webb Simpson and grab McDowell it's Martha blue 72 players inthis field right now and birdies on now with 17 waiting and eight teams got tovariable holes less Jim chips this in he's gonna be one back of our leader wetSimpson see what he's got left there what Roger about 3035 feet on this chipI'd be about right Peter maybe just more than that and certainly the kind you youknow a player thinks about making you see that quick quick look you took hitthe board he said earlier he said he wasn't gonna be scoreboard watchingtoday but he certainly took a peek right there and this board shows Simpson is inas finished at plus one so he knows for certain Furyk is pretty good from thesepositions around the green got a little left now for that boat goback 18 pretty else from tough down real downhill he did a good job when he was in thelead 12 days to play a couple years ago on the beach when grant McDowellprevailed but he faded down the stretch it faded down the stretch here but he'sgonna come up short in his bid for a third US Open title as we go back toMcDowell at 16 the gals putting right toward that leaderboard Rogers so youknow he's taking a look well he knows as wellthere's no secrets now I know exactly what's ahead of them and what they needto do this is a putt we've been watching all day and it just breaks more to theleft and the players are judging well I'm nervous on about you Roger andPeter but pretty pretty intense stuff right here these holes that got so manyoption you make birdie you can make bogey like Furyk gotta make it just fora six and whether you're have the opportunity to play in a US Open or towatch it like these thousands of spectators it's it's always exciting so this should breakprobably about maybe two possibly three cups from theright to the left Oh 2:18 a Telstra par describe each planet so two bogeys in the last three holesfor Ernie had a chance because back-to-back that's worth a token title but 72 finalround for ELLs plus 4 back to Furyk now this left for his bogey 6 this is asweaty palm putt got a head no no there's not but it just he has to have ajob yeah you're right you could go the next orbit 6:14 thermicon 16 and we have a newleader at the top Webb Simpson at 1-over as well as played as a third mostdifficult 405 in the last 25 years at a 5.

4 average and the T was up 101 yardstoday it's just got so much history and so much difficulty you've missed afairway and we've seen it grab a lot of players never seen anybody on the greenin two I thought they might do it today I did too I was waiting for someone tohit it in two and nobody did not much movement here maybe inside leftRaj yes I wouldn't give up to come at all stays two back of our leader WebbSimpson going 217 first time since Friday afternoon that Jim Furyk hasn'thad at least a share of the lead in this US Open well if he doesn't win this openhe'll remember that tee shot on 16 the rest of his life so there's the boardWebb Simpson on top with his second straight 68 of the weekend plus one willit be good enough Jim Furyk has the short par-5 17th coming up so two holesleft for him grab McDowell the only other competitor with a chance at +3 LeeWestwood finishing up will have to wait another time for him his major title +4through 17 had that ball that got caught up in the tree at the 5th hole and neverreally contended after that even though he did just eagle the 17 notTigers weekend at all Jordan speed from Texas is the low ammeter at this US Openonly six subpar rounds today and out to the tee at 17 and either of these twoplayers have had great success here at the 17th they just want birdie the par-51st three rounds because 510 yards easy par 5 if you play it right on Gary witha lot of pressure down needs to find the fairways only hit before 12 so far todaythis from the guy who leads the PGA Tour in driving accuracy normally around 73%of the fairways and needs a three you have to be in the fairway really to havea realistic shot at three good heart swing that's right it that'sgoing down there right that's gonna be much right kind of figure yeah I meanJohn the guy obviously drives the ball well a regular basis but not todaysure nice birdie here and he's looking at a chance to birdie 18 and win itoutright remember the showed on the last holeyou forget the shot hit a little a stall down the right side for a draw so muchfor my left right you started it after overhead andturning this is gonna probably pound right into the rough as well and allthere's that large cut first cut there it's double the normal amount and that'swhat it's fatter also it shouldn't be too bad coming down to the 71st hole12th playing of the US Open Championship Jim Furyk looking for a birdieClaire McDowell looking for an eagle and Webb Simpson safely in the house precious Doug that trophy Johnny and hewas gonna get the chance to hug it today at Olympic Webb Simpson in at plus onethe lead yeah well pressure rain Gary or will wesee some heroics well there on the hole where heroics are possible that's forsure we've seen eagles made today there have been four recorded already 13 forthe week it's definitely an eagle hole location that's about as easy to get onthis green so a good shot can put you right there underneath the hole formakeable Eagle I've heard a chance to look at Furyk slyyeah well first is enough yeah settled just ever so slightly but the lies okaycertainly well they're probably getting enough clubbing the ball to get it therebut as to 22 left up the hill and it feels like a little bit into the breezetemperatures drop that's pretty cold past seven o'clock out here at nightyeah oh yeah this plays longer than yardage Iwould hazard this is playing 240 take useless uphill pretty get bit – yes itis it's shorter at the two bunkers that notgood very awkward bunker shot about 40 yards I had McDowell next he's got to 19 andwe're all sitting down and Gruffalo but he's got a hybrid Club I'm just gonnatry to see if he can get some kind of bullet to chase on it – he'll know thisis started left and it's not really cutting means aha left greenside bunker certainly a mucheasier shot than Furyk let's join Bob Costas all right and I'm joined by WebbSimpson 68 yesterday 68 today at present a one-shot lead how nerve-wracking is itto sit here and watch it's pretty nerve-racking I'm glad my wife's herewith me in the booth God's right over there but you know it was a it was justa cool day I had a piece all day I knew that there's a tough golf course of whatI'm gonna yield many birdies and I had to go out and and do as well as I couldand I probably prayed more the last three holes and I've ever done in mylife and you know that really helped me stay calm and ultimately get in it 200you did it with a run of three straight birdies four and a five hole scratchlet's begin with your second job at six and you take us through it yeah this wasa full kind of high hold 7-iron that landed I landed in the rough and justworked out perfectly and twelve down to about five feet made thatfor birdie after another birdie at 7 we pick it up at 8 and here's the putt foryour third consecutive birdie my caddie really helped me here because he watcheda lot of golf and said that nice I was kind of short so bit of hard 6-iron andI made a great play you make the turn here's your second shot at 10 yeah thiswas an accident we were trying to go about 15 feet left of the hole and itcame out right and luckily the simply welcome there and there's thebirdie now this is your third shot at 18 yeah that's something prior to that yeahthis was a actually good good wreck off the team they're just a funny I'm sitting in adead hole the size of a spring spring curl ahead and not my hand check it ifin fact you wind up winning this US Open at Olympic every story somewhere isgonna include the fact that you were an Arnold Palmer scholar at Wake Forest andthat one of the most crushing defeats heartbreaking defeats of his entirecareer came right here in 66 when he blew a big lead against Billy Casper andultimately lost in a playoff yeah you know Arnold's been so good to meobviously playing under his scholarship at wake but you know just the other dayMonday or Tuesday I read that story and thought about it and you know he's meantso much to me and Wake Forest that you know hopefully if I win I can get alittle back for him and it'll make him smile I'm out of the outcome great goingtoday thank you let's go back out to 17 ready for his third shot seven of nine times but look too farbehind again was just such an awkward distance to know he had to hit that nicethought take another look at the contact herebeing on the upslope is almost a disadvantage Johnny it's harder to carrythe ball as far as he needed to Dowell next certainly the easier the to bunkershots in my opinion has plenty of green to work with but it'll move away fromyou to the right Roger were you a little surprised withthe club selection there for Furyk on the second shot before iron didn't seemlike enough Club I didn't it was enough club either I didn't as heavy as thisareas I thought a hybrid club would have been a much better selection now I wouldagree to imagine but it's actually easier to play from over the green ifyou go straight through the make it a trek around 11:00 Gary seven monthspregnant do it early August with their second child this would be a greatFather's Day present for Webb they used to put like number 12 dozen me Gary hedoes John hard to read it breaks right but justnot quite as much as most people think shake it ahead that was just verysurprising to see that come up that far short you know every shots beendisappointing on this whole for him so far Dallin needs to make this putt and thenbirdie the 18th to get the +1 what about this one Rogerwell let's run a very similar line it's gonna move a little bit to his right butit is uphill got to hit it firm enough there's no question about that mucheasier putt from this yes much much I mean this is definitely makeable putt we have seen it make a lot of clutchones that's for sure back into 10 2010 in season you need to hit it firmly that's onething I know the girl the +2 shot behind I was veryimpressive there we go still has a chance our for so it has come down to the 70sout here and Johnny you mentioned it earlier as a teen not a whole that hasreally yielded many birdies today just six birdies so far Furyk at plus-2McDowell at +2 both need one to tie Webb Simpson in a +1 well first things firstif you're gonna make birdie at the 18th hole you better hit the fairway numberone but imagine the six toughest hold of this little hole ver there's afront-left hole location there we've been seeing that nobody has even got itnear the hole so can one of these guys play a great 18th hole 72nd hole we'regonna see and take a look at this hole location it's just over that you can'tsee the bunker that's done the other side of the flagstick there but as adeep bunker and it's a it's hidden from down at the bottom of the Swale youcan't see anything but half the flagstick and I'd say the odds are maybe70% chance that Webb Simpson is gonna win outright and you know there's a goodchance also of a playoff on these guys good players and make birdie here andforce playoff tomorrow tomorrow on Monday so we'll see what happens thefirst thing first you have to hit the very you're not gonna make a birdieunless you pull it out from a long distance or knock it in from a bunkerotherwise so McDowell with the honor all three US Open champions have finishedbirdie birdie to win this title Ben Hogan Jack Nicholas Tom Watson a birdieobviously would tie Webb Simpson but didn't putpotentially in that same group of illustrious names the center of thefairway go left overhanging tree little get hisattention and the boss settled down a little bit I can't tell for sure but itsurely isn't teed up and I can fure gather himself and actually hit a goodshot he's a faltering a little starting onsixteen and eight down again has not made a birdie all day needs one here youcan do it okay a good one here Webb Simpson is he gonna be the next USOpen champion you the hillside was just about foolingaround at the dark horse early this morning eight thousand spectators onthat hillside of Olympic Club awaiting the outcome of the 12 US Open is away just behind Furyk in the facepath ya'know six love to but if a couple IJohn it did settle slightly it's not the best of Lies spheric siz much better Iget that fog looming over there and it's very uphill and I got the tree sort offraming that front-left hole location and what I seem to look up into it andit is and all those people in that bunker that you can't see the flag verywell just sand can't get it over that your spoon you can see the competitiveness and youknow the desire that guys dealt with a call to children of pressure at theRyder Cup in Oh 10 well here he's got the perfect swing Roger to take itoutside and drop it in and flip it straight up in there and stop it if hecan do it you know he can he's able to his aside he wants and I think he's gota lie he can spin the ball from 105 team gathers nerves and it buried I mean he just fell apartis what it announced it 42 years old wanting it so badlynow it's buried in the bunker and he got a feel for me sure deserves to winbecause he works so hard just to show 16 he's packed Mishatrue the city ii had to foster care wastender words a toy foods at home gets above the total of seven times much more unlikely for Jim Derrick as heputs his arm around fluff has it to say boy we just made it about impossiblethat was a total unforced error if their war zone with a wedge to hit that shotfor US Open heartbreak perhaps for Furyk as you look at Webb Simpson here iceneeds to dodge these last two players but it's birthday that short par-4 17th roughly that washis biggest disappointment since he's a native of western Pennsylvania at age 42he was telling everybody yesterday I know the window of opportunity isclosing I'm 42 years old now and I just don't know how many opportunities youhave left and he just made this one really tough that bunker berries aswe've seen it Johnny's got one of the great motions for a bucket player theshot to play us away from the flag and to the left but his only chance of tyingfor the US Open is to play at the flag and hit it square Laden get luckyabsolutely he's got to give it a try that's the hole this won't hit the green if it doesn'tgo in unless he catches up in that fringe it's pretty sad though the US Open slipsaway from Jim Furyk we need to leave and so long since Friday afternoon and intothe final couple of holes here that swing at 16 off the tee and then thesecond at this point that was almost impossible and he hit a poor shot so oneman left for Webb Simpson to dodge and he's grant McDowell grant McDowellstudying that green chart and trying to figure out where the slope is and it'lltake his time figuring this one he's looking at the slope I'm just down it is first over for the day let's play he produced in 2010 shot 74in the final round to put away that first US Open at Powell and then theRyder Cup clinching match when he and Hunter Mahan were the only players onthe course the final match it came down to that he made some incredible clutchplay this is his 24 footer and down the hill you can see that break only come aroundhere just a baby break to the left and he loves this hole he's gone birdie parbirdie it's a good rolling putt and I would be really surprised if this don'tcome real close if it doesn't go in Roger well at this point just if you canget it on the right line you shouldn't have to work to get it there I'll saythat will Webb Simpson with the US Open in just his second appearance or GraemeMcDowell force an 18-hole playoff tomorrow we saw that putt go in at the16th that Celtic Manor in Wales at the Ryder Cup today when his body languageis I'm gonna drain this I'm telling you he looks really positive Roger rubbinghis hands together like love this moment I love these kind of moments his dadKenny is here he was there at Pebble Beach two years ago and Graham won it isto keep his hopes alive for a second US Open title in three years that Simpson is the 2012 United StatesOpen champion I'm in doubt shot and Webb is a common cooloh good that feels folks this is just as bit major it's like amazing and you knowit's funny he was aiming that ball Dow was aiming that ball outside left he hadit totally misread before he hit it sit down in it plus two Jim Furyk putbogey to get it plus three that drive he hit a 16 I can't get it out of my headit just he was really in good shape with the 17 being such a birdie a bowl holeif he does par 16 of course this doesn't mean anything except for he always trieshard it's Simpsonfirst out of the galaxy last year the company victories here's the United second child so a happy Father's Day toWebb Simpson we've got another differentchampion eighth consecutive first-time majorchampion straight different major champions tobelieve it but that's like pure joy when you shoot68 68 on the weekend you can pass a lot of guy than he did Paul to sori who'sbeen so instrumental in shaping this young man's golf game to reach the eliteof the game he was ranked higher than 200 in the world at the end of 2010 itis been quite an ascent for Webb Simpson who attended Wake Forest on an ArnoldPalmer scholarship arnie didn't get it done back in 66 but Webb gets it donetoday back with a lot more in a moment Webb Simpson as the US Open champion ofcourse gets the US Open Championship Cup for a year the New Jack Nicholas medalwhich will be awarded in just a few moments from now exemption next 10 USOpens it's a lot to gain from this championship not to mention being a USOpen champion forever and some examples of how I've got it done again he startedthe day in +3 he was four off the lead this was his second and that's had theauthority gotten birdies at made it four birdies in a five all stretch forSimpson as he got it to plus one in the meantime Michael Thompson thefirst-round leader was staying steady this was his third at the par-5 16thbeautiful that actually the best shall we saw him 16 a lotta action on the balland night just a beautiful shot we're keeping a close eye on Thompsoncoming down to stretch the booty miss at 17 yeah that was the shot he needed cuzhe ended up only being one back of Webb Simpson as he took the lead in theclubhouse for a while plus two Jim Furyk this was a clutch par putt at 12 that was the big shot we found was Italythis is what you've been talking about watch this shot I mean that shot dropsthe club just a quick duck hook into the trees and I've never seen him hit a shotlike that and that one will haunt him for a long time he went on to bogey tohold the fall to +2 and then this was the clutch shot by Simpson his third at18 lose himself a ticklish three footerhave a very nice shot he does knocks it in with authority better the shot the difference in the USAthe long putter a US Open champion McDowell had his chances and he gave ita guinea Li effort this was a clutch birdie putt at 17 to keep his hopes it's the first leg of the birdie andthen Derek and McDowell both needed a birdie 18 in the first cut minutes Rogerdescribed here I had a much better life yeah that's just pressure he justreleased too early bunker dead couldn't get back to get thehorn in at Johnny this was just a read that was way off righthe's a man outside about four inches thinking left and I don't know what the heck hewas reading there so another Simpson expected seems to be championship is such a failure how didyou find person good family man I'm 36one person even match this week with really no wind to speak of you know itshowed out tougher was that he really played two great rounds on the weekend I'm the President of the United StatesGolf Association we hope you've enjoyed the experience and excitement of the2012 US Open the USGA was founded over a hundredyears ago with conducting national championships as a central focus of ourmission today we staged 14 national events with more than 30, 000 entrantsfrom around the world compete for the title of national champion and amongthem is our new US Open winner Webb Simpson as God's toughest test the USOpen required skilled shot making mental toughness and physical endurance WebbSimpson obviously displayed each of these attributes this week Webb becomesthe fifth player to win the US Open here at the Olympic Club joining 1955champion Jack Fleck 1966 champion Billy Casper both of whom join me here todayon the 18th green web also joins 1987 champion ScottSimpson in 1988 champion Lee Janssen who could not be with us today web if youcould join me here at the podium well I have two awards to present to you todaythe first is the Nicklaus medal in recognition of your victory and theplace that you take in history with Jack Nicholas and second on behalf of the USGAexecutive committee and staff all of our volunteers and members and our partnersit's my pleasure to present you with the US Open trophy the time-honored emblemof our nation's national championship Webb congratulations how nerve-wrackingwas it for you to watch Jim Furyk and Grand McDowell play those last couple ofholes it was nerve-racking I know what kind of players they are both of onemajors and I expected both of them to do well coming in and you know I thoughteven though Graham had a 25-footer is probably going to hit the hole or have agood chance but I couldn't be happy right now and you know congrats toGraham and Mike refer playing Greg off you go 68 68 on the weekend and a burstof three straight birdies and four and a five hole stretch turned around for youtoday yeah that was kind of the difference I got off to a slow start butI knew that I knew always something just spice matters up with enjoy thejail-cell pal but no I knew that there was some birdie holes on the back and Ijust had to you know stay patient luckily the birdies came your wife Dowdis expecting she was by your side you kind of amused the the John diamonds aretaking care of this gentleman and he is on his way to a place other than whereyou're headed you're you're wiped out who was expecting was watching alongwith you this is a special time for you in your life it was you know we had aweek just the two of us our little boys 16 months old and it's been our firstweek away from him so it was bittersweet but we couldn't have had a better weekand I needed her here with me because I never felt nerves like I did today and alot of times I kind of had to hit my legs because I couldn't really feel butit was it was a pleasure to have her here and I couldn't imagine it withouther I mentioned this on the air to you a while back but those here in the gallerydidn't hear it you are a past winner of the Arnold Palmer scholarship to WakeForest the golf scholarship there you and mr.

Palmer have a relationship thisis the scene of one of the most bitter defeats of hishyoeun career in 1966 when Billy Casper came from way back and eventually beathim in the playoffs so there's an irony there but you were saying earlier youprobably expect to hear from Arnold Palmer to congratulate youI'd love to he's meant so much to me and you know he allowed me to play at wakefor years and you know I've got to know him a little better through the Bayhilltournament but you know to win here with what happened to him I hope he can smileand I hope he was watching congratulations Thank You Webb Simpsonis your US Open champion that comes from behind to win so that story line stayedintact and Johnny with Webb Simpson winning his first major championship thekind of future does this guy have well you know he the only one to tour eventsand for him to win the US Open you know he goes into the last 13 holes and nobogeys and four birdies that's stuff of great players so great playing by websince and a lot of fun to watch over par wins the US Open for only the third timein the last 34 years as we got that old US Open toughest back to a stop it wasfun doing it Johnny your home to appear at Olympic clay I really had a greattime there right always a pleasure happy Father's Day again to you for morecoverage including the winners press conference Tuesday for the USO for thenight on Golf Channel where they will haveinterviews and reaction from Jim Furyk and Graham McDowell coming up nextexcept on the west coast it's Betty White's Off Their Rockers it's been agreat week in San Francisco for NBC Sports team going up and down thesehills all week long at Olympic hide antics with one final so long from theOlympic Club where Webb Simpson holds off the rest of the fieldhe's the 112 the United States Open champion you.

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