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yes guys how we doing and welcome back to another YouTube video so in today's video I'm gonna go through a 10 minute super intense a full-body hit workouts the way that I'm gonna structure today's session will do twenty seconds of one exercise we're gonna do 20 seconds of another exercise followed by 20 seconds rest we're going to do two sets of each round and there's gonna be five around in total we're gonna start off with apart we'll move on to lower and then we're gonna finish off with a little bit of core talking about core if you haven't already check out my other walkthrough videos I've done a bodyweight ab workouts a dumbbell ab workout and also a banded ab workout so after this session go ahead and check those check those out get involved with those the only thing you need for today's session is large base you can grab a mat if you want to of some of the exercises water towel because it's gonna get very very sweaty and a timer as well I've got the laptop down here you can use like an Apple watch or Fitbit or whatever you want to use so the first two that we're gonna do we're going to do crab taps and we do push-ups so I'm going to show you the two exercises to begin with so crab taps in this position we're going to go up and we're going to touch the top of our toe we're going to do alternate sides so right hands with your left foot the second night the second exercise sorry it's going to push ups so in this position control it down drive up few seconds of controllers we come down and then drive up tryouts go too crazy in that position – lots of 20 followed by 20 seconds rest are we ready starting in three two one and off we go so crab taps to begin with nice and controlled 5 3 2 1 smooth transition straight into your push-ups so we're going to control it down drive up good guys keep going for me 5 free to squeeze one more and relax perfect strict 20 seconds and we're gonna do all over again on the push ups to the second one I'm going to show you two different variations to do one to make it slightly easier and one to make it slightly harder 5 4 3 2 1 crab taps what you can do on this one guys is you can bring your foot higher to make it harder for you 10 seconds five three two one so the push-ups guys what you could do on your knees in that position what you could also do in this position like so you could have come down and go on your knees and you can drive up to make it harder we can add some paused reps in like so three two one and relax perfect cool that's the first one ticked-off let's go straight into our second one grab yourself a quick drink if you are working out at home make sure the windows are wide open it's very humid in the UK right now if you have the luxury and you're working out in the gym at the moment hopefully you've got some aircon so the next two we're going to do we're go to mountain climbers straight into shoulder taps so mountain climbers you've probably done these before in this position it's gonna drive up like so you can go quite fast in this one if you want to if you've got a steady pace I'm going to control it a little bit just because I've got my mic in my right corner and my cooler right pocket just followed by shoulder taps so into the plank position and just alternate sides so you'll probably think the mountain climbers is like a lower movement and of course it is but for your shoulders and your triceps in that position having it for 40 seconds for both of them is very very tough this is when we get really really sweaty this could be a tough movement three two one off we go let's smash the mountain climbers out first make sure you've got some socks on avoid you're gonna slip all over the place you're probably a slip anyway good five three two one and then straight into our shoulder taps so we're gonna go right arm to left shoulder and then alternate sides you use your feet is a bit of a pivot point five three two one and relax perfect twenty seconds rest and then we're gonna go same again hope you enjoyed today's workout so far so after this I'm going to explain to you why I have structured this session the way I have done let's get starting them three two one off we go this is probably one of the hardest we're going to do guys ten seconds five three two one and then straight into our shoulder taps ten seconds five three two last one and relax perfect good so let's get our breath back ready for the next one the way that I've structured this session twenty twenty twenty is when you have a short amount of time you want to make it as intense as possible and of course guys if you haven't got time do cardio and you haven't got time to get some steps in throughout the day you always have time ten fifteen twenty minutes just smash out a workout so if you got a small amount of time ten minutes we're gonna make it super super intense and as you can hear my breathing is it's all low place so get yourself a drink and we're gonna move on to lower just before I do that I'm gonna check the the fingers still on because I'll let you into a little secret this is actually the second time of doing this session it cut out halfway through through the mountain climbers so anyway let's go straight into the low our movements we're gonna do jump squats I'm gonna we're going to superset that with prisoner lunges so jump squats just make sure that you've got enough room down driving up into this position prisoner lunges old Serna legs like sight hands behind your head same style third round coming up first set three two one off we go so jumping squats really drive up use your quads ten seconds five two one perfect straight into your prisoner lunges not a nice name to call an exercise but at the end of day this is not a nice exercise absolutely brutal alternate legs five seconds three two one twenty seconds rest perfect make sure when we do lunges we've got a nice straight back driving our legs backwards cool let's go ten seconds guys control that breathing use this time to get it under control three two one off we go I'm so sorry you're probably looking at my jump squats and think they're absolutely pathetic my head is very close to the ceiling right now otherwise I'll be jumping up very very high kids last push this is the burn 3c1 prison lunges let's go need to the ground come on guys once we do this we've got two more two more rounds left five two one perfect and relax good grab yourself a drink and get that breathing back under control cool let's finish off legs we're gonna go reverse lunge into knee up and the second movement is going to be a prisoner squat so we're gonna put our hands on the back of our heads as we squat down reduces all momentum from our hands in that position like so so the reverse lunge in the up we're going to go down go drive up like so ten seconds one side ten seconds the other and in prison squats neither toes down and Arkans that position let's keep this intensity super high and three two one off we go so we can start up the lunges drive your knee up need to the ground let's go and switch I think you forgot to switch let's go three more seconds perfect nice prison squats for a second now four okay hey let's go ten seconds five three two one fantastic good you guys probably done 10 seconds each leg for some reason I won't do 14 and 6 anyway breather under control 10 seconds rest we will do same again if you enjoyed this video guys hit that subscribe button videos coming every single Sunday 7 p.


3 2 1 let's go last one let's finish strong free c1 and again five seconds perfect and off we go home run now keep that back nice and straight as we squat down deep breath in as we go down breathe out this up lesson 10 then we've got cool in five three two one and relax perfect guys well done you so have a breather get a quick drink and then we're gonna go straight into our core exercises let's have a quick gander this again okay cool so if the last two we're gonna do we're gonna do a plank and breach superset it with butterfly situps so similar to shoulder taps but what we're gonna do in the plank position his arms are going to go straight you could if you wanted to guys go into your knees driving up like so the second exercise we're gonna pop our feet inside of our feet together hands behind the head driving up and touching the toes or just pull the toes and in the midsole your foot 20 20 and then 20 seconds rest let's go and three see one off we go your heart rate should be very very high right now the sweat should be coming down the face let's go ten seconds I remember a few years ago when I was I did a show and I was doing cardio and I was very fatigued and into the next one Kylie said to me the quicker you go but quicker you come back and that 100% relates to any kind of exercise the quick you start the quicker you finish five seconds three two one last one perfect twenty seconds rest and we go again so if you have that kind of mentality the quick you start the quickie finish the quicker you go the quicker you come back have that kind of mint mindset and that mentality the strong are you gonna be you can kind of power through the times like this three two one when you feel in a key you're feeling tired you're feeling fatigues you know mindset you can just power through you can start and you can finish ten seconds doing really really well guys keep it going for me five four three two one perfect everything into this the only reps you can – one two three try and be the model number let's go five less than ten six seven eight on two more nine let's go one more and relax perfect in 20 seconds excellent guys well done you wiped the sweat from down your face grab yourself a drink as you can see I am very very sweaty I hope you enjoyed today's hit workout and of course give it a try if you know someone that would enjoy working out like this and like this taught this type of intensity share it with them get them involved also and like I said mid way through the session if you only got a small amount of time now these sessions are perfect you can sit up in your area no equipment and you can kind of power for and as you can see it's a very very intense session thank you so much watching guys and I'll see you guys in the next one you.

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