10 Favorite Family Activities in Yellowstone National Park with kids

TravelingMel dot com Ten favorite family activities in Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone has been my backyard forabout 20 years and it's pretty much the best backyard you could ever find sothere's a lot to do and it's a really big park but we're going to show yousome of the highlights for a family-friendly visit to Yellowstone andwe can't cover it all and you shouldn't try this all in one day these are someof the spots you're not gonna want to miss.

Norris Geyser Basin is my favoritegeyser basin in the park and that's for a couple reasons.

For one there's alittle more walking here than some of the other boardwalk areas.

you can getout and move around lots of hot springs and geysers to see and it's prettydiverse and also you usually get less fewer crowds here fewer people and notmaybe today it's kind of busy but it's just it's a great place to be so we tryto stop here whenever we're in this section of the park and just bask in thesweet smell of sulfur so we usually try to bring our luncheswhen we come to Yellowstone because you can wait a long time at the grills andrestaurants and it's kind of expensive but they do do a good job of trying toget local food and everything but they're also because the picnic area isthroughout the park are really pretty and it's a great opportunity to getoutside of your car one more time.

the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is oneof my favorite places in the park there are a lot of little spur trails to get agood view of the canyon and of the Upper and Lower Falls and they're all worthseeing but there are too many to see all of them probably so we usually pick oneor two depending on how we're feeling I'm here on the North Rim which is asidewalk we are on right now great views of the geothermally Altered canyon it'sorange it's soft it's sort of yellow looking but it is not as I overheardsomeone telling their child why this park is called Yellowstone just happensto be that color so we're going to walk around a little bit up here and thencheck out the South Rim for artist point artists point is a great place to take afamily picture and a great hike over there is UncleTom's trail which takes you down 300 steps stairs to an incredible waterfallview.

all of the major developed areas in the park have visitor centers and eachone is different has a different theme so you can stop at as many as you canfit in to learn about different aspects of the park I think this one here atCanyon is a geology themed visitor center also a great place for kids toget hands-on interactive exhibits especially the ones that Old Faithfuland a couple of the other one and you can pick up there Junior Ranger packetshere and when they're done with them they can turn it in and become JuniorRangers at any of the visitor centers Yellowstone Lake is one of my favoriteplaces in Yellowstone and this is the largest alpine lake in the United States ifnot larger area and by Alpine just mean above 7, 000 feet.

there's a lot of greatways to explore the lake it's super super cold so swimming is probably notone of them but you can take a boat out one of my favorite hikes and I alwaystake people from out of town on is storm point and it goes out to the lake and alittle beach is really pretty.

we are hanging out right now having some secondlunch on the beach behind the Fishing Bridge visitor center which is just agreat big sandy beach that the kids love and of course there's the Lake Hotelwhich is on the lake you can stop by and have a cocktail or a cup of tea or spendthe night so come see the lake west thumb geyser basin is one of myfavorite basins in the park and it's right on the edge of Yellowstone Lakewhich is really beautiful this is a great place to come with kids becauseit's easy board walk around and you see some really cool things here like thefishing cone geyser where they say I don't know if it's true or not but thatyou that in olden times that people would cast a line into the lake catch afish and then cook it on the line in the fishing cone geyser Old Faithful geyser basin is probablynot my favorite place in the park but it is pretty cool and its iconic and if youhaven't been here before you should come see it and the geyser itself is cool isjust really crowded most of the time there's bleachers and everything butwe're here we're going to check it out we're going to appreciate it for therole it played in making this a national park Emilyyou a bear skiing on a lamp that's adorable.

my favorite time to visit Yellowstone is in the winter when we can cross-countryski and play in the snow we have come a couple times down here tothe snow lodge which is where we are right now and it's an amazing magicalexperience we've also skied up at Canyon with theYellowstone Expeditions Yurt Camp and then at Mammoth Hot Springs because wecan just drive there from our house so that's the time to come.

one of ourfavorite things to do is take a soak in the boiling River it's about a half amile walk down a flat path to where the hot spring comes out of the ground andmixes with the cold Gardner River if you find the right place the temperature isperfect you.

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