10 Fast Food Restaurant LOADED FRIES that Took it to the NEXT LEVEL

When we bite into a french fry we expect it to have the basic elements however sometimes our local fast food restaurant takes thehumble fry and gives us something special it tastes amazing what's in itwho cares here are a few fast food joints that kick their fries up a notchwith ten fast foods that took fries to the next level in and out animal friesin and out is into everything these days sliders weddings and now next-levelfries these fries are part of the secret menu you think she knows your secret ornot so secret menu to those in the know the popular animal fries come toppedwith a mass of melty cheese grilled onions and a heart-stopping ladle ofThousand Island dressing as in and out fast-food joints aren't in every stateif you find yourself near one then the animal fries are a must the way to eatthem according to animal fries regulars is to stop admiring which is hard asthey look so good grab a fork and stir them up wait too long and you'll end upwith garden-variety fries under re sickened cheese but start mixing earlyand every crispy fry will get its share of the animal style wealth this allsounds super delicious and we are all for chowing down but we just know thatwe will quickly fall into a sleep coma soon after those laughs into a food comasteak and shake ups their fry game these fries are not heavily loaded however whosaid that you had to have a lot on your fries for them to be considered loadedI sure do revived em french fried potatoes when Steak and Shake wanted toget in on the loaded fry game they knew they had to embody what their customerscould stomach when you play the game of Thrones you win you die if you havenever been to Steak and Shake then you may not know that they fancy themselvessomewhat of a diner style fast-food restauranttheir classic menu consists of homestyle food which is where you willfind their regular fries however since they wanted to spice things up theyadded the parm cheese and herb fries they were essentially a hit and havebeen on the menu ever since if you don't like parmesan don't worry they have afew other options like cajun fries chili cheese fries bacon cheese fries and evensinan crispy fries as we said they aren't the loaded fries that we are usedto seeing but you could have an order of these fries alone and be completelysatisfied when did you get so fancy the company does not shy away from loadedfries but they seem to have a grasp on what their customers like del taco carneasada fries add the name carne asada to anything and it will send people into atizzy for most people del taco is a treat unless you live in sunnyCalifornia as the popular taco shack isn't around the world or even outsideof the United States the carne asada fries are in many ways the very essenceof what Del Taco is about tasty American fast food with a Mexican twist withcrinkle-cut fries the carne asada guacamole shredded cheese pico de galloand sour cream you essentially have a naked burrito which is no bad thingthe crinkle-cut fries filled the role which would usually be filled by blandrice grease and salt give the fries a more distinct flavor than rice normallydoes as well as that crispy crunch which is good another great thing about thefries being wavy cut is that the ridges will catch all that carne asada goodnessthis makes them easy to shovel into your mouth if by any chance these fries aretoo much for you del taco has a few other options including que so loadedfries chili cheese fries and the deluxe chili cheese fries you're lucky I'm justgoing to finish off your fries Carl's jr.

pizza fries haven't you everjust wanted an order of french fries but also wanted a nice greasy slice ofpepperoni pizza dude why do you keep ordering pizza Carl's jr.

has got youthe fast-food joint that became popular for having commercials of hotsemi-famous women eating their big messy burgers was trying to step their frygame up take that down when they presented uswith the pizza fries here is the lowdown on these fries they were presented asbeing in the testing phase for the company this was smart seen as Carl'sjr.

was not known for their fries the pizza fries are topped with mozzarellacheese Parmesan marinara sauce and pepperoni slices which all soundmouth-wateringly delicious Carl's jr.

execs admitted that their newfries were meant to appeal to their male demographic shut up and take my money oras they refer to them young hungry guys the company wanted its next venture tobe epic they were ultimately only tested in California and there has been no wordon what happened to them afterward whatever happens we hope that thesepizza fries make a big appearance sooner Sonics chili cheese tots your totswhen has Sonic ever steered you wrong their menu is so big and they are alwaysadding to it coming up with new inventions their commercials mostlyfocus on their shakes and slushies and little side goodies that you can pick upin a rush but their food is just as good and wild just like these chili cheesetots on a regular day tater tots always hit the spot but add chili and cheese tothem and Wow some may say that tater tots are not friesbut let's be honest they are made of potatoes and usually fried and justbecause they aren't the same shape as a french fry doesn't mean we count themout in addition to chili and cheese you can ask for onions as well for an addedboost of flavor and crunch the chili cheese tots were such a hit that Sonickept it on the menu which a lot of fast food places don't do where do you thinkyou're going with those principles Subban the tots she can't do that andyou can still pick up an order today on a regular day Sonic offers quick biteslike a pretzel with cheese dip and onion rings however if you enjoyed chili justnot on tater tots then you can get an order of Sonic's chili cheese fries ifthat's too much for you then try one of their hand-spun shakes Arby's a loadedcurly fries I want full stake in the Arby's franchises we bought outside ofTelluride oh damn it Johnny you know I love my beet beef and cheddar back in2015 Arby's took it upon themselves tointroduce us to they're loaded curly fries the base of the meal is theirpopular crispy seasoned curly fries they loaded them up with cheese sauce baconand shredded cheese to make the fries the best they could possibly bethey added Parmesan ranch on a regular basis we add ranch to a bunch of ourfood wings sandwiches and yes fries so this is a great move on the company'spart what is a more pressing issue for us is how the fries held up covered inall that golden cheesy goodness and the grease from the bacon well the verdictis good and Arby's loaded curly fries are a real winnerand a must-have when visiting this fast-food joint Arby's has alwaysprovided their loyal customers with some pretty tasty surprises over the years Idon't mean to party guys but just another RVs and our personalfavorite is when they smother anything in their golden cheesy sauce these frieshave that essential element so even if they didn't have all that other goodstuff on it they would be just as delicious Wiener schnitzels buffalobacon chili cheese fries Wiener schnitzel is the world's largest hotdogchain with 358 locations across America do you have any idea what it means unfortunately for those who live outsideof the United States you may never have the luxury of chowing down on a Wienerschnitzels hotdogs aside from their famous hot dogs what we are here to bragabout today is their creation of the perfect complement to their dogs thebuffalo bacon chili cheese fries obviously the long name tells youexactly what these fries come with but they do come in several differentvarieties Wiener schnitzel is no stranger to new food pairings but evenif they didn't constantly upgrade their food they have some great staples to trythe Angus beef dog and the mini corn dogs are fun choices we suggest you evengrab a junkyard dog that's a hot dog covered in french fries chili sauce aslice of American cheese French's mustard and grilled onions you even getto choose what hot dog you want polish Angus or beef if you're feelingsophisticated you can get it on a pretzel bun Carl's jr.

Buffalo bluecheese crisps cut fries yeah now we come to a french fry that has its own namethe crisps cut in 2013 Carl's jr.

was riding high off of their popularcommercials so why not throw a twist on their fries to capitalize on theiralready immense success the crisps cut fries are drenched in blue cheesecrumbles ranch dressing and Frank's redhot buffalo sauce most peoplehave praised the amount of blue cheese that is on the waffle or crisps cutfries they also said that the fries were perfectly crispy and well-seasoned whichis exactly how all fries should be if you like your fries in a fun anddifferent shape and you are a lover of blue cheese I have loved you ever sinceI've known you then Carl's jr.

blue cheese crisps cutfries are a must-have fast food item del Taco carnitas fries we are all in luckas del Taco has brought back these popular fries for a limited time onlyfor a limited time as well as much more the del taco carnitas a loaded friesutilizes del tacos popular crinkle fries and tops them with a whole lot ofingredients tender braised shredded pork carnitas freshly hand grated cheddarcheese savory secret sauce diced onions and fresh chopped cilantro the companyalso brought back the carnitas combo burrito with slow-cooked beans made fromscratch freshly hand grated cheddar cheese and tangy green sauce in a warmflour tortilla they even brought back to plateaus with carnitas street tacos andcarnitas wet burritos both come with rice beans and chips and salsa the fastfood joint is always trying their best to surprise their customers withsomething special if you aren't a big del taco fan and your friends or familyhas forced you to eat their well be grateful they are introducing you to asauthentic as possible Mexican food it is so good that when I'm finished with itI'll pay my check walk straight into the kitchen and share the cup wendy's pulledpork cheese fries wendy's has really stepped their game up in the last fewyears they are doing the absolute most including jazzing up their friesevery once in a while Wendy's comes out was a loaded fry that is actually prettytasty this time it is the Wendy's pulled pork cheese fries pork and cheese atopthe sea salt crispy Wendy's fries what more could you ask fortake a second to savor just how great barbecue can be the fries have warmcheddar cheese which you can also get on the sign to dip their regular fries init also has diced red onions slow-cooked pulled pork and you get to choose whatflavor of barbecue sauce you want on top the options include sweet spicy andsmoky Wendy's wasn't shy with the pulled porkand fans were online bragging about getting a mouthful in each bite thepulled pork cheese fries were not only offered in the United States they weremade available in Canada as well the fries were a part of a limited-time menuthat also offered a barbecue pulled pork sandwich it was topped with a sweet andsmoky barbecue sauce and coleslaw on a brioche bun be careful not to overeatjust because this offer is for a limited time pulled pork has a way of making youfeel like you aren't overeating until it's too latemm-hmm stick around tap on one of our other great videos first time here thenclick that subscribe button and ring that notification bell.

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